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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School – Week 5

Diary Dates

Please find below key event dates you need to be aware of for the Junior School in Term 3. For all of the College events, please refer to the College calendar. 


  • Monday, 22 August – Book Week – Pop Up Bookshop, 9am – 12:30pm
  • Tuesday, 23 August – Year 5 Writing Workshop – Academic Uniform
  • Wednesday, 24 August – Year 5 Leadership Day – Sports Uniform 
  • Wednesday, 24 August – Year 6 Writing Workshop – Academic Uniform 
  • Friday, 26 August – Junior School Fun Run – Waverley Park – White T-Shirt and Sports Shorts


  • Friday, 2 September – Father’s Day Mass and BBQ Lunch – 12pm Mary Immaculate Church
  • Monday, 19 September – Year 6 Allwell Testing – Academic Uniform 
  • Friday, 23 September – Term 3 Classes Conclude

Science week started with a bang with our incursion ‘Window to the World.’ The students were mesmerised as they learnt about the everyday impact of glass, how it helps our communications and health, and how it is driving a sustainable future.

We look forward to sharing more from Science Week in our next edition of Nurrunga. 


Ms Gabby Smith

Director of Junior School



City to Surf 

A huge congratulations to all members of Team Waverley who completed the City to Surf on the weekend past. It was a beautiful day for running and this iconic course reminded us all how amazing our city is. The views were spectacular and the opportunity to all see all walks of life finish the run, was inspirational. 

I hope all team members feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that they raised vital funds for babies born prematurely, and at the same time conquered a mammoth distance of 14km.

The Final Numbers

  • Running for Premature Babies raised $67, 717.68
  • Team Waverley contributed $32,047 to that total

Our Top 6 Fundraisers 

  • Will Frinsdorf: $3,386
  • Cian Brady: $2,659
  • Tom Smith: $2,170
  • Jack Preller: $1,234
  • Peter Preller: $1,140
  • Liam Madden: $1004

City2Surf Team

Mr Elliott McKimm

Class Teacher Year 5 Orange



Years 5 and 6 Retreat Days

Over the past two weeks, both Year 5 and Year 6 have been involved in their first ever retreat days at Waverley College. Both days focused on themes of friendship, leadership, inclusiveness and being an Upstander.

All activities were led by our Year 11 students including making House Wristbands, defining qualities that make good leaders and good friends. They also had the chance to listen to Old Boys Daniel Andrews, Harley McGuiggan, Pat Clifton and Andrew Green (Riverview), talking to the students about leadership qualities beyond their schooling years.

The day was completed with some House team building games including tunnel ball and kick tennis, which the boys thoroughly enjoyed.

Retreat Day Liturgy

Retreat Day Liturgy

Year 6 Retreat Day

Year 6 Retreat Day

Year 6 Retreat Day

Retreat Day Tunnell Ball

Father’s Day Mass and BBQ Lunch Invitation

>>> Click here to view your Father’s Day Invitation.


Mr Steve Ghattas

Assistant Director of Identity & Student Formation



Junior School House Athletics Carnival

This past Wednesday, 17 August the Junior School finally participated in our House Athletics Carnival after its postponement in Term 2. The weather was on our side, with blue skies and the sun keeping everyone warm. It was amazing to have so many parents supporting and celebrating their son in all of his nominated events.

The day started with field events (Shot Put, High Jump, Long Jump and Discus) which ran the entire day. 

JS Athletics Carnival

JS Athletics Carnival

JS Athletics Carnival

Midway through the morning we began the track events (100m, 200m, 800m), which demonstrated some amazing results for all age groups.

The highlight of the day was the involvement of a large portion of students in the novelty events (Three-Legged Race, Wheelbarrow Race and Tug of War).

The day finished with some exciting events including the 100m final, 8x100m House Relays and the infamous Staff/Parents vs Students relay. We had widespread involvement and participation from all students, which made the day that much more enjoyable and engaging for our students and parents.

JS Athletics Carnival

JS Athletics Carnival

JS Athletics Carnival

A massive congratulations to Brennan for being the Junior School House Champions for 2022! They finished on 386 points.

Congratulations to the other Houses for their efforts:

  1. Brennan (386)
  2. Lacey (368)
  3. Tevlin (310)
  4. Aungier (280)
  5. Quinn (274)
  6. Conlon (264)
  7. O’Connor (250)
  8. Green (181)

A further congratulations to the following students who were announced and celebrated as the age champions for the carnival:

U10 Students

1st – Charlie Carrano

2nd – Ollie Burke

3rd – Jaden Truscott

4th – Sam Rogers

4th – Marcus Juhasz

U11 Students

1st – Louis Coleman

2nd – Hugo Cummins

3rd – Cristiano Zanapalis

4th – Hugo Spierings

U12 Students

1st – Vaidas Levi

2nd – Lukas Pendleton

3rd – Reese Araujo

4th – Jayden Newrick

Athletics Training and IPSHA

Now that the Carnival is completed, I will send out information to parents, inviting students to train with the Senior School across the next four weeks for the athletics season. This will be dependent on the Carnival results, and more students than just the age champions will be invited to be involved. 

