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Bringing together two very different schools as one Cadet Unit every Friday afternoon, provides so many benefits. Our partnership with St Catherine’s allows cadets from both schools to experience a vastly different context to the rest of their school week, and this interaction is key to development opportunities for growth, for tolerance and for building respectful and professional relationships.

While the whole Unit has been informed on our Code of Conduct, the Defence Youth Safety package, and my own expectations of respectful behaviour, it sometimes takes time for our young people to learn how to conduct themselves professionally. They don’t always get it right. But lapses in judgement provide an ideal platform to educate and to reinforce the message of respect, particularly between our two schools.

The Cadet Unit’s core tenets reflect those of the AAC and encourage Service, Courage, Integrity and Excellence, but it is Respect which must underpin everything we do to foster an inclusive, collaborative and positive experience in Cadets. Derision will not be tolerated, and I would encourage all to be mindful of keeping their interactions, be it on social media or in person, professional and respectful at all times.

It takes courage for young people to check their behaviour, to think twice before acting and speaking, and it is not something that the instant, modern world facilitates. I would ask all individuals to be vigilant with their own conduct, to ensure our platoons and companies are exhibiting behaviour of which we can all be proud.

An important day in the Cadet Calendar was commemorated today with both the Remembrance Day Parade in the Centenary Quad, and a community service at Waverley Park for Waverley Council.

Our team of cadets has worked hard across numerous rehearsals after school to ensure precision in executing their drill today.

We are very proud of, and thank:


CUO Kayla Heng

CUO Matteo Paolella

WO1 Angus Birrell

Catafalque Party – Waverley College

WO2 James Birbas

WO2 Emma Hartwig

WO2 Oliver Malzard

WO2 Meg O’Connor

Catafalque Party – Waverley Park

SGT Thomas Jackson-Whitlock

SGT Declan McAuliffe

SGT Julia Mallam

SGT Zara Wiseman

Flag Party and Escort

CUO Mitchell Cahill

CUO Kitty Fitzpatrick

WO2 Luca Patrick-Watkins

SGT Caleb Urquhart

VC Guard

CUO Darius Hall

WO2 Robbie Muir

WO2 Hayley Paddock

SGT Anika Bradford

SGT Remy Frampton

SGT Jack Ryan

SGT Reuben Seroa

SGT Aodhan Williams

CPL Kimmi Bilmon

CPL Ruby Congdon

CPL Natalie Ha

CPL Yannick Hott

CPL Taj Lynn

CPL Lachlan Marzol

CPL Benjamin Webb

CPL Erin Jackson


CUO Paul Muir

CPL Lachlan Isaac

Drum Major

CUO Hugh McDonald

Flag Raisers

CPL Amelia Avery

CPL Renato Rovacchi

CPL Archie Godby

CPL Rohan Baker

REC Xavier Kopsiaftis

Wreath Layers

CPL Cate Darling

CPL Georgina Kimpton

REC Finnian McCarthy


And thank you to our Drum Corps and Mr Blenkinsopp and the Cliff Goodchild Band.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU

For the past three years, our planned bivouacs have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and/or bad weather, so it was with much excitement that we boarded the coaches to Holsworthy Army Base for a one-night camp on the weekend.

Cadets in the field is a very different experience to Cadets on Friday, and the military base provided an authentic context in which to train our recruits in preparation for AFX. Hutchies were well constructed; ration packs expertly cooked, and understanding the importance of daily routines in the field, much appreciated.

A variety of activities across the weekend entertained whilst still honing field skills. And all pitched in to help with the logistics of providing for 200 people in the field.

Our leaders worked incredibly hard as they practised their leadership skills, caring for their companies, running the Command Post and Logistics, working well together as a team, and taking initiative whenever possible. They are now very much the wiser as they prepare for AFX 2023.

I thank the recruits for investing in the weekend with such a positive attitude, and I thank our rank for their professionalism and dedication to making bivouac an amazing experience for all.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU

With just one week to go until Bivouac 2022 at Holsworthy Army Base, rank and staff are busy preparing the stores, activities and logistics for those attending the 24-hour camp. Friday afternoons allow our rank to practise the skills they need on AFX in terms of personnel accountability, ratel, initiative, leadership and movement about the base, and bivouac extends this opportunity to further hone field skills in an external environment. With COVID-19 restrictions now behind us, it is fabulous to once again have camping on the agenda each term.

