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For last minute uniform and equipment list requirements for AFX, please note that the Q Store will be open next week on:

*Q Store will then be closed for the rest of the Term. There will be no provision to issue gear after Wednesday, 22 March 2023.

Our Senior Rank have been busy with their planning and logistics for camp, and are looking forward to making this an exhilarating and engaging activity for all in the Unit. In alphabetical order, I want to thank our leadership team for their dedication and enthusiasm as they prepare for their culminating leadership activity after four years of Cadet training.

Our recruits are in most excellent hands:

CUO Kit Armstrong – Bravo Company Commander; WO1 Angus Birrell – Regimental Sergeant Major; CUO Thomas Brenchley – Charlie Company Commander; CUO Mitch Cahill – Support Company Commander; CUO Kitty Fitzpatrick – Training Officer; CUO Tom Gleeson – Delta Company Commander; CUO Darius Hall – Pioneer Platoon Commander; CUO Kayla Heng – Senior Cadet Under Officer; CUO Alistair Isaac – Adjutant; CUO Lenny Joseph and WO2 Bert Cottell – Logistics; CUO Hugh McDonald – Command Post Officer; CUO Paul Muir – Regimental Signals Officer; CUO Matteo Paolella – Alpha Company Commander; CUO Ruben Stock – Regimental Medical Officer; CUO Sarah Teitler – Operations Officer; CUO Max Van Buuren – X Platoon Commander.

They are ably supported by their compatriots in Years 11 and 12 who are working together as a team to ensure the success of AFX.

Just two weeks to go!

Many recruits have yet to collect their second set of DPCU for AFX. They only have until Friday, 24 March to do this. Please be aware that Q Store will be closed from Friday, 24 March. There will be no provision to issue any gear after 24 March. If your son has only one set of uniform when packing for camp, he will have to make it last the week.

I would advise all parents/carers and cadets to pack for camp this weekend, to ensure you have all the gear on the Equipment List before Q Store closes.

Registrations for AFX were due on Wednesday, 1 March. If you have not already done so, please attend to this as a matter of urgency. Please read the AFX Joining Instructions for further information.

3 weeks to go!


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – Waverley College Cadet Unit

Charlie Company did a great job on Friday with their Hutchie activity, mastering their knots and hutchie construction for a weatherproof shelter on AFX. Moving night locations each day on camp means that, by the end of camp, our recruits will be experts at quickly setting up and taking down a shelter.

Delta Company enjoyed the Snake Man who brought in his live reptiles to explain what to look out for when in the Australian bush. While waiting for their turn with the snakes, Delta worked really well on their basic Drill Skills, mastering Right Dress, Right Turn, Attention and At Ease.

AFX 2023

*Registration for all cadets attending AFX was due on Wednesday, 1 March.

Thank you to the parents/carers who have completed the Google Form.

If you have not attended to this, please click the button below to do so as soon as possible, as final plans for rations and medical requirements need to be finalised to ensure the best care for your son on camp.

Click here to complete the Google form

Q Store

There are still recruits who have not yet collected their second set of DPCU from the Q Store. Recruits from platoons 9-12 are also invited to now collect their uniform.

Parents/carers, please be aware that Q Store will be open until Friday, 24 March 2023. There will be no provision to issue any gear after 24 March. If your son only has one set of uniform when packing for camp, he will have to make it last the week.

Four weeks to go!

Another great Friday afternoon for the recruits in Delta Company. The recruits this afternoon were informed about the different night locations around Holsworthy Army Base where they will be staying on AFX.

They were taught how to set up their Company Harbour, and the safety concerns to pay attention to, as well as piquet duty to protect their harbour. They also were briefed on the rules and regulations for entering a military base along with Waverley College Cadets behavioural expectations.

These important lessons will ensure their safety and most importantly, guarantee they have a fun time during their six-day camp.

by CPL Jack Kerves, Media PL

How to set up a company harbour

How to set up a company harbour

AFX 2023

There are just five days left to register your son’s attendance on AFX. To register, click the button below.

Register here for AFX 2023

All cadets need to be registered by 1 March 2023, including rank.

There are many, many recruits who have not yet collected their second set of DPCU from the Q Store. Thus far, recruits from platoons 1-8 have been emailed to collect uniform. It is the recruits’ responsibility to come and collect their stores for camp.

*Parents and carers, please be aware that Q Store will only be open until Friday, 24 March. There will be no provision to issue any gear after 24 March. If your son only has one set of uniform when packing for camp, he will have to make it last the week.

