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Need Help with Study Planners, Homework or Assignments? Student-Based Tutoring is Here to Help, for Free

Student Based Tutoring

Student-Based-Tutoring (SBT) is back and running again for Term 2 to continue providing academic support for students. SBT works with competent senior students to provide high-quality tutors to help other boys in reaching their full potential.

SBT is available to any students from Monday to Wednesday 3:30pm-4:30pm in the library. SBT runs parallel to the current literacy and numeracy tutoring sessions, so students may also be able to get help from experienced teachers at the same time.

Why pay for private tutoring when free quality tutoring is available for you? The goal of SBT is to help Waverley students achieve improvements in all areas of academic life.

It also allows boys to meet with senior students who can give invaluable advice to help them achieve set targets, while learning how to still schedule time for co-curricular and social activities. School is about learning but you also have to have fun along the way, and SBT can teach you how to achieve both simultaneously.

Whether you want to go from 50% to 60% in a subject or from 85% to 90%, SBT is here to help you. SBT tutors can help you find your mistakes and may be able to teach you content that you are struggling with. Nobody is perfect, and these senior students have gone through hundreds of hours of study to reach their success. From this experience, they can provide techniques that worked for them.

Moreover, SBT provides an efficient way to increase your marks, while also building crucial relationships with senior students.

SBT is the one-stop shop for your academic aid, so make use of it.

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