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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Lockdown and Evacuation Procedures

Last week, we were reminded that we are in times of uncertainty, and we need to be agile and responsive to situations as they emerge. Over the past week, the College Leadership Team have been evaluating our Critical Management Plan and have made some changes to our lockdown and evacuation procedures. 

The safety of students and staff will continue to be our number one priority and the following steps will be taken in the instance that we need to enact our Critical Management Plan: 

1. Alert

Parents will be notified that there has been a community member with a positive test result. This would be a brief message issued through SchoolBag App, email and SMS. 

Please do not attend or contact the College at this stage, we will provide further information via SchoolBag and SMS.

At this stage, we will be acting under the direction of Public Health who will assist us to manage the incident.


2. Lockdown

At this point, the College would initiate its Lockdown procedures whilst we wait on advice from Public Health before allowing students to leave the Campus. 


3. Pickup Communication

You will receive communication via SchoolBag App and SMS advising when your son will be ready to be collected. 


Junior School Pickup

Students will be collected from the Henrietta Street entrance. The pickup process will take some time as we only have one entrance to the campus. We kindly ask for your patience as we get students off campus safely. 

If you give permission for your son to walk home, please fill out this form. We will not allow any student to leave the school grounds without permission. 

Students are not to take public transport and are not to visit shopping centres or gather in groups. They are to go straight home.


Senior School Pickup

Each Year group has a designated pickup point. These locations are detailed on the map below.

Where students have siblings from the same campus they can both be collected from the designated pickup point for the youngest sibling.

If your son can walk home from the Senior School he will be able to do so.  

If you can not pick up your son during school hours, please fill in this form so we can arrange for him to be transported home via a private bus organised by the College.

Students are not to take public transport and are not to visit shopping centres or gather in groups. They are to go straight home.

Please pick up your son from the location of the red circle that indicates his year level. Download the map.


Things to note

  • Parents are not to enter the school grounds under any circumstances and must wait outside the gates. If parents are driving through a driveway they are not to exit the vehicle. 
  • Siblings are not classified as close contacts unless otherwise advised by the Public and NSW Health Department. If the Senior School needs to enact the Emergency Management Plan, the Junior Campus will not be affected and vice-versa.
  • Close contacts of the infected person(s) will be notified by the College and contacted by NSW Health outlining the next steps.
  • NSW Health advises against testing unless a student has been identified as a close contact and is exhibiting respiratory symptoms. 
  • Testing at Bondi Beach is now open to students from the College with respiratory symptoms.