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We would like to welcome all Waverley College families to what looks to be a very promising year of rugby. We would particularly like to welcome all new players and families.

Waverley College has a very proud history of rugby. I encourage new families to have a look at the photos and records found in the T & M Hayes (Queens Park) Pavilion at some stage this season, to give you an idea of the proud history you are stepping into. You are all very welcome!

Training Schedule

Next week, training commences at Queens Park. A reminder that the weekly training schedule is below:

All players are expected to bring along rugby gear (jersey, shorts, socks, mouthguard and headgear). Students are to walk to Queens Park after school where they will get changed in allocated sections.

*We do ask students to walk down in a safe fashion by crossing the roads at the traffic lights.

Lost Property

It is a good idea before the season begins, that all players label all their gear and clothing (particularly any new items such as boots and headgear). Each season we have a collection of lost property at Queens Park. If uniform/gear is labelled with the student’s name, it will usually find its way back to the owner!

Team App

A reminder to all players, parents and families to ensure that you download the Waverley College app. Please ensure you subscribe to ‘Rugby.’ The app contains all the information you need to know about the season ahead, including fixtures, teams lists, and any last-minute announcements.

2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

During each Saturday home fixture in the 2023 season, Waverley College Rugby will publish a program. Over the years, we have had many generous supporters in the community. Any parents/carers or families, who may have a business and are interested in sponsoring Waverley College Rugby in 2023, are welcome to email me at to place an advert in the program.

I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks at Queens Park.

Waverley to win!


Mr John McCoy

Convenor of Rugby

Waverley College will be running a Volleyball Camp in the Easter Holidays through ProVolley. The Camp will run for three days, with each session lasting three hours.

This is an excellent opportunity for your son to improve his Volleyball skills while having fun with friends.

Dates: 12, 13 and 14 April 2023

Time: 9am-12pm each day

Cost: $60 for all three days

Click the button below to register your interest and pay.

Click here to register your interest and pay

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me.

We look forward to seeing your son there!


On Saturday, the 1sts faced off against a tough opponent away for their last game of the season. This was the last time that the Year 12s would face Barker, and the last game of their high school career. Despite a loyal crowd of friends and family attending, Waverley was unable to hold down Barker, losing 56-40 in the final score.

The game started in Waverley’s favour, as they played incredible defence and forced Barker into some tough shots to make, ending the first quarter at a low score of 9-7. However, both teams were not on their A-game, as after countless missed attempts from all around the court, halftime concluded with the score being 19-18 in Barker’s favour.

The boys were led by Daniel Palacio, Oscar Walters-Green and Sergej Jakovljevic as they tried to pull the game in, however, it just slipped out of reach, with Barker’s scoring efforts in the final quarter pushing them over the line to win the game. 

Congratulations and farewell to Marko Rangan, Marley Henare, Tom Gleeson, Oscar Walters-Green, Wylie Durrans, Harry Lee, Zion Poitaha and Daniel Palacio, who played their final high school game in a long journey, with some playing since Year 5. 


Before the 1sts final game, the 2nds laced up to hopefully secure a win in their final match of the season. As well, the Year 12s in the 2nds team were playing their final game of the season. Fortunately, and memorably, for those Year 12s, the 2nds were able to win their final game in a nail-biter that was decided in the last second, winning 40-39. 

The game was tight the whole way, with the boys going into halftime tied 20-20. They were led by Ehren Little’s defence, Tashi Harrison and Eden Byrd’s offence as they rallied themselves against a tough Barker squad, who kept fighting until the end. With 12 seconds to go, Barker hit two free throws to put them up by one point. With only one possession to win the game, the crowd went silent, as Ashar Te Rata shot and made the game-winning layup to put Waverley up by one point and win the game. 

Congratulations to Dom Smith, Finlay Chandler, Asher Te Rata, Charlie Smith and Toby Longmire who won their final high school basketball game away at Barker!

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker


On Saturday, the 10As played a dominant game against Barker for their last game of the season. Fortunately, they were able to win the game, the final score 61-20. They were led by Rory Donnellan, Ben Pignatelli and Giles Strachan.  


The 9As were, unfortunately, unable to defeat Barker in a tough game at Waverley on Saturday. They were led by Nico Palacio, Petris Kalpouzanis and Angus Peshos as they fought till the very end, falling short 24-46.

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker

9A Basketball v Barker


The 8As versed a tough Barker team first thing in the morning on Saturday. The boys played a strong game, with the final score being so close up to the final minute. They were led by Hayden McAusland, Phil Falaniko and Dom Dametto, as they managed to win 44-39. 


