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National Young Writers Festival – Register Today!

Writer's Toolbox Coaching Day

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Writer’s Toolbox Coaching Day

On Monday, we welcomed back Mr Robert Tall in his new role with Writer’s Toolbox. Rob and his colleague, Ms Jocelyn O’Brien, assisted teachers in the classroom and provided some hands-on coaching to guide the students with their written assignments, in particular with their Ed Sheeran Maths/Literacy paragraph.

It was a pleasure having both coaches provide insights into the tricks and tips on improving expression, as well as mapping formative and summative assignment tasks. 

While most teachers are very familiar with the program, there are many different modules which cater for all levels of writing proficiency. Thus, it was really great to see how students can benefit from the individualised ‘Learning Journey’ particular to their level, both in variety and skill.

We look forward to working with both Rob and Jocelyn again in Term 4.

National Young Writers’ Festival

National Young Writers Festival

The National Young Writers’ Festival (NYWF) is an annual gathering of young writers. A place to show work, share ideas, and learn. Programs are free, and made by and for young writers who create across stage, page, web and beyond.

In 2022, The National Young Writers’ Festival is returning with a hybrid model; retaining a digital program that will exist alongside the usual festival, which takes place across the October long weekend in Newcastle, NSW. 

#NYWF22 has set up a full day of workshops and sessions directly catered to help budding writers, artists and editors develop their writing skills and kickstart their writing careers!

Register your spot for the Younger Young Writers’ Program, now. Registrations are free, but spaces for workshops are limited. Full program details are on the @nationalyoungwritersfestival website.

>>> Click here to view the National Young Writers Festival website.

Holiday Reading – Curated by Mr Bill Roberts

The Library has been getting some great new reads.

Thank you to Mr Bill Roberts, Head of Library, for curating an exciting list of highly-recommended new picks, which are guaranteed to entertain over the holidays.

Solo by Kwame Alexander

Solo by Kwame Alexander with Mary Rand Hess, is the story of seventeen-year-old Blade, a musician, whose mother has died, and whose rock star father struggles with addiction. While Blade’s sister, Storm, is able to remain hopeful in the face of all this adversity, Blade has a more difficult time.

The Stranded by Sarah Daniels

A gripping near-future thriller in a world turned upside-down . . . for fans of Suzanne Collins, Emily St John Mandel, Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer. Complete with love triangles, betrayals and fights for freedom – this is the unmissable YA debut of 2022.

A Walk in the Dark by Jane Godwin

‘It’s just a walk in the dark. What is there to worry about?’

That’s what the head teacher, Johan, says. And so the Year Nines from Otway Community School set out on an overnight hike, with no adults.

But doesn’t Johan know that a storm is coming? When five teenagers head into the forest that late afternoon, none of them is aware what the night will bring. Each will have to draw on their particular strengths to survive. Each will have to face the unknown, battling the elements, events beyond their control, and their own demons. It’s a night that will change everything. Set in the rainforest of Victoria’s Otway Ranges, A Walk in the Dark is about friendship, trust, identity and family, consent and boundaries, wrapped in a compulsively readable, suspense-filled adventure.

The First Thing About You by Chaz Hayden

A high school student with spinal muscular atrophy is determined to reinvent himself. When new-boy Harris meets cute-girl-in-his-class Nory, he is determined to prove he is more than just the kid in the powered wheelchair. Luckily, he has a secret weapon. His new nurse Miranda. Beautiful and confident, Miranda sees Harris for who he really is – funny, smart and totally worthy of Nory’s affections. It seems everything is working out for Harris for once. But Miranda has her own demons, and Harris starts to wonder if she has his best interests at heart.

10 Minutes of Danger by Jack Heath

20 stories. 20 dangerous situations. 20 brave kids. 10 minutes to escape. Dodi is in the blast radius of an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

Gary is stuck up a tree with a giant tsunami wave fast approaching. Tatum is climbing a caldera when an earthquake makes the volcano erupt.

Read 20 new dangerous stories in 10 minutes of reading time each!


Ms Mary Ryan

Literacy Coordinator