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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School – Week 4

Deputy Principal - Students, Gabrielle Smith

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Gabrielle Smith

Diary Dates

Please find below key event dates you need to be aware of for the Junior School in Term 3. For all of the College events, please refer to the College calendar. 


  • Tuesday, 16 August – Science Incursion – Sports Uniform 
  • Wednesday, 17 August – Junior School Athletics Carnival – Queens Park – Sports Uniform
  • Thursday, 18 August – Sami Bayly author and illustrator presentation 
  • Friday, 19 August – Year 5 Retreat Day – Sports Uniform 
  • Monday, 22 August – Book Week – Pop Up Bookshop – 9am – 12:30pm
  • Tuesday, 23 August – Year 5 Writing Workshop – Academic Uniform
  • Wednesday, 24 August – Year 5 Leadership Day – Sports Uniform 
  • Wednesday  24 August – Year 6 Writing Workshop – Academic Uniform 
  • Friday, 26 August – Junior School Fun Run – Waverley Park – White T-Shirt and Sports Shorts


  • Friday, 2 September – Father’s Day Mass and BBQ Lunch – Mary Immaculate Church, 12pm
  • Monday, 19 September – Year 6 Allwell Testing – Academic Uniform 
  • Friday, 23 September – Term 3 Classes Conclude

Heartfelt Appreciation

A huge thanks to Mr Elliott McKimm for his work in fundraising for Running for Premature Babies and preparing our students for the City To Surf through his weekly Running Club initiative. 

Father’s Day Mass and BBQ Lunch Invitation

>>> Click here to view your Father’s Day Invitation.


Ms Gabby Smith

Director of the Junior School



Curriculum News

Science Week 

Next week is Science Week and we have lots of exciting activities planned for our students.

Our students will have the opportunity to do experiments in class, enter a whole school science competition, see exciting live experiments on the playground run by our senior school teachers, and attend a fun-filled incursion in the Auditorium.

See a detailed description below of our incursion ‘Window to the World – A STEM Story.’

Science Week 2022

Jump through a Window To The World to discover the unsung hero of STEM – Glass!

At the heart of the global transformation of communications, technology, medicine, transport and global sustainability is the sandy substance of glass.

We can’t live the way we do without it – from fibre-optics, the Internet and mobile phones, to its indispensable role in improving our quality of life and helping us live more sustainably in the future.

Celebrate National Science Week and the 2022 International Year of Glass with comedic science sketches delivered by Perform Education professional actor/educators.

Students will laugh and learn all about the every-day impact of glass, how it helps our communications and health, and how it is driving a sustainable future.

Uniform: Sports Uniform 

Date: Tuesday, 16 August

Time: Year 5 – 9:15 am and Year 6 – 11:05 am 

I look forward to reporting back to you on Science Week. 


Ms Gabrielle Bransby

Assistant Director of Junior School/Curriculum



City2Surf 2022

It is with great pride that I am able to report the following facts about Team Waverley’s entry into the 2022 City to Surf:

  • Our team is 150-people strong, and includes College students, staff, family and friends across both campuses.
  • Running Club was initiated in the Junior School to support students in their health and wellbeing. Training sessions have seen upwards of 60 students participating and helped to adequately prepare many of them for the City to Surf.
  • In our running endeavours, we are supporting the charity ‘Running for Premature Babies’ which has raised a staggering $43,753.25 this year.
  • Of the total amount raised by Running for Premature Babies, Team Waverley has contributed $23, 478. This means that Team Waverley is the second best fundraising team out of 1,177 teams.
Congratulations and good luck to Team Waverley who this weekend will complete the City2Surf. 150 Waverley College students, staff, family and friends across both campuses have been training hard and have raised a staggering $23,478 for Running for Premature Babies.

Congratulations and good luck to Team Waverley who this weekend will complete the City2Surf

Top 10 Fundraisers

  • Cian Brady – $2,600
  • Tom Smith – $2,170
  • Jack Preller – $1,140
  • Will Frinsdorf – $1,088
  • Liam Madden – $946
  • Mitchell Cooper – $754
  • Hugo Murphy – $752
  • Byron Campbell – $732
  • Archie Preston – $657
  • Harvey and Owen Smith – $645

To the entire team: congratulations and a huge thank you on behalf of myself and Sophie Smith from ‘Running for Premature Babies.’

However you decide to get the 14km done this weekend, enjoy every single moment knowing that you are covering a huge distance, and have raised money that will directly benefit babies that are born prematurely.