Nominations for IPSHA Athletics Carnival are due on Monday, 22 August and I will be sure to let those families know, as soon as those nominations are sent.

FunRun Fundraiser
School FunRun

The FunRun Fundraiser has seen some amazing achievements within two weeks of the fundraising period. Two weeks into the event, I’ll thrilled to share the following milestones reached:

  1. $80,285 fundraised across five weeks 
  2. 273 out of 314 students have signed up with profiles
  3. 929 total donations received
  4. Reese ​​Araujo (6 Blue) leading the fundraising at $31,378, and Leo Henderson (5 Blue) has raised $2,430. Fantastic!
  5. 6 Blue are convincingly still in the lead in class fundraising, with $35,624 raised

The FunRun ‘Big Show’ event is now only a week away (Friday, 26 August) and we’re ecstatic to have all students at Waverley Park to conclude the fundraising at an absolute high point.

The event itself will take place from 10am – 12pm at Waverley Park. Students will move around the created running track, through colour spraying sections and giant inflatables.

There will be an awards ceremony, and seven staff members will be slimed at the event. Parents are warmly welcome to attend this event, and we look forward to seeing you there.

I please ask parents to prepare for this, by ensuring your son has a white t-shirt that he can wear on the day. This is because all students will be sprayed with safe/sustainable coloured powder.

Thank you to all families for being on board and we further encourage you to spread the message far and wide in this final week of fundraising, explaining the causes we’re fundraising for, and the meaning behind each chosen charity. 

If you wish, you may pass on the following Waverley College Junior School fundraising link for other people to use. Students may also send out their personal link to increase their fundraising efforts:


Mr Jack Wachtel

Assistant Director Co-curricular (Years 5-8)



Home Learning Club – Week 6

>>> Click here to register your son.

No Home Learning on Tuesday 23 August.

If your son is unable to attend, please email the College at or call reception.

ICAS – Week 6

If you have entered your son in the ICAS  ‘Science’ and ‘Spelling Bee’ exams, they will be running in the Learning Hub next week. View the timetable below. 

Please make sure your son charges his laptop the night before. Students need to arrive at least five minutes before the start time.

8am  Tuesday, 23 August  Science 
8am  Thursday, 25 August  Spelling Bee 

Earphones required 

Pop-Up Bookshop

Our Pop-Up bookshop which is proudly supported by ‘The Children’s Bookshop,’ will be on campus Monday, 22 August. Allowing your son to make his own reading choices is an important part of encouraging reading.

There will be three options for payment on the day. Students can pay with cash, EFTPOS or complete the Book Fair PDF note below.

>>> Click here to view the PDF Book Fair note.

If your son is absent on the day, you can purchase books via the link below.

>>> Click here to view the link to the Book Fair.

All books will be delivered to Waverley and distributed by Week 8.

Book Week Competitions

Thank you to all the students who entered the Book Week Competitions. 

Ms Mary Ryan, Acting Literacy Coordinator, will have a tough job judging the Poetry.

Ms Natalie Oates, Head of Visual Arts, and Ms Jenna Turnbull, Visual Arts Teacher, will also have a tough job judging the creative pieces of art by students who interpreted the theme ‘Dreaming with eyes open…’ 

Winners will be announced on Thursday 25 August. Good luck to all the students who entered!

Junior School Art Critics

Junior School Art Critics

A few submission examples… to whet your appetite

Visual Arts Submissions

Harvey Smith

Harvey Smith

Dash McDonough

Dash McDonough

Poetry Submissions

I lay awake

With eyes wide shut

I think of places

I love a lot

I dream of peace across the oceans

I’m dreaming with eyes wide open

By River Sullivan – 5 White


Trying To Sleep

I was in my bed 

Thoughts are rushing through my head 

I can’t go to sleep

Will I ever go to bed?

By Max Green – 6 White


Ms Natasha Zivanovic

Literacy & Innovation Teacher



News From 6 White

The 6 White classroom does play host to a variety of meetings and lessons. On a Tuesday and Thursday, Aungier House all meet together in our classroom for Wellbeing Time. The students are always respectful and attentive to the ways we make ourselves better people. Some boys from Aungier are below.

Students from Aungier House

Students from Aungier House

Every day, boys arrive here from across the grade for at least one Mathematics lesson. The boys learn much about Mathematics in our world and have a lot of fun while doing activities. The picture below shows a student problem solving with markers on his desk.

Cameron Spies

Cameron Spies

Finally, the home class of 6 White take their Visual Arts lessons quite seriously, and there are many talented artists with a distinct individual flair.

The boys studied the sculptures of Michelle Reader. They then designed and sculpted their own monsters last term in the Art Room.

Sculptures using spoons and rubber bands based on works by Jill Townsley, were constructed. 

They are currently designing their own masterpiece pagodas using lead pencil, black marker, tissue and crêpe paper.

JS Visual Arts

Cash, Cameron and Max

JS Visual Arts

Henry’s Monster

JS Visual Arts

Spoon and rubber band sculpture

JS Visual Arts

Vaidas, Jake and Quinn

JS Visual Arts

Creating a background for the pagoda

JS Visual Arts

Completed pagodas


Mr Anthony Stanton

Class Teacher 6 White