A reminder to all as we come into the warmer weather, that the Cadet Uniform must be worn in its entirety and with respect. The DPCU shirt must be worn at all times. If cadets are hot, they may remove the undershirt, but not the DPCU. When outside the school gates, headdress must be worn. I thank you for your support in ensuring our cadets look their best at all times.

Once a year, the CAS Milskills Competition tests the military skills of Navigation, Ratel, Fieldcraft, First Aid and TeamWork and Leadership exercises across cadets from Barker, Knox, St Aloysius’, Trinity and Waverley.

Our team of 14 cadets from Years 9 and 10, had to pass a Barrier Test to get into the team, and then spent many training sessions after school and after Cadets coming together as a team and honing their military skills in preparation.

WO2 Oliver Malzard and Meg O’Connor, with the guidance of CUO Matteo Paolella, led the whole experience – and I mean the whole experience – they developed their own training materials, their own training program, they ran the training sessions, ensured the team was well-kitted out, well prepared and most importantly, functioning as a team.

And I am proud to announce that on Saturday, we won, and we were awarded the CAS Milskills Trophy for 2022!

CAS Milskills Trophy 2022

CAS Milskills Trophy 2022

In the team were:

WO2 Oliver Malzard, WO2 Meg O’Connor, WO2 James Birbas, WO2 Deuchar Dezarnaulds, WO2 Emma Hartwig, WO2 Robbie Muir, SGT Remy Frampton, SGT Declan McAuliffe, SGT Campbell Porteus, SGT Aodhan Williams, CPL Rohan Baker, CPL Archie Godby, CPL Lachlan Isaac, CPL Tom Jackson-Whitlock.

And we also thank Ruben Stock and Campbell McCarthy for running the First Aid stand, with Matteo Paolella as the patient.

Congratulations to the 2022 CAS Milskills Team!

Each week, O Group – comprising the Senior Rank of RHQ and Company Commanders – meets on Monday afternoons to plan the upcoming weeks’ Cadet activities and set the Routine Orders to be passed down the Chain of Command.

The Chain of Command is an important aspect in building trust in the Unit, and is part of the incremental leadership training our rank undertake when fulfilling their responsibilities.

Passing commands down the Chain of Command says to lower ranks, “I trust you in your role and I trust you with this information. I know that you will pass it on for the care of your cadets.” To the higher ranks it says, “I trust that the information you are giving me is correct and I respect that you have entrusted me with this duty.” The Chain of Command is an effective communication tool that allows all to work together for the good of the Unit.

A COY COMD - CUO Matteo Paolella

A COY COMD – CUO Matteo Paolella

At O Group on Monday, the SUO reminded all rank of the importance of respect when communicating with cadets. This was reflected also at the Leadership Assembly this week, when the Unit’s Logistics Warrant Officer, WO2 Bert Cottell, in his role as College Vice Captain, spoke of the importance of servant leadership and treating people with respect.

The motto for the Class of 2023, “Speak with Respect. Act with Integrity”, is an important message for all to consider and one that we heartily support in the Cadet Unit.

Senior Cadet Under Officer (SUO) - CUO Kayla Heng

Senior Cadet Under Officer (SUO) – CUO Kayla Heng

In a compulsory activity, there are always going to be cadets who use their strength of character in unhelpful ways, and addressing these cases with maturity and respect is not always easy, but it is a part of growing up, and learning how to deal with these difficult situations will stand our cadets in good stead in the adult world.

For cadets who make poor behaviour choices on Friday afternoons, there is a simple Charge System to remind them of the importance of working together for the greater good. If your son or daughter has incurred one or more of these 15-minute charges, this will be spent with me the following week, giving back to the Unit the time they have taken from training, in a tangible way in Q Store. I thank you for your support as we work towards respectful and enjoyable relationships across all platoons.

We wish our CAS Milskills Team all the best tomorrow, as they compete in the CAS Military Skills Competition against Barker, Knox, Trinity and St Aloysius’ for the coveted trophy, and thank them for their diligence and commitment to Milskills training across Term 3:

Meg O’Connor and Oliver Malzard (Team Leaders), Rohan Baker, James Birbas, Deuchar Dezarnaulds, Remy Frampton, Archie Godby, Emma Hartwig, Lachlan Isaac, Thomas Jackson-Whitlock, Declan McAuliffe, Campbell McCarthy, Robert Muir, Hayley Paddock, Campbell Porteus, Ruben Stock and Aodhan Williams.

A long-standing tradition of the Waverley College Cadet Unit is the annual Reveille Mess – a military-style dinner bringing together the Cadet alumni of 110 years – this year held at the Stamford Airport Plaza Hotel on Saturday, 17 September 2022.

Postponed from Term 1 due to COVID-19, we were blessed to have Cadet Old Boys and Girls from leaving years 1964 through to 2021, coming together as a community, joined by a collective pride and a shared history of what it means to be a cadet.

There is great value in meeting to rekindle relationships and connections, reminding ourselves of our traditions and values, as we welcome our newest graduates to this strong community of servant leaders.

We were especially blessed to be accompanied by our team of Dining Stewards, ably led by CUO Matteo Paolella, who gave of their time and worked tirelessly all afternoon and late into the evening, to ensure the dinner was a seamless success.

Thank you to: Matteo Paolella, James Birbas, Angus Birrell, Charlie Cooke, Toby Fernandes, Remy Frampton, Blake Khor, Oliver Malzard, Lachlan Marzol, Declan McAuliffe, Hugh McDonald, Liam McEvoy, Luca Patrick-Watkins, Campbell Porteus, Renato Rovacchi, Reuben Seroa.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU


As the Commanding Officer, I base my Commander’s Intent on the aims and values of the Australian Army Cadets and the priorities of both schools. While our core values reflect those of all Australian Services, namely Service, Courage, Respect, Integrity and Excellence; it is Respect that is very dear to my heart, and indeed informs the basis of all we do in Cadets.

Over the past few weeks, all recruits have been presented with the Defence Youth Safety package and the Code of Conduct discussion, which reminds our students that respectful relationships ensure all members feel safe and accepted in this inclusive co-curricular activity. 

From time to time, though, our young people need a little reminder, and so I would encourage all members of our community to read the Commander’s Intent below, and to be courageous in supporting their fellow cadets when they see or hear inappropriate behaviours. We are a diverse community, spanning year groups, cultures, genders, interests and rank appointments, and this context allows us to practise and develop the skills and character traits required of professional working relationships; skills that our cadets will take with them into their adult lives beyond Waverley College and St Catherine’s School.

Commander's Intent - WCCU

Friday, 16 September is the last Cadets of the term, and I congratulate our newest recruits on their engagement with the program, and their positive response to their rank, as they take command of their sections, platoons and companies from week to week.

Cadets returns on Friday, 14 October in Term 4. The Routine Orders will continue to be distributed from week to week by our rank, informing cadets of the dress, equipment and locations of the various Company activities. Next term, we have some exciting external providers, both in house and at local venues, providing an engaging context in which to learn Cadet skills.

A reminder to parents that Cadets is a required co-curricular activity of all Year 8 Waverley boys from Term 3 until the end of AFX (Cadet Camp) in Term 1. Please schedule medical and dental appointments on alternative days. We have a duty of care for our cadets until 5:30pm each Friday. Should your son be unwell, please apply for leave through If your son needs to be collected early from training, please apply for an Early March Out through the same email.

I wish everyone a safe and restorative school holiday break.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU


In order for our cadets to enjoy water activities on the Annual Field Exercise (AFX), all cadets need to be swim tested in their cadet uniform, and 12 Platoon started this process last week. Over the course of the next two terms, each platoon will have the chance to demonstrate their capacity to swim 25m and tread water for 2 minutes in their DPCU shirt and pants. We are grateful to St Catherine’s for providing the venue for this competency test.

All Recruit Companies have now been trained in the AAC Defence Youth Safety Program which guides our young people in appropriate behaviours when interacting with each other, with rank, with staff, and in the online environment. Those who have not yet completed this training will need to complete it online with the AAC. An email with further details will follow.