*Q Store is always open on Wednesdays – Recess and Lunch and after school.

Just a note also about hats – all recruits have been issued with a field hat, but many are forgetting to bring the hat on Fridays. Cadets are to wear headdress at all times when in public, so please ensure your son wears his field hat as he leaves home. Can I please ask that any spare hats you may have, are returned to the Q Store?

Five weeks until AFX!

Cadets on Friday was an exhilarating and energetic afternoon as platoons competed for the coveted Golden Boot Trophy.

Company Commanders inspired with incredible energy to bring their companies together under their respective flags. Company spirit is so important for morale on AFX and the levels on Friday were astronomical.

We congratulate Delta Company for their all-round excellent performance, but the winning platoon was 2 Platoon from Alpha Company. Congratulations to SGT Mitchell Ho and his team for their physical stamina and collective teamwork.

Thank you to the SUO, CUO Kayla Heng, and her team in RHQ for putting together an engaging afternoon for our recruits. Thank you to our MCs, CUO Alistair Isaac and WO1 Angus Birrell for running the afternoon so well.

From our reporters in Media Platoon:

“The Golden Boot is a thrilling competition that builds on confidence, teamwork and communication skills. The recruits participated in multiple activities such as push-ups, plank, methods of movement relay, jerrycan relay race, ordering rank slides and tug of war. Extraordinary work by Delta Company for the best overall company and congratulations to 2 platoon on winning the Golden Boot for 2023.”

Friendly competition from Delta CPL Stapleton and Bravo CPL Isaac

Friendly competition from Delta CPL Stapleton and Bravo CPL Isaac

Great form in the push up competition

Great form in the push up competition

Leopard crawl in the Methods of Movement relay

Leopard crawl in the Methods of Movement relay

Company Plank

Company Plank

Incredible stamina from REC Freddie Robertson in the plank competition

Incredible stamina from REC Freddie Robertson in the plank competition

Alpha Company giving their all in the tug of war

Alpha Company giving their all in the tug of war

Jerry can relay

Jerry can relay

The winning platoon – 2PL – with their trophy

The winning platoon – 2PL – with their trophy

AFX 2023

Thank you to the parents/carers who have responded to the Joining Instruction and registered their cadet’s attendance on AFX. Could I please encourage everyone to click the button below to register and provide the latest medical information?

All cadets need to be registered via this form by Wednesday, 1 March 2023.

Register Now

6 weeks to go!

One of the great benefits of having so many cadets in the Unit, is the opportunity to be able to offer more diverse platoons to cater for different styles of engagement with Cadets.

One of our newest platoons is Media Platoon, and last week they covered Alpha Company’s activities at Waverley Park. ‘Hutchie Hell’ is designed to ensure all recruits know how to quickly set up and take down their hutchies and, more importantly, that they are structurally sound and weatherproof to provide adequate shelter from the elements on AFX.

In the words of our Media Platoon …

“Another exhilarating day for the recruits in A Company, as they were able to learn how to successfully structure a Hutchie down at Waverley Park in a time frame of two minutes. The recruits learnt how to work as a team and find the right location to place the hutchie. There were many recruits who learnt valuable skills in the lead-up to AFX.”

Intense knot-making by Alpha Company

Intense knot-making by Alpha Company

Last-minute adjustments

Last-minute adjustments

Recruits proudly show off their excellent hutchie

Recruits proudly show off their excellent hutchie

We look forward to weekly contributions from Media Platoon as they hone their skills as journalists for the Unit. Thank you to Jack, James, Constantine, Priscilla and Erin for your ongoing service to the Unit.

AFX 2023 – Registration Open

Details about the Annual Field Exercise (AFX – Cadet Camp) have now been sent to all parents, carers and cadets by email. Please read through the information in the Joining Instruction carefully and complete the registration by Wednesday, 1 March 2023.

A reminder to all Waverley recruits that this camp doubles as the Year 9 School Camp and, as such, is a compulsory component of your Waverley College journey. Any requests for leave from camp need school approval, as camp week is a week of school.

Seven weeks to go!

Welcome back to Cadets for 2023!

Today, the Joining Instruction for the Annual Field Exercise (AFX – Cadet Camp) will be emailed to all parents/carers and cadets.

AFX takes place in the final week of Term 1 at Holsworthy Army Base from Friday, 31 March – Wednesday, 5 April. This camp doubles as the Year 9 Camp, and is a required component of a Waverley boy’s experience at the College. All members of the Cadet Unit attend AFX.

I would ask you all to please read the Joining Instruction and accompanying documentation before completing the Google Form, to register your son’s attendance in a timely manner. It is important that we have the latest information to ensure the best care of your son on camp.

Registration is required by Wednesday, 1 March 2023. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Commanding Officer if you have any queries or concerns.

Next week, we have the Annual Golden Boot competition for the whole Unit. This afternoon is always an engaging and fun afternoon run by our Senior Rank for the enjoyment of all. The winning platoon will be rewarded with the Golden Boot Trophy and special treats.

Over the course of this term, recruits will learn all the skills they need to be safe and comfortable on camp. The culmination of their training is AFX, following which all recruits will have the chance to continue with the program for another year.

Semester 1 Dates for Your Diaries

3 FEB 23 Home Training Waverley College
9 FEB 23 CAS Cadet Conference – selected cadets only St Aloysius’ College
10 FEB 23 Home Training (Golden Boot Competition) Waverley College
17 FEB 23 Home Training Waverley College
20 FEB 23 AFX Parent Information Zoom Meeting 6:30pm

Link to follow

24 FEB 23 Home Training Waverley College
3 MAR 23 AFX Briefing – Staff + Senior Rank only

No Recruits or JNCO

Waverley College
8 MAR 23 Open Day Display Waverley College
10 MAR 23 Home Training Waverley College
17 MAR 23 Home Training – Recruits early mark 4.15pm Waverley College
24 MAR 23 AFX Preparation – Rank and staff only

No Recruits

Waverley College
30 MAR 23 AFX Advance Party – selected cadets only Holsworthy Army Base
31 MAR 23 – 5 APR 23 AFX Main Body Holsworthy Army Base
6 APR 23 Recruit Continuation Agreement distributed Online
11 APR 23 – 14 APR 23 ATA – selected cadets only TBA
23 APR 23 Recruit Continuation Agreements due Online
24 APR 23 ANZAC Day Service Waverley College
25 APR 23 ANZAC Day Community Services Various Community Locations
28 APR 23 Home Training Waverley College
2 MAY 23 ANZAC Day Service St Catherine’s
3 MAY 23 Cadet Showcase St Catherine’s
5 MAY 23 Home Training Waverley College
8 MAY 23 St Cath’s Parent Information Evening St Catherine’s
12 MAY 23 Home Training Waverley College
19 MAY 23 Home Training Waverley College
26 MAY 23 Home Training Waverley College
29 MAY 23 Waverley Parent Information Evening Waverley College
31 MAY 23 CAS Drill Competition Waverley College
2 JUN 23 Home Training Waverley College
4 JUN 23 Passing Out Parade / Dining In Night Waverley College
16 JUN 23 Promotion Pre-Course Training Waverley College
17 -18 JUN 23 New Recruit Issue Weekend Waverley College
25 JUN – 1 JUL 23 Promotions Courses Winbourne Conference Centre
21 JUL 23 NEW CADET YEAR Waverley College


Cadet Training 2022

Our recruits are already two thirds of their way through their Induction Year of Cadet Training, and have thus far enjoyed Archery, the Climbing Wall, Cover Drill, Ratel, Camouflage and Concealment, Methods of Movement, Scavenger Hunts, Medics Exercises, Drill Competitions and Swim testing in their Cadet uniform.

Thank you to the SUO and her team in RHQ for their constant planning and commitment in executing the Training Program from week to week. Company spirit is high as we break for the year.


We start 2023 on 3 February and look forward to the annual Golden Boot Competition on 10 February, vying platoon against platoon in military skills and cadet knowledge, in a fun afternoon of inter-company competition.

In subsequent weeks, we will refresh your field skills in preparation for AFX and introduce you to Navigation. AFX will be a camp unlike any you have experienced, and your rank are looking forward to working with you on these skills.

Merry Christmas

A huge thank you to all our rank and staff for their excellent leadership in 2022. Corporals, Sergeants, Warrant Officers, Cadet Under Officers and Directing Staff, I thank you all for your commitment and passion and belief in the vision of this youth development program.

I wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday to give you the energy to hit the ground running in our short lead-up to AFX 2023 at the end of Term 1.

Merry Christmas to everyone in the Unit, to your families, and to the wider Waverley College and St Catherine’s communities.

Bringing together two very different schools as one Cadet Unit every Friday afternoon, provides so many benefits. Our partnership with St Catherine’s allows cadets from both schools to experience a vastly different context to the rest of their school week, and this interaction is key to development opportunities for growth, for tolerance and for building respectful and professional relationships.