Daniel Palacio

Captain of Basketball


From the Convenor

Final Round Results

The final round of the CAS Basketball season against Barker saw some excellent results from Waverley.

The 1st V finished 4th, with four wins from 10, while the 2nds finished 2nd, with eight wins. The 10As ended their season in 5th place on four wins, the 9As came first on eight wins, the 8As third on four wins, and the 7As came fifth in a very tough competition.

Several teams were crowned CAS champions: 9A, 9B, 9G, 7B, 7E, 7F, and 7G. We will celebrate these achievements and others on Saturday, at the exciting Basketball Presentation Night.

Other teams to win against Barker included: 3rd V (33-32), 4th V (38-31), 7th V (34-28), 10A (61-20), 10C (51-30), 10D (53-34), 10E (33-29), 10F (55-36), 9B (56-33), 9C (41-36), 9D (36-35), 9G (34-17), 8A (44-39), 8D (48-21), 8E (29-28), 8F (40-35), 7B (35-32), 7D (28-15), 7E (57-23), 7F (44-13), 7G (18-8), 7H (30-10), 7I (28-7), and 7J (12-5), while the 5th V tied (24-all).

Our mighty 9A and 9B Basketballers

Our mighty 9A and 9B Basketballers

9A and 9B Basketball

9A and 9B Basketball


Congratulations to all our Year 12 players, in particular those in 1sts and 2nds, many of whom have played eight seasons for the College at the highest levels, which has entailed extra commitments on their part.

Well done to the following 1sts players who were successful at the CAS representative trials on Monday at Cranbrook: Marko Rangan (CAS 1sts), Tom Gleeson, Marley Henare and Sergej Jakovljevic (CAS 2nds). They will particiapte in a series of games against ISA, AICES and GPS in the coming weeks. For more details of these games, please visit the CAS website.

Thank You

Thanks to all our wonderful coaches for their efforts this season in helping to develop our players. Thanks to our Supporters’ Club, in particular, Rachael Smith and Glenn Smith, without whom we would not have a Saturday BBQ.

Thanks to those parents/carers who also happily assisted on the BBQ. Thanks to Anne Gleeson for organising post-game afternoon teas and dinners when we hosted visiting teams, and thanks to our 1sts and 2nds parents/carers for their support of this important event.

Our last event for the season is the Basketball Presentation Night this Saturday. If you were unable to purchase tickets and wish to attend, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you and see you at Presentation Night!

Final Round of Summer Activities

This weekend is the final round of the Senior School 2022-23 summer season. I want say a huge thank you to students, parents, carers, convenors, staff and coaches for all of their efforts over the two terms.

In particular, I want to thank and congratulate the Year 12 students who will be playing their final round this coming weekend. Our 1sts Touch Football team will be playing in the grand final this Saturday at Queens Park after an impressive performance last Saturday, and would love some extra support.

House Swimming Carnival Boasts Impressive Swim Times

Last Friday, Years 7-12 competed in the 2023 House Swimming Carnival at Des Renford Leisure Centre. There were some impressive times swum, as well as some passionate House relays and chants on the day.

A huge thank you to our heads of House, staff and in particular the Campus Team for all of their hard work in making this day happen.

In a closely contested event, Brennan were eventually crowned the House Swimming Carnival champions for 2023. I hope you enjoy the photos above.

CAS Championships – Thursday, 16 March 2023

Next week, there will be only training for the Swimming and Diving Squads leading up the CAS Championships on Thursday, 16 March. This event is a compulsory Supporters’ Duty for Years 8, 11 and Prefects.

The letter that was sent home this week via the Waverley app can also be found by clicking the button below.

Click here to view the CAS Championships Letter

Have You Bought Tickets to the Presentation Evenings?

The following weekend, we have a number of Presentation Evenings for Basketball, Cricket, Swimming and Water Polo, however, there are no other sporting activities that weekend.

Commencement of Winter Season

The following Monday, 20 March is the commencement of our winter season for a number of activities, and we will be sending out the training schedule early next week. Students must ensure they have all of the necessary equipment to commence the winter season, including mouth-guards, boots and shin pads that fit.


Well done to the following students on their recent selections for CAS:

I also want to congratulate Ms Emma Halpin and the Public Speaking Team for hosting 120 speakers last Friday night in the CSDA competition. Special mention to James Peate and Ewan McDonald on advancing to the upcoming finals.

Best wishes to all teams and activities this weekend.

Basketball Report V Trinity

On Friday night, the 1st V faced off against Trinity Grammar in their last home game for the season. With the crowd behind Waverley, they were able to pull away within the final minute with a 4-point victory, the final score 93-89. Heading into the game, it was the Year 12’s final home game, knowing that they had to put in all their effort when they stepped onto the court.