Next week, Friday 16 September, is the last Cadets for this term. We wish all in the Unit a safe and enjoyable break over the school holidays, and look forward to welcoming you back in Term 4, when we will enjoy archery, the climbing wall, the Golden Boot Competition, among other activities building fieldcraft skills in the lead up to AFX.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU


Reflections on Leadership

Learning leadership takes time and practice, and a week-long Promotions Course is just the beginning of the journey. One week does not an instant leader make! New teams always need a period of adjustment, as they determine how to work together for the good of the collective.

We are grateful to all our rank for their maturity and patience, as they adjust to the new dynamics of their Unit and their Companies. To have the opportunity to learn these skills within the supportive environment of the schools, is one of the benefits of promotion in Cadets.

Our rank will go on to be well-placed as leaders in the wider community, taking with them an understanding of team dynamics and the compromises needed to work well with a variety of people.

We were proud to recognise our Duces of Promotions Courses again on Friday, with the presentation of the AAC medallions and certificates.

Congratulations to:

 Cyber Taipan Competition

A team of five dedicated cadets competed in Round 1 of the CSIRO National Cyber Taipan Competition on the weekend. Our team performed strongly across the day’s cybersecurity activity, finishing 21st out of 140 teams.

Congratulations and thank you to:

Amelia Avery, Anika Bradford, Lachlan Marzol, Julia Mallam and Paul Muir.

Cyber Taipan Competition

Home Training – Have You Downloaded the Waverley app?

Training continues to go well on Friday afternoons, despite the regularity of rain. I would urge all parents to download the Waverley app, and include Cadets as one of the notifications, to see the latest on uniform requirements (such as ponchos), and early dismissal times when the conditions dictate.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU


The Reveille Mess is a chance for the Old Boys and Old Girls of the Cadet Unit to come together to share memories and to celebrate our connection with each other and our history.

This year’s Mess takes place on Saturday, 17 September at the Stamford Plaza Airport Hotel, and all past members of the Cadet Unit are all invited.

Ticket sales on TryBooking are due this week. Please email me if you have not yet received your invitation.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer


Home Training is progressing well, as our new rank settle into their new positions of command. We are grateful to our recruits for their enthusiasm and engagement on Friday afternoons, and encourage them to read the Routine Orders from week to week, to know what to wear and where to be.

Admin Parade

Admin Parade 

A Company Bonding at Dismissal Parade

A Company Bonding at Dismissal Parade

A Company Learning the Art of Camouflage

A Company Learning the Art of Camouflage

Points are awarded to the best Companies and Platoons from week to week, and the current point score is as follows:

Cadet Points

Cadet Uniform

The importance of wearing the Cadet Uniform with pride, particularly when in the public domain to and from school, has been communicated to the Unit. When we wear the Cadet Uniform, we are representing our schools and our Cadet Unit.

Even though we are not wearing the Army Uniform, as members of the Australian Army Cadets, we are also representing the members of the Australian Defence Force who have served our country.

There are certainly lots of ways to express individuality in Cadets, but the uniform is not one of them, and we need to wear it with pride, with respect, and with an understanding of what it means to the Australian Public.

To this end, headdress must be worn at all times when outside the school grounds, and the DPCU shirt must be worn at all times, including at school. The undershirt is not an outer garment, and if it is warm weather, the undershirt may be removed, but not the DPCU shirt.

Dates for Bivouac at Holsworthy Barracks

It was disappointing to have to cancel the Bivouac planned for this coming weekend, but we have now booked an alternative. We will hold a Bivouac in Term 4 from 4pm Saturday, 5 November – 5pm Sunday, 6 November at Holsworthy Barracks. This is a voluntary Bivouac, open to the whole Unit for some field experience and camping Cadet-style in preparation for AFX in 2023. More details will follow in due course, but for those interested, please keep this November weekend free.

Dates for Promotions Courses

For those planning holidays in 2023, the Promotions Courses have now been set for the Winbourne Conference Centre from Monday, 26 June – Saturday, 1 July 2023. Please keep these dates free if your son or daughter is interested leadership training and fulfilling one of the many promotion opportunities in Cadets.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU