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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Junior School – Week 7

Deputy Principal - Students, Gabrielle Smith

Deputy Principal - Students, Ms Gabrielle Smith

Diary Dates

Please find below key event dates you need to be aware of for the Junior School in Term 3. For all of the College events, please refer to the College calendar. 

  • Monday, 19 September – Year 6 Allwell Testing – Academic Uniform 
  • Friday, 23 September – Term 3 Classes Conclude

Junior School Fun Run

I want to extend a huge congratulations and thanks to our staff, students and parents/carers for their incredible support of our Junior School Fun Run. We have been blown away by the fundraising efforts of the students. A special thanks to Mr Wachtel for the organisation of this great event.

I am pleased to announce that we raised a total of $104,357.

Well done to Reese Araujo as our biggest fundraiser. I look forward to hearing what plans Reese has, when he takes on the role of Director of Junior School for the day.

I also wanted to give a special shout to all those who participated in and supported the many teacher v students fundraising events in the lead up to the Fun Run. I have included a snapshot of these events below.

Staff V Students Connect 4

Staff V Students Connect 4

Staff V Students Theatresports

Staff V Students Theatresports

Staff V Students Dodgeball

Staff V Students Dodgeball

Staff V Students Soccer

Staff V Students Soccer

Please read Mr Wachtel’s section for more details on the Fun Run.

Father’s Day

We celebrated a beautiful Father’s Day at the Junior School today. We commenced celebrations with a lovely Mass followed by a delicious BBQ.

JS Father's Day Mass

JS Father's Day Mass

Thanks to Mr Stephen Ghattas for his organisation, making the day so special. A special thanks also to our Old Boys for supplying and running the BBQ.

JS Father's Day Mass

To all the fathers and those who are like fathers to our boys in the Junior School, I hope you have a lovely weekend. 

JS Father's Day Mass

JS Father's Day Mass

Ms Jennifer Hoare

It is with very mixed emotions that I write to inform you that Ms Jennifer Hoare has taken a position at Hartford College in 2023. Hartford College is an all boys independent school, which will open its doors to students next year. 

Ms Hoare has always been committed to inspiring her students to strive for excellence in all their endeavours, whilst nurturing them to become young men of faith and virtue. She always places great emphasis on working collaboratively with parents, to support the student’s educational, character and spiritual formation.

Ms Hoare will be greatly missed at Waverley College and we look forward to celebrating her incredible contribution to the school in Term 4.


Ms Gabby Smith

Director of the Junior School



Pencil Case Restock 

As we hit the second half of the year, we start to see students coming to class with missing equipment. This makes teaching and learning very difficult. In next week’s Home Learning we have asked our students to make sure they are stocked up with the following items:

Red pen, blue pen, lead pencils, coloured pencils, textas, highlighters, rubber, sharpener, scissors, glue, ruler and protractor. 

We thank you for your support in advance. 

Pencil Case

Year 5 Leadership/Team building 

Year 5 were involved in a Leadership/Team building day last Wednesday, 24 August. The key themes that were focused on throughout the day were:

  • ​​Teamwork
  • Skills of Strong Leaders
  • Support Network
  • Self Belief and Vision
  • Positive Culture

Here at Waverley, we are trying to instil the importance of these themes, so that our students can contribute as global citizens, and are equipped with the necessary skills they will need for the future. 

JS Leadership Day

The day was broken up into three sessions:

  • Session 1: Leadership and Communication Skills – Survivor Tasks 
  • Session 2: Planning and Presentation Skills – Lego Masters
  • Session 3: Teamwork and Problem-solving – Team Challenge 

JS Leadership Day

The key learning intention during these sessions were:

  1. Create a vision board (Lego Model about Leadership and their role in Culture)
  2. Build a plan to create a positive culture
  3. Be able to identify their own support network
  4. Be able to identify the value in teamwork

As you can see from the photos, the Year 5 students had a wonderful day! 

JS Leadership Day

JS Leadership Day

JS Leadership Day


Ms Gaby Bransby

Assistant Director of Junior School/Curriculum Coordinator



Fun Run Fundraiser

School FunRun

The Fun Run Fundraiser has seen some amazing achievements, and I am thrilled to share the following milestones reached at the conclusion of the fundraising period:

  1. $104,357 fundraised across six weeks 
  2. 282 out of 314 students signed up with profiles
  3. 1,152 total donations received
  4. Reese ​​Araujo (6 Blue) was the highest fundraiser at $33,400, and Leo Henderson (5 Blue) is the second highest fundraiser at $4,050
  5. 6 Blue were the highest fundraising class with $38,906 raised

The Fun Run ‘Big Show’ took place on Friday, 26 August, and what an amazing day it was.

Students arrived in their white shirts, prepared for the unknown, but in awe of the inflatables. Once students were explained the running track, all classes were sent at different times to begin the colour run, after being sprayed with water by the local fire department. It was exciting having the fire department there to encourage fire safety throughout the event.

JS Fun Run

There was a high ambiance at Waverley Park, with music playing all around the running track. The local kindergarten were there supporting, and cheering on our students, as they made their way around the track.

JS Fun Run

The school was truly grateful to have parent helpers for the event, who were tasked with spraying the boys with the coloured powder, at various sections of the track.

Once the running time had concluded, we celebrated and awarded the highest fundraising students.

It then became time for the main event, where six staff members were slimed. These staff members included Ms Smith (Director of the Junior School) and Mr Leddie (Principal of Waverley College). This was a highlight for many students, staff and parents.

JS Fun Run

What a fantastic event, and all for such an amazing cause. Thank you to everyone who was involved and showed their support.


JS Fun Run

IPSHA Athletics Carnival

On Monday, 29 August, the Junior School Athletics Age Champions headed out to Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre to represent Waverley College at the IPSHA Athletics Carnival.

This is a significant event for our student athletes, and an opportunity to compete against all associated IPSHA schools around Sydney, at an extremely competitive level.

Congratulations to all the age champions who competed at the carnival:

U10 Students

  • Charlie Carrano
  • Ollie Burke
  • Jaden Truscott
  • Sam Rogers

U11 Students

  • Louis Coleman
  • Hugo Cummins
  • Cristiano Zanapalis
  • Hugo Spierings

U12 Students

  • Vaidas Levi
  • Lukas Pendleton
  • Reese Araujo
  • Jayden Newrick

Out of all the Waverley athletes who competed, we had five students excel in their track and field events, finishing in the top five, to progress to the NSWCIS Championships.

This will be an amazing chance for our students to compete at the highest level possible for their age.

Congratulations to the five students:

  • Charlie Carrano – 100m, 200m, Long Jump, Discus
  • Lukas Pendleton – Shot Put, Discus
  • Vaidas Levi – Long Jump
  • Ollie Burke – Shot Put
  • Louis Coleman – Discus
JS IPSHA Athletics

Congratulations Jayden Newrick, Vaidis Levi, Josh Raymond

JS IPSHA Athletics

Congratulations Charlie Carrano

JS IPSHA Athletics

Congratulations Josh Raymond

JS IPSHA Athletics

Sam, Alfie, Charlie, Ollie

JS IPSHA Athletics

Luka, Hugo C, Louis

CIS Rugby

Lukas Pendleton, Riley Carr and Daniel McCall were selected in the CIS Rugby team for 2022. A massive achievement, performing very well and representing Waverley both on and off the field.

Despite winning 4 games out of 5, and only going down by 2 points in the game, they lost, impacting the final placing with the team finishing 5th. All students gave it their all, and were forces to be reckoned with throughout all of their games.

Congratulations to all of the students, and what a brilliant experience to be a part of.

JS CIS Rugby - Riley, Daniel and Lukas

CIS Rugby – Riley, Daniel and Lukas


CIS Team

External Sporting Achievements

The Waverley students from the U12 Clovelly Reds won their grand final on Sunday, 28 August. They won 35-10 against another local team, South Coogee, at Cliff Oval Wahroonga.

They went through the season undefeated, finishing top of the ladder by 9 points, with a for and against of 280.

Congratulations to the following Waverley students in this winning team: 

Cooper Mott, Lukas Pendelton, Nicholas Peshos, Riley Carr, Isaacs Matheson, Lachlan Symes, Beau Matheson Rayner, Angus Palm, Cian Brady.

U12 Clovelly Reds

U12 Clovelly Reds

U12 Clovelly Reds

Pro Performance Spring Holiday Cricket Camps

The Team at Pro Performance Cricket are excited to announce their upcoming Holiday Cricket Camps where they will be offering an additional Youth aged / representative level camp for players aged 12 years and over.

All camps provide intensive individual and group skill development for players across all facets of the game.

With an excellent coach to player ratio, and a focus on a positive and fun environment, it’s a perfect opportunity for the kids to enhance and develop their games while having heaps of fun, making new friends and taking their game to a new level.

>>> Click here to view the Pro Performance Holiday Cricket Camps booking information.

>>> Click here to view the Pro Performance Pro Youth Holiday Cricket Camps (Ages 12+) booking information.


Mr Jack Wachtel

Assistant Director of Co-curricular (Years 5-8)



Home Learning Club – Week 8

>>> Click here to register your son.

Should your son be unable to attend, please email the College at or call reception.


Ms Natasha Zivanovic

Literacy & Innovation Teacher



Visual Arts Club

Summer Art Club Expressions in Clay

Summer Art Club Expressions in Clay

Expressions in Clay: Texture Through Sculptural Form.  

Summer Art Club 2022/2023

Visual Arts Club will be offered at Waverley as a Summer activity for students from Years 5-12. It will commence Term 4, Week 2, 2022. 

Visual Arts Club provides an opportunity for students to build skills in critical and creative thinking. This summer, students will be introduced to: Expressions in Clay: Texture Through Sculptural Form.  

Each student will be introduced to a range of ceramic handbuilding techniques such as pinch-pots, slabs and coiling techniques to build the fundamental form for their ceramic sculpture.

Natural and synthetic textures will be used to create impressions in the clay, forming crevices to catch and control glaze. Students will be involved in the firing and glazing process, learning glaze theory to further extend their knowledge on how clay bodies react when heated. 

In Visual Arts Club students will:

  • Develop knowledge in ceramic handbuilding construction
  • Understand sculpture as a resolved art form (focus on balance, composition and viewing the work from all angles) 
  • Be accomplished across a range of ceramic forms and glaze layering techniques 

Cost: $110.00
Materials: all materials will be supplied (all works will be bisque and glaze fired)
Session times: select ONE from the following:


Ms Natalie Oates

Head of Visual Arts 



Snapshot From 5 Indigo

In 5 Indigo it has been a very busy and exciting term of learning both inside and outside of our classroom. We have focused on the theme of Leadership through Term 3, reflecting on what it takes to be a successful leader, the qualities we look for in our leaders, and, how we can be leaders in our lives.

We have elected new Class Captains, taken part in the Year 5 Leadership Day, and developed as leaders through our Year 5 Retreat Day. 5 Indigo have relished every opportunity given to them and grown as young men of faith and character. I could not be any more proud to be their teacher.

5 Indigo

Science – Earth and Space

Our Science topic for Semester 2 is Earth and Space. 5 Indigo have loved asking inquiry questions about the Universe, worked collaboratively and used reasoning and problem-solving skills to order celestial bodies, and created our own playdough version of the solar system.

Look at our incredible models below:

5 Indigo Science Curriculum

5 Indigo Science Curriculum

5 Indigo Science Curriculum

5 Indigo Science Curriculum

English – Stand Up And Be Counted

In English, we have been investigating the ways that authors and composers communicate their passions and beliefs with the world. We read the book Mechanica, A Beginner’s Field Guide, a book set in a dystopian future where humans have not looked after the planet, and animals have become mechanical hybrids to survive. The author is very passionate about the issue of climate change.

In 5 Indigo we created our own Australianica, A Beginner’s Field Guide of Australian mechanical animals. This is a very complex text and the students in 5 Indigo showed what imaginative and accomplished writers they are, by emulating the style and language choices of the author, Lance Balchin. You can read their Australianica extracts proudly displayed on the wall of our classroom.

We are now in the process of identifying the social issues that we feel passionately about, looking at the examples of speeches made by activists including Greta Thunberg, to begin writing our own speeches. We are so excited to find out how each member of 5 Indigo will make a difference in the world. 

5 Indigo English Curriculum

5 Indigo English Curriculum

5 Indigo English Curriculum


Ms Charlotte Stephens

5 Indigo Classroom Teacher