Throughout the first half, Trinity’s rebounding could not be stopped, allowing them to keep the small lead. After half time, Waverley was able to fix this coming out, and creating a 12-point lead, led behind Sergej Jakovljevic’s inside finishing. By the end of the third quarter, Trinity was able to close the gap, leaving Waverley’s lead to just 1 point.

The fourth quarter was extremely close, as usual, with Trinity once again holding the lead. It wasn’t until the last three minutes of the game, that Waverley made their final run lead behind Oscar Walters-Green’s defence, and Marko Rangan’s scoring ability. The game was capped off with a rendition of ‘Carrington Road’ to seal the win at the final home game of the season.

2nd V

The 2nd V tipped off the night, in the championship game against Trinity. After a tough loss against Cranbrook, the 2nd V were tied with Trinity at the top of the leader board, knowing that they had to beat them to secure the CAS Championship. The game was close right to the end, with the end score 45-47. As the jump ball was thrown up into the air, the crowd was roaring in support of the 2nd V.

During the first half, Trinity had a lead of 5 which Waverley continued to chase down, but were getting outrebounded. During half time, a fired-up coach Joff Garvey was able to bring out the spirit in the team to start the third quarter firing, led by Eden Byrd’s ability to shoot the ball.

By the start of the fourth quarter, the 2nd V had brought Trinity’s lead to just 1 point. During the fourth quarter, the lead went back and forth between the two teams. Jack Anasson’s finishing ability and Dom Smith’s defence were unstoppable, as they were able to steal the lead in the final minutes. Unfortunately, the 2nd V was not able to close out the game, losing it by 2 points, after a well-fought game.


For the 10As, Trinity was going to be a hard matchup, as it was an away fixture with Trinity hungry for the win, after losing to Waverley by 13 last year. The game for the 10As was another close one, with the final score 39-40 to Trinity. Waverley was led by Ben Pignatelli’s leadership, Giles Strachan’s shooting and Renato Rovacchi’s height inside the key on defence.


The top of the leaderboard 9As had a tough matchup against Trinity, in which they previously beat them by 8 points. The game against Trinity went down to the final shot, with the end score 37-35, allowing Waverley to stay on top of the leaderboard, with their 8 wins and 1 loss record. The star players for the game were Petros Kalpouzanis with his shooting, Angus Peshos and his playmaking ability, and finally, Nico Palacio’s full-court defence.


The 8As were coming off of a draw against Trinity last year, and were hungry for the win. Playing at Waverley, the 8As fought to the last minute, but unfortunately could not secure the lead, with the end score 38-38. They were led behind Dominic Dametto’s speed and Philip Falaniko’s strength to drive to the ring.


The 7As were facing off against Trinity for the first time at Waverley, and were determined to get the win. Waverley did not get the results that they had hoped, with the final score 33-56.

Good Luck and Thank You

Good luck to all teams as they face off against Barker in the last game of the season. Congratulations and special good luck to all Year 12s playing their last game of Basketball for Waverley College.

A special thanks go to the parents/carers of the 1st V and 2nd V, for helping and organising the after-match functions for the home games. You could not have done a better job.

Looking Ahead

With the 1st V’s fourth win of the season against Trinity, they remain in 4th place, and now turn their attention to 3rd place Barker this weekend. A win against Barker will see them move to equal 3rd with Barker for the season.

The 2nd V’s heartbreaking loss means they slip to second place behind Trinity, and must now defeat Barker this weekend, while hoping that Trinity loses their fixture against Knox to share a premiership with Trinity.

The 10As sit 5th, and should feel confident in matching up with cellar-dwellers Barker, this weekend.

With three wins clear of second place Trinity and a very healthy points differential, the 9As have secured the premiership for their division. This is a fantastic achievement for the players and their coach Mr Kennedy, and to have done it in such emphatic fashion, has been very impressive.

The 8As second draw of the season sees them sit in third place, while the 7As are still searching for their first win of the season.

Other Results

Other teams to notch wins against Trinity included: the 7th V (46-36), 10F (44-38), 10G (34-21), 9A (37-35), 9B (55-22), 9C (38-34), 9G (34-21), 8C (59-43), 8D (48-34), 8E (18-17), 8F (27-19), 8G (24-22), 7B (33-18), 7E (35-26), 7F (49-15), 7G (27-25), and 7H (17-14), while the 10Es (37-all), 8As (38-all) and 8Bs (32-all) drew. A further 9 teams lost their games by 6 points or fewer.

BBQ – Can You Lend a Hand This Weekend?

Once again, many thanks to Rachael Smith and Glenn Smith of our Basