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The WCACU Annual Field Exercise (AFX) is fast approaching and is an exciting and challenging way to extend our cadets and leaders and really test their skills and development in an authentic context.

The pride and camaraderie that builds within Companies and HQ over the course of the week is something our young people will cherish as they continue their educational journey and, for some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the machinations of a working military base, Holsworthy Barracks, which provides the context for our camp.

Details about AFX have been emailed to all families via the Joining Instruction (JI). Please carefully read through the information and equipment list and complete all necessary administration by 1 March 2024.

Click here to view the Years 10-12 AFX Form


Welcome back to Cadets for 2024.

This Term will be a busy and a short one as we make our final preparations for Annual Field Exercise (AFX – Cadet Camp) to be held in the last week of Term 1. This camp doubles as the Year 9 Camp for Waverley Boys and is a compulsory week of school. Our Senior Rank are working very hard in the background, planning an exciting and engaging camp that extends our recruits, as well as their own leadership skills.

All members of the Unit will receive the AFX Joining Instruction this week, along with the Equipment List and instructions for completing medical and dietary information. Please attend to the administration requirements by 1 March 2024 to ensure the best possible care for your sons.

Cadet training continues this Term after school on Friday afternoons from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. Please avoid making medical and other appointments during this time. Should your son be unable to attend due to illness or unavoidable clashes, an application for leave can be made via email to

I would ask all parents/carers and cadets to please take note of key dates below for the first half of 2024. In particular, if your son is interested in pursuing rank and leadership training, please note the Promotions Course dates in the July school holidays as attendance on course is a pre-requisite for promotion.

FRI 2 FEB Home Training First parade for 2024
FRI 9 FEB Golden Boot Competition
FRI 16 FEB Home Training
FRI 23 FEB Home Training
FRI 1 MAR NO CADETS for recruits School Swimming Carnival
FRI 8 MAR Home Training
FRI 15 MAR Home Training
THU 22 MAR AFX Safety Briefing Last parade for our recruits
FRI 5 APR AFX Advance Party Departs Selected senior cadets only
SUN 7 APR AFX Main Body Departs 0630 Whole Unit including Recruits
FRI 12 APR AFX Ends 1630 Whole Unit including Recruits
SUN 28 APR Intention Forms Due Decision to continue Cadets
WED 1 MAY Waverley College ANZAC Ceremonial Parade Selected cadets
SUN 16 JUN Passing Out Parade Year 12 graduation and annual awards ceremony
MON 15 JUL – SAT 20 JUL Promotions Course Camp – Winbourne Conference Centre For recruits to train to become a Corporal


Today is the last Home Training for our recruits as they complete the first two terms of their Cadet experience. A big thank you to the SUO and his team for their constant commitment in attending O Group every Monday to plan and executing the Training Program every Friday. Our Company Commanders and CSMs have done a great job in leading their rank and recruits and Company spirit is high.

Next week, Pioneers and Engineers are heading to the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym for an enjoyable afternoon of bouldering and climbing. Please ensure you have sent in your parent permission slips to Ms Stanley. Rank will have training specific to them as we complete the year on Friday, 24 November.

In the holidays, the inaugural WEC Trek camp will take place at Douglas Park as 30 of our cadets compete in navigation, ratel, field skills, leadership and teamwork for the Waverley Extension Camp Award. We wish them all the best for their preparation and competition.

Merry Christmas

A huge thank you to all our rank and staff for their excellent leadership in 2023. Corporals, Sergeants, Warrant Officers, Cadet Under Officers and Directing Staff, I thank you all for your commitment and passion and belief in the vision of this youth development program.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Friday, 2 February 2024 and ask that you take a moment to note the Key Dates for the 2024 Cadet Year below.

Cadets Key Dates 2024

Click here to view the Cadets Key Dates 2024

I wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday and a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, 17 November is the final Home Training for our recruits for this year.

It can be difficult as we approach the Christmas holidays to remain focussed on warm Friday afternoons and to treat Cadets and the members of our Cadet Unit with courtesy and respect. Last Friday, I spoke to the recruits about this very topic, following weeks of continual disrespect towards rank and staff.

Friday afternoons are about practising and preparing for the culminating activity of the recruit year, the Annual Field Exercise (AFX). Continual disrespectful behaviour from some of our recruits on Fridays is indicative, then, of the kind of behaviour we predict on AFX. Such behaviour on a military base poses a real safety concern and is not something I will tolerate.

Cadets is a vastly different context to the rest of the school week, and provides an excellent opportunity for growth, for tolerance, and for learning how to conduct oneself in a  respectful and professional way. Our core tenets reflect those of the AAC and encourage Service, Courage, Integrity and Excellence, but it is Respect which must underpin everything we do to foster an inclusive, collaborative and positive experience in Cadets. I would encourage all to be mindful of keeping their interactions respectful at all times.

It takes courage for young people to check their behaviour, to think twice before acting and speaking, and it is not something that the instant, modern world facilitates. I ask all cadets to be vigilant with their own conduct, to ensure our platoons and companies are exhibiting behaviour of which we can all be proud.

Home Training – 24 November 2023

While the recruits are on their Year 8 Camp, Cadets on Friday, 24 November will be for senior cadets only.

Various activities are planned for the day, including a CPX for Senior Rank, a CPL session and an excursion to the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym for our Pioneers, Engineers and X Platoons. Please keep an eye on your emails and the Routine Orders for more information.

Remembrance Day is an opportunity for our College community to come together and reflect on the blessings of our lives; blessings that are possible because of the altruism of our servicemen and women in the defence of our country.

On Friday, 10 November, the Cadet Unit is proud to conduct Ceremonial Parades for both Waverley College and St Catherine’s School at 10:45am, and on Saturday, 11 November, our Catafalque Party and Flag Bearers will be assisting Waverley Council with their service in Waverley Park.

We thank the following cadets for their service to the community and for their many hours of rehearsal.

 Oliver BRACIC
Daniela COMINO
 James GRANT
Natalie HA
 Yannick HOTT
 Lachlan HOY
 Lachlan JONES
 Blake KHOR
Georgina KIMPTON
 Ethan OOI
Abigail SALEM
Amelie SALEM
 Benjamin WEBB


Cadets is an inclusive and varied co-curricular activity providing many different experiences and opportunities in which our cadets can develop leadership, initiative, service and excellence.

This Term will see our leaders serving the community with three Remembrance Day Ceremonial Parades – for Waverley College, for St Catherine’s School and for Waverley Council.

Some of our lucky cadets will travel to Holsworthy Barracks tomorrow for a Live Fire activity and in December we are holding our inaugural WEC Trek Camp. This exciting initiative is a camp to extend some of our seniors in field skills and teamwork as they compete in a scenario-based activity for the Silver Award. Next year, a Gold Award will also be on offer. This camp is designed as a pre-cursor to the National Adventure Training Award (ATA) and is also excellent preparation for AFX.

LTCOL(AAC) Anthony Evans

The WCACU community will be pleased to hear of a recent appointment at HQ AAC 2nd Brigade. Anthony Evans, Waverley Old Boy and long serving member of our Cadet Unit, has just been appointed the Assistant Commander of 2nd Brigade at Holsworthy. We congratulate LTCOL(AAC) Evans on his new appointment and look forward to working closely with him in all our endeavours.

On Saturday, 28 October 2023, 40 lucky cadets are travelling to Holsworthy Army Base for a Live Shoot run by HQ AAC 2nd Brigade. I know all our candidates are really looking forward to this extraordinary opportunity. Earlier in the day, Randwick Barracks are holding an Open Day for the general public from 9am-12pm which would be a great adjunct to the afternoon’s activity. Please see the details below.

Over the course of this Term, all cadets will be swim tested in their DPCU cadet uniform in preparation for AFX. This is a pre-requisite to being able to participate in any water activities on camp. Please keep an eye on the Routine Orders from week to week to see when your son needs to complete this and ensure they come to school with their PE uniform and towel in a plastic bag.

Randwick Barracks Open Day

Term 4 is a short term in the Cadet Calendar – just six Fridays for the Recruits! Dress Code for recruits will be 4B Summer Field Dress which means the DPCU shirt with shirt sleeves down, DPCU trousers bloused and the field hat. In warmer weather, recruits chose not to wear an undershirt but the DPCU shirt must always be worn. Under no circumstances should the undershirt be worn alone.

As of next week, we have a number of exciting external activities including Archery, Laser Tag, Snake Man and Swim Testing. Please keep an eye on the Waverley App and the Routine Orders from week to week to know what to bring.

CAS Milskills Competition 2023

Tomorrow, Saturday 14 October, our CAS Milskills Team will compete against Barker, Knox, St Aloysius’ and Trinity for the coveted Military Skills Trophy. Our team has been diligently training for weeks to bring their skills up to speed, and we are very proud of their dedication and teamwork.

A big thank you to WO2 Lachlan Isaac and SGT Rohan Baker for their initiative and leadership. We wish the Team all the best for the competition.

CAS Milskills Team

COFFEY Alexandra
COMINO Daniela
GRANT  James
HA Natalie
HOTT  Yannick
HOY  Lachlan
ISAAC  Lachlan
SALEM Amelie
WEBB  Benjamin


BRACIC  Oliver

Running the First Aid Stand

KIMPTON Georgina


Important Dates

Friday, 8 September is the final Unit Training for Term 3. We thank our recruits for an excellent start to their Cadet journey and for their enthusiasm for Bivouac, which will give some context to their training between now and AFX in 2024.

The first training back in Term 4 will be Friday, 13 October. Dress for recruits will be Summer Field – DPCU shirt sleeves down, DPCU trousers bloused, field hat (essential), undershirt (optional).

CAS Milskills 2023

We wish our CAS Milskills Team all the best for their final preparations and for their competition against Barker, Knox, St Aloysius’ and Trinity on Saturday, 14 October. Thank you to WO2 Lachlan Isaac and SGT Rohan Baker for their excellent leadership in running the Milskills training sessions.

AAC Live Fire

Those who were invited to express interest in the AAC Live Fire on Saturday, 28 October will receive a permission slip this week. Please ensure these are returned quickly to lock in our numbers for this exciting opportunity.

Legacy Day

Thank you to the WCACU community for supporting our Legacy Day fundraising. The boys raised over $900 to this worthy cause and we thank them for their service in the cold wind tunnels around Bondi and Waverley on Friday morning.

Bivouac is fast approaching, and we are looking forward to taking our recruits on their first Cadet adventure.

On Friday, 25 August, cadets are asked to come to school in their DPCU Field Dress, complete with field hat, and their backpack labelled and packed with their gear. There will be designated areas on the lower tennis courts to store bags in Company locations until lunchtime.

Cadets will form up in bus lines on the Centenary Quad directly after lunch.

Legacy Day

The Cadet Unit will be supporting local Legacy branches by selling badges and bears on Friday, 1 September to the local community. There will be cadets at Charing Cross and Bondi Junction, so please look out for them and support this worthy cause. Merchandise will also be available in the Staff Common Room and to students at recess. Cash only, I’m afraid, so please come prepared.

Legacy badges

Image: courtesy Legacy website


The Cadet Bivouac is an important event on the Cadet calendar and requires all members of the Unit to attend. This is the first chance our recruits have to put their Friday afternoons into context, and it gives our new rank the chance to put into practice their newly-honed leadership skills in the field.

Bivouac takes place from 1:35pm Friday, 25 August – 4:30pm Sunday, 27 August 2023 at St Mary’s Towers, Douglas Park, and is a published event in the College calendar.

Please review the Joining Instruction emailed to all families on 25 July 2023. To ensure the best care for your son on this camp, it is vital that we have the most up-to-date contact information and medical and special dietary requirements on the Google Form below.

Click here to view and complete the Google form

Thank you to all the families who have completed the Google Form with these details.

Legacy Day

The Cadet Unit will be supporting local Legacy branches by selling badges and bears on Friday, 1 September to the local community. There will be cadets at Charing Cross and Bondi Junction, so please look out for them and support this worthy cause. Merchandise will also be available in the Staff Common Room. Cash only, I’m afraid, so please come prepared.

CAS Milskills Team / Live Fire

Thank you to all who nominated to be part of the CAS Milskills Team. Your Milskills captains will be in touch with you shortly regarding the training schedule in preparation for the competition at Scheyville National Park on Saturday, 14 October 2023.

Thank you also to all who nominated to be part of the AAC Live Fire Activity at Holsworthy Army Base on Saturday, 28 October. We are fortunate to be one of the few NSW 2nd Brigade Units to be included in this exciting initiative. Please keep an eye on your emails for further information.

This week, we start the more practical aspects of Cadets with Alpha, Charlie and Echo Companies learning the art of a weatherproof hutchie, and Bravo and Delta concentrating on ration packs and how to efficiently pack their trek pack. In just three short weeks, they will put these lessons into practice in the field.

A reminder to all that the Bivouac Google Form below needs to be completed for all members of the Unit by this evening please.

Click here to complete the Bivouac Google Form

HMAS Watson

Special guests from HMAS Watson will be joining us at lunch time on Tuesday, 8 August to present career options in the Navy to our Years 10 and 11 boys. All are welcome to bring their lunch and interact with ADF members in the PAC.

Click here to view the HMAS Watson flyer

CAS Milskills Team

Expressions of Interest are called for the 2023 CAS Milskills Team. The team competes with Cadet Units from Barker, Knox, St Aloysius’ and Trinity across a range of field craft skills on Saturday, 14 October. For further information, please see the Commanding Officer.