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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Lockdown procedures, laptop recharging and email etiquette

Laptop issued to Waverley College students

From the Deputy Head of College, Pat Brennan

Great Effort In and Out of the Pool

At Thursday’s assembly I publicly thanked all students who attended the CAS Swimming and Diving Championship last week at Homebush.

Not only did the boys perform well in the pool but the behaviour of the 600 spectators from Waverley College, led by the College Prefects, was outstanding. Our uniform, chanting and behaviour were of highest possible standard and something the entire College community can be proud of.

All boys supported their school mates as well as appreciating the successful efforts of competitors from other schools.

The way 600 students from the College left the venue and safely crossed Olympic Boulevard and waited patiently for their buses in light drizzle should also be commended. This was at the end of a very long day.

Many staff from the College have been attending CAS carnivals for several decades and they all agreed that last Thursday was the best behaviour displayed by our students.

Well done to everyone.

Lockdown Practice

On Friday the College will practice our lockdown procedure:

In some circumstances it is not advisable to evacuate from a building, but rather to stay inside and out of harm’s way (eg. storm, gas leak, terrorist threat, intruder on campus). In these situations, our lockdown procedure is enacted. The signal to let staff and students know of this will be the playing of the national anthem over the PA.

  • If students are in class, remain there with your teacher, get out of sight and lock the door
  • If students are outside class, during a break or between classes, then move into to the nearest building and stay out of sight
  • All visitors to the College must also proceed to the nearest building and stay out of sight
  • Do not use mobile phones during a lockdown procedure
  • Once the lockdown is over, an ‘all clear’ will be given by either the Head of College, Deputy Head or member of the Executive.

Gum and Laptop Recharging

Two reminders of some bad habits creeping in at the back end of this term.

The campus is looking fantastic at the moment. Unfortunately, chewing gum left on the ground and on carpets affects the aesthetics of our campus. Boys are reminded that no chewing gum is permitted at Waverley College.

Students using laptop rechargers during class pose a trip hazard for others. Our laptops were selected because of their long battery life and thus avoiding the need for recharging during the day. All recharging should occur before or after school and not during class.

Email Etiquette to Staff

Student contact with their teachers via email is a privilege and often impacts on their teachers’ out of hours free time. Students must respect this privilege and be respectful and courteous when communicating with staff via email. Students should also be mindful that out of hours emails to staff may not be responded to until the following business day.

When emailing a staff member, all proper language conventions should be used.

  • Please start the email with Dear Mr or Ms …
  • Please make sure the tone of the email is positive.
  • Manners go a long way (‘please’, ‘may I’, ‘thank you’, etc.)