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Music Department Rehearsal Schedules for Years 5 and 6 Students

A Junior Student playing the trumpet

Commencement Band 

Rehearse on a Wednesday afternoon from 3:05pm to 4pm in the Auditorium at the Junior School.  

To join this band, no experience is needed.

The Commencement Band is available to students in Years 5 and 6, who are interested in learning to play an instrument and be part of a Band. Students will be assisted to choose an instrument, and a modest fee will be charged for the hire of the instrument for the year.


Waterford Concert Band

Rehearse on Thursday mornings from 7:30am to 8:25am in the Auditorium at the Junior School.  

To join this band, students should have been in a band at your previous school or you have had lessons on your instrument.  

Students need to bring their own instrument and a sleeve folder to hold their music, to each rehearsal.

Who do I Contact for Further Information?

For further information regarding the Bands, please email Mr Dan Williams, Head of Bands.



Mrs Keiran Kossenberg

PAC Administrator