While the whole Unit has been informed on our Code of Conduct, the Defence Youth Safety package, and my own expectations of respectful behaviour, it sometimes takes time for our young people to learn how to conduct themselves professionally. They don’t always get it right. But lapses in judgement provide an ideal platform to educate and to reinforce the message of respect, particularly between our two schools.

The Cadet Unit’s core tenets reflect those of the AAC and encourage Service, Courage, Integrity and Excellence, but it is Respect which must underpin everything we do to foster an inclusive, collaborative and positive experience in Cadets. Derision will not be tolerated, and I would encourage all to be mindful of keeping their interactions, be it on social media or in person, professional and respectful at all times.

It takes courage for young people to check their behaviour, to think twice before acting and speaking, and it is not something that the instant, modern world facilitates. I would ask all individuals to be vigilant with their own conduct, to ensure our platoons and companies are exhibiting behaviour of which we can all be proud.

An important day in the Cadet Calendar was commemorated today with both the Remembrance Day Parade in the Centenary Quad, and a community service at Waverley Park for Waverley Council.

Our team of cadets has worked hard across numerous rehearsals after school to ensure precision in executing their drill today.

We are very proud of, and thank:


CUO Kayla Heng

CUO Matteo Paolella

WO1 Angus Birrell

Catafalque Party – Waverley College

WO2 James Birbas

WO2 Emma Hartwig

WO2 Oliver Malzard

WO2 Meg O’Connor

Catafalque Party – Waverley Park

SGT Thomas Jackson-Whitlock

SGT Declan McAuliffe

SGT Julia Mallam

SGT Zara Wiseman

Flag Party and Escort

CUO Mitchell Cahill

CUO Kitty Fitzpatrick

WO2 Luca Patrick-Watkins

SGT Caleb Urquhart

VC Guard

CUO Darius Hall

WO2 Robbie Muir

WO2 Hayley Paddock

SGT Anika Bradford

SGT Remy Frampton

SGT Jack Ryan

SGT Reuben Seroa

SGT Aodhan Williams

CPL Kimmi Bilmon

CPL Ruby Congdon

CPL Natalie Ha

CPL Yannick Hott

CPL Taj Lynn

CPL Lachlan Marzol

CPL Benjamin Webb

CPL Erin Jackson


CUO Paul Muir

CPL Lachlan Isaac

Drum Major

CUO Hugh McDonald

Flag Raisers

CPL Amelia Avery

CPL Renato Rovacchi

CPL Archie Godby

CPL Rohan Baker

REC Xavier Kopsiaftis

Wreath Layers

CPL Cate Darling

CPL Georgina Kimpton

REC Finnian McCarthy


And thank you to our Drum Corps and Mr Blenkinsopp and the Cliff Goodchild Band.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU

For the past three years, our planned bivouacs have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and/or bad weather, so it was with much excitement that we boarded the coaches to Holsworthy Army Base for a one-night camp on the weekend.

Cadets in the field is a very different experience to Cadets on Friday, and the military base provided an authentic context in which to train our recruits in preparation for AFX. Hutchies were well constructed; ration packs expertly cooked, and understanding the importance of daily routines in the field, much appreciated.

A variety of activities across the weekend entertained whilst still honing field skills. And all pitched in to help with the logistics of providing for 200 people in the field.

Our leaders worked incredibly hard as they practised their leadership skills, caring for their companies, running the Command Post and Logistics, working well together as a team, and taking initiative whenever possible. They are now very much the wiser as they prepare for AFX 2023.

I thank the recruits for investing in the weekend with such a positive attitude, and I thank our rank for their professionalism and dedication to making bivouac an amazing experience for all.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU

With just one week to go until Bivouac 2022 at Holsworthy Army Base, rank and staff are busy preparing the stores, activities and logistics for those attending the 24-hour camp. Friday afternoons allow our rank to practise the skills they need on AFX in terms of personnel accountability, ratel, initiative, leadership and movement about the base, and bivouac extends this opportunity to further hone field skills in an external environment. With COVID-19 restrictions now behind us, it is fabulous to once again have camping on the agenda each term.

A reminder to all as we come into the warmer weather, that the Cadet Uniform must be worn in its entirety and with respect. The DPCU shirt must be worn at all times. If cadets are hot, they may remove the undershirt, but not the DPCU. When outside the school gates, headdress must be worn. I thank you for your support in ensuring our cadets look their best at all times.