Mr Elliott McKimm

5 Orange Class Teacher



Junior School House Athletics Carnival

The Junior School are excited to be having our House Athletics Carnival next Wednesday, 17 August at Queens Park.

Students will need to arrive at school dressed in their House colours. Class teachers will mark their rolls, and students will be walked to Queens Park by their teacher.

Students have now been told their race divisions and have nominated for the specific events for the day, which include the following track, field and novelty events:

  1. 100m and 200m (Divisions based on Athletics Trial)
  2. 800m
  3. Discus, Shot Put
  4. Long Jump, High Jump
  5. Tug of war, three-legged race and wheelbarrow race

Families have been sent a Google Form to complete by their son’s class teacher. This will allow us to collate permission for how your son gets home after the carnival. Please ensure you complete this, to assist us further on the day.

The canteen at Queens Park will be open on the day and will be cash only. Students will have a chance to get recess and lunch during the day. Alternatively, students are encouraged to pack their own recess and lunch for the day.

We also ask that you ensure your son packs water, sunscreen and a hat. 

Parents are invited to attend the carnival, we have reserved the Grandstand of the Pavilion for all of our guests. 

The Junior School is looking forward to an amazing day, and are excited to welcome parents and carers to see their son compete in many athletics events.

FunRun Fundraiser

School FunRun

The FunRun Fundraiser has seen some amazing achievements within two weeks of the fundraising period.

Two weeks into the event, I’ll thrilled to share the following milestones reached:

  1. $77,128 fundraised in the first three weeks (smashing our target)
  2. 268 out of 314 students have signed up with profiles
  3. 888 total donations received
  4. Reese ​​Araujo (6 Blue) received a significant donation to the FunRun of $30,000, which takes his total amount raised to $30,800, and Leo Henderson (5 Blue) has fantastically raised $2,330
  5. 6 Blue have convincingly taken the lead in class fundraising with $34,551 raised

The FunRun ‘Big Show’ event is fast approaching (Friday, 26 August), and we’re truly excited to have all students at Waverley Park to end the fundraising in an absolute high point.

I please ask parents to prepare for this, by ensuring your son has a white t-shirt that he can wear on the day. This is because all students will be sprayed with safe/sustainable coloured powder.

The Junior School is unbelievably impressed by the level of commitment shown by the students, and we cannot wait to see how they progress leading up to the big FunRun event.

We thank all families for being on board and we further encourage you to spread the message far and wide, explaining the causes we’re fundraising for, and the meaning behind each chosen charity. 

Feel free to share the Waverley College Junior School fundraising link below for other people to use. Students may also send out their personal link to increase their fundraising efforts:

External Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to Lachlan Bayly and Hunter Bligh who made it to the State Championships Basketball Tournament in Newcastle. Their team went all the way and came runner up in the entire tournament for the U12 division. 

What an achievement, well done boys!

Lachlan Bayly and Hunter Bligh (State Basketball Championships)

Huge congratulations Lachlan Bayly and Hunter Bligh


Mr Jack Wachtel

Assistant Director Co-curricular (Years 5-8)



Home Learning Club – Week 5

>>> Click here to register your son.

No Home Learning on Wednesday, 17 August. 

Should your son be unable to attend, please email the College at or call Reception.

ICAS Week 5 

If you have entered your son in the ICAS ‘English’ exam it will be running in the Learning Hub next week. See the timetable below.

Please make sure your son charges his laptop the night before. Students need to arrive at least five minutes before the start time.

5 8am  Tuesday, 16 August  English 

Book Week Writing Competition 

I would like to congratulate the students who have submitted their poetry writing for the Book Week competition. There is still time if your son would like to enter! Entries close Monday, 15 August. Judging will happen after the closing date.

A few examples received so far…

Life is difficult

Life gets faster every day.

No time to think, no time to play.

Hurry, chaos, lots of stress.

Tension leads to sleeplessness.

When will all this madness cease?

Where is free time?

Where is peace?

I’m Running, doing, till I drop.

Give me buttons: Pause, Mute, STOP.

Open your eyes and look at the sunshine.

Jake McEvoy 

6 White 


Reading takes us on an adventure where we follow other people’s dreams. We learn about their stories and escape our everyday lives. 

When we grow up we get a chance to create our own story. Our dreams can become real. So read often and as much as you can, all while dreaming with your eyes wide open. 

Just like the characters in your favourite stories your dreams can one day be a reality.

Hamish Patient

6 Orange 

Pop-up Bookshop 

Our Pop-up Bookshop which is proudly supported by ‘The Children’s Bookshop,’ will be on campus Monday, 22 August. Allowing your son to make his own reading choices is an important part of encouraging reading.

There will be three options for payment on the day. Students can pay with cash, EFTPOS or complete the Book Fair PDF note. 

If your son is absent on the day you can purchase books via this link:

All books will be delivered to Waverley and distributed by Week 8.

Round 5 Debating Waverley v Kambala 

A double win for Waverley last week. The boys had their debate against Kambala. The debate topic: ‘That we should ban having birds as pets.’

Both teams had strong arguments with supporting examples, and worked together to put forward strong cases.

Debating develops important skills that are transferable to other areas: exploring ideas, developing arguments, articulating opinions, building confidence, being able to think on one’s feet, and becoming a good public speaker. 

Congratulations on your double win!

Waverley V Kambala – Round 5

Waverley V Kambala – Round 5

Waverley V Kambala – Round 5

Waverley V Kambala – Round 5

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Year 9 Debating Mentors, James Peate, Nicholas Zanapalis and Archie Godby for their endless support, guidance and skill-based training sessions over the past two terms.

L-R: Quinn, Jack, Ned, Thomas, James, Nicholas, Isaac, Geoffrey, Beau and Ishaan. Absent: Max Wu and Archie Godby

L-R: Quinn, Jack, Ned, Thomas, James, Nicholas, Isaac, Geoffrey, Beau and Ishaan
Absent: Max Wu and Archie Godby

Successful Drawing Club Workshop with Ms Maakrun 

It was a privilege to have Ms Marie-Anne Maakrun return to the Junior School to run a drawing workshop with the drawing club students. 

The boys learnt facial proportions, exaggerating features, the importance of black ink and adding colour to draw a caricature of their partner.

Thank you so much for a fun drawing session this week Ms Maakruun!

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club

Junior School Drawing Club


Ms Natasha Zivanovic

Literacy & Innovation Teacher



News From 6 Blue

Incredible Donation

A huge congratulations to Reese Araujo from 6 Blue for securing a $30,000 donation for our FunRun from the Judith Neilson Foundation. Reese bravely emailed Judith’s foundation, kindly asking for a donation, and he was certainly not expecting one so generous!

Reese has taken his fundraising very seriously, and is committed to reducing homework and allowing mufti clothing if elected ‘Principal for the Day.’

Reese Araujo - 6 Blue

Reese Araujo – 6 Blue

Visual Arts – Asian Art

This term, Year 6 is studying Asian Art in their Visual Arts key learning area. We have been learning about the spiritual and structural features of pagodas.

Inspired by the line, shape and form of these Asian buildings, we have been creating line drawings. Working on this skill was challenging, but has been a wonderful way to explore different types of art and develop our artistic capabilities.

Combined with the line drawings, we used a Japanese technique ‘shibori’ which utilises tissue paper and water to create a unique, dyed effect on the backing paper.

Enjoy the final results from Jack Mihalakis and Lachlan Symes below.

Jack Mihalakis

Jack Mihalakis

Lachlan Symes

Lachlan Symes


Ms Jade Sparks

6 Blue Classroom Teacher



Engaging Year 5 Firefighter Talk

This week, Fire and Rescue NSW came and presented a bushfire talk to Year 5 as part of their Geography studies. Students have been learning all about how bushfires are managed from prevention to rebuilding after them.

We were also lucky enough to have some firefighters from the Randwick Station come along for a question and answer session. They had some great stories and examples of their real-life experiences as well as a lot of tips for keeping safe.

Fire and Rescue: Year 5 Geography

Fire and Rescue NSW have asked us to ask all of our Waverley parents and carers to check that they have a working smoke alarm in their homes. They say that we have had a disastrous winter in terms of fire fatalities, and many of these deaths could have been prevented if the property had a working smoke alarm.

Fire and Rescue: Year 5 Geography

Local stations carry out ‘Home Fire Safety Visits’ free of charge. They will come to homes to check, and if needed install new alarms free of charge.

They also offer other sound Fire Safety messaging. You can call your nearest station or book a visit online easily on the FRNSW website.

>>> Click here to view the FRNSW Website.

Fire and Rescue: Year 5 Geography


Ms Tanya Buttling

5 Blue Classroom Teacher