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Creative Arts

Musica Viva ‘Mara’ performance and workshop

Yr 10 and 11 Elective Music students workshop with Musica Viva 'Mara'

The Musica Viva group ‘Mara’ visited Waverley College on Friday 9 March. They performed for Year 7 and Year 9 Elective Music Students, introducing them to the traditional Folk Music and Instruments of Bulgaria, Ireland and the Baltic Region. The group involved the students with singing, clapping and hand dancing activities and the boys responded enthusiastically. It was great to see Ms Ryan, Ms Cullen and Mr Egan (all of Irish descent) singing along to the Irish folk song.

Following this performance, Years 10 & 11 Elective Music Students participated in a workshop with the musicians. The boys joined in playing the folk music on their own instruments and some students were given the opportunity to improvise.

Both the performance and workshop were a great learning experience and all students responded with enthusiasm and energy.

Students engaged in learning and performing traditional Folk Music