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NAIDOC assembly

Dean Kelly

From Olivia Kite, Quinn Head of House

The College celebrated NAIDOC week this week by inviting Dean Kelly to speak to the students about self respect, discipline, the significance of our natural environments and the importance of finding a balance in our busy lives.

Lachlan Grant assisted Dean Kelly in performing a smoking ceremony. The ceremony symbolised the cleansing of bad spirits from the Assembly, while also ensuring those at the assembly were protected and welcomed.

Dean spoke to students about the four disciplines by which he lives his life: respect, patience, observation and responsibility.

Respect is a grounding principle and encompasses self respect, respect for others, equal respect for women and men and respect for the natural environment.

Dean spoke about the importance of patience and how we can use it as individuals to overcome anxiety and stresses in our lives.

Observation was given as a means to connect with self and observe our surroundings and their impact on us in our lives. As well as using our surroundings to enhance our daily life.

Finally, Dean spoke of responsibility and how important it is to start each day with ‘your head on right’ and the intention of ‘doing the right thing everyday’.

These four disciplines echoed Dean’s own life. He shared stories of his own struggles to help our students realise the importance of self awareness and self respect.

The assembly also recognised the important contributions Mick Dodson and Mum Shirl have made to the rights, recognition and lives of Aboriginal Australians. James Knight and Bellino Testafredda shared their findings and understandings about why these two individuals are so important in Australia’s history.

Finally, Harry Whitaker spoke of his learning experience that took place on the Red Earth Immersion in 2017. He described the openness of the communities he visited and their willingness to share their culture, stories and history. He shared the life lessons he took away from his time in community and the many ways in which the community celebrated their culture, pride and future.

NAIDOC week is celebrated nationally from July 8th to July 15th.