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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School – Week 10

Diary Dates

Please find below key event dates you need to be aware of for the Junior School in Term 4. For all of the College events, please refer to the College calendar. 


  • Tuesday, 11 October – Term 4 Commences – Years 5-12 Assembly – Students to arrive by 8:15am
  • Tuesday afternoon, 11 October – Sport training recommences
  • Saturday, 15 October – Summer Sport reconvenes 
  • Monday, 17 October – Extra Co-Curricular activities reconvene 
  • Friday, 21 October – Fun Run Award – Director of Junior School Day – Mufti
  • Wednesday, 26 October – Year 5 Y-Safe Presentation – Normal Uniform 
  • Thursday, 27 October – Year 6 Y-Safe Presentation – Normal Uniform 


  • Tuesday, 8 November – Year 6 Orientation Day – Senior School – Sports Uniform
  • Thursday, 17 November – Junior School Music Festival – 6pm PAC – select students 
  • Saturday, 19 November – Final Summer Co-Curricular round of sport
  • Friday, 25 November – Year 6 Graduation Mass – 1pm – Followed by a BBQ at Coogee organised by Class Parents – Further details provided Term 4
  • Friday, 25 November – Reports Home
  • Monday, 28 November – Year 6 Laptop Return 
  • Tuesday, 29 November – Year 6 Celebration – Raging Waters 


  • Thursday, 1 December – Years 5-8 Presentation Day – Academic Uniform 
  • Thursday, 1 December – Classes Conclude 

As Term 3 comes to an end, it has been lovely watching our Junior School students be a part of the Year 12 farewell celebrations. Final House Assemblies were held to celebrate the successes of individual students.

It was inspirational to hear how much our Year 12 students have accomplished over their time at Waverley. Our boys created farewell cards and wrote words of wisdom for the boys. We wish them luck as they prepare for their final exams and their future endeavours. 

I wish all our families a safe and happy holiday and thank you as always for your continued support. 

Fun Run Award – Director of Junior School for the day

We look forward to Friday, 21 October when our highest fundraiser for the Junior School Fun Run (Reese Araujo), will be Director of Junior School for the day.

I have met with Reese and he has some wonderful activities planned for both students and teachers. 

Reese received his trophy this week in recognition of raising a huge $33,400.

Well done, Reese!

Congratulations, Reese Araujo

Congratulations, Reese Araujo

ICAS Assessments

Congratulations to all the students who participated in ICAS Assessments over the past two weeks. A special congratulations to the following students who received a credit or above:

Year 6

  • English – Jack McCallum (Credit), Aiden McNee (Credit)
  • Science – Max Lee (Credit), Aiden McNee (Credit), Thomas Stillone (Credit)
  • Spelling Bee – Oscar Nicholson (Credit)
  • Digital Technologies – Charlie Griffin (Credit), Oscar Nicholson (Credit)
  • Maths – William Frinsdorf (Credit), Aiden McNee (Credit), Lukas Pendleton (Credit)
  • Writing – Results expected Term 4

Year 5

  • English – Boyd Haslam (High Distinction), Vincent Lee (Distinction), Lachlan Moore (Distinction), Aristotelis Evgenidis (Credit), Freddie Fearon (Credit), Ryan Loughrey (Credit), Maxim Service (Credit), Jonathan Tyler (Credit)
  • Science – Lachlan Moore (Distinction), Freddie Fearon (Credit), Taj Gadd (Credit), Boyd Haslam (Credit), Dario Leyton (Credit), Ryan Loughrey (Credit), Noah Nunn (Credit), Maxim Service (Credit), Jethro Venning (Credit)
  • Spelling Bee – Boyd Haslam (Distinction), Vincent Lee (Distinction), Lachlan Moore (Distinction), Noah Dalton (Credit), Aristotelis Evgenidis (Credit), Maxim Service (Credit)
  • Digital Technologies – Boyd Haslam (Credit), Maxim Service (Credit), Jethro Venning (Credit)
  • Maths – Luca Beserra (Credit), Noah Dalton (Credit), Freddie Fearon (Credit), Taj Gadd (Credit), Samuel Johnston (Credit), Cormac Maher (Credit), Maxim Service (Credit)
  • Writing – Results expected Term 4


Ms Gabby Smith

Director of the Junior School



Visual Arts Club – Book Now!

Summer Art Club Expressions in Clay

Summer Art Club Expressions in Clay

Expressions in Clay: Texture Through Sculptural Form

Summer Art Club 2022/2023

Visual Arts Club will be offered at Waverley as a Summer activity for students from Years 5-12. It will commence Term 4, Week 2, 2022. 

Visual Arts Club provides an opportunity for students to build skills in critical and creative thinking. This summer, students will be introduced to: Expressions in Clay: Texture Through Sculptural Form.  

Each student will be introduced to a range of ceramic handbuilding techniques such as pinch-pots, slabs and coiling techniques to build the fundamental form for their ceramic sculpture.

Natural and synthetic textures will be used to create impressions in the clay, forming crevices to catch and control glaze. Students will be involved in the firing and glazing process, learning glaze theory to further extend their knowledge on how clay bodies react when heated.

In Visual Arts Club students will:

  • Develop knowledge in ceramic handbuilding construction
  • Understand sculpture as a resolved art form (focus on balance, composition and viewing the work from all angles)
  • Be accomplished across a range of ceramic forms and glaze layering techniques

Cost: $110.00
Materials: all materials will be supplied (all works will be bisque and glaze fired)
Session times: select ONE from the following:


Ms Natalie Oates

Head of Visual Arts – Senior School



Year 5 Activism Day #1

On Thursday, 15 September, Year 5 took part in their first Activism Day!

Activism Day is a celebration and showcase of the learning that has occurred through our English unit ‘Stand up and be Counted!’ It is an opportunity to consider how we can take our learning and have a positive impact on the world around us, and a chance to go out into the community and put some of our words into action.

We began our day by hearing from three amazing guest speakers: Luke Vanderziel, an environmental activist, Louisa McKimm, a Human Rights Lawyer and, Sophia Skaparis, a representative from the charity ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ and a young activist. The speakers gave Year 5 plenty of tips to apply to their own lives to make a difference, and encouraged them to use their voices to stand up for the issues they care most about.

JS Activism Day

JS Activism Day

We then put our words into action by heading off to Tamarama Beach, Waverley Park and Queen’s Park, to do a clean-up. Even from the areas we thought were clean, we collected lots of rubbish that could otherwise have damaged the environment. All of Year 5 were so positive and made a huge difference to each of these areas.

JS Activism Day

JS Activism Day

JS Activism Day

In the afternoon, we hosted the finals of our Activist Day Speech Competition. Our judges, Ms Smith, Dr Couani and Ms Sutcliffe were blown away by the quality and persuasiveness of all of the finalist’s speeches, and the passion with which they delivered them.

JS Activism Day

JS Activism Day

JS Activism Day

Congratulations to all of the finalists listed below and in particular to the overall winner, Dylan McGhee, whose speech on Climate Change was absolutely spectacular.

  • Ethan Daemi – Climate Change
  • Tom Brown – The Gender Pay Gap
  • Louis Coleman – Bullying 
  • Thomas Walden – Pollution
  • Will Leyland – Pollution

It was an amazing day where Year 5 were inspired to take action on the social issues they care passionately about, and a reminder that we can always make a difference. Well done to all of Year 5 for their participation and enthusiasm.


Ms Charlotte Stephens

Classroom Teacher 5 Indigo



Summer Co-Curricular (Term 4)

Students have enjoyed recommencing training earlier than expected over the past two weeks of Term 3. It has been a great opportunity to help coaches reconnect with their teams, and for our students to get back into physical activity after a short break from school sport.

Training will resume on the first day back, Tuesday, 11 September in the afternoon. This does mean 6C Cricket and E/F Basketball teams will not train on Tuesday morning, due to the Years 5-12 assembly and students needing to arrive at school at 8:15 am. 

Please read over the training schedule below, as there have been some training changes from the previous two weeks. I have also included the Term 4 Co-Curricular sports draw. As always, the draw can sometimes change from week to week, for varied reasons. Please utilise the draw, but always refer to the weekly round fixtures I send out on Tuesday or Wednesdays before each round.

  1. >>> Click here to view the Junior School Summer Co-curricular sport training schedule.
  2. >>> Click here to view the Junior School Summer Co-curricular sports draw.

All Extra Co-Curricular activities undertaken in Term 3 will recommence from Week 2, Monday 17 October which include HipHop Dance, Judo and Innovation Club.

Have a fantastic break. It has been an amazing finish to the term, and I look forward to summer sport returning in Term 4.


Mr Jack Wachtel

Assistant Director of Co-curricular (Years 5-8)



Home Learning – Week 1, Term 4

>>> Click here to register your son.

Home Learning will begin on Wednesday, 12 October 

If your son is unable to attend, please email or call reception.

2022 IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge Candidates

Congratulations to Cormac Maher (Year 5) and Byron Thomas (Year 6), who were the 2022 Junior School Public Speaking champions. They will be representing Waverley College at the 2022 IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge in November. We wish them all the best as they prepare for the competition. 

Congratulations, Cormac Maher and Byron Thomas

Congratulations, Cormac Maher and Byron Thomas


Ms Natasha Zivanovic

Literacy & Innovation Teacher



Waverley’s Got Talent #1

Last week, the Junior School held their first ever Waverley’s Got Talent! There were many extraordinary acts throughout the three days of auditioning; singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument and performing magic tricks.

On Friday afternoon, the Junior School came together to support and cheer on their friends who had the courage to perform and entertain us all. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm, excitement and energy that filled the room!

Waverley's Got Talent #1

Waverley's Got Talent #1

Waverley's Got Talent #1

A big congratulations to our top three performers:

  • 1st Place: Ned Wilson (Stand-Up Comedy)
  • 2nd Place: Joe Madden (Saxophone Performance) and Ryan Loughrey (Piano Performance)
  • 3rd Place: Sam Rogers (Skateboard tricks) and Tallis Merryweather (Rubix Cube Act) 

We were also very lucky to have the support of teachers who acted as judges throughout the week, in particular our Grand Final judges including Ms Rollins, Ms Hoare, Mr Johnston and our guest judge Mr Brennan who visited from the College. 

We look forward to seeing the many new talented performers next year! 

Waverley's Got Talent #1


Ms Chloe-Jane Tweedie

Classroom Teacher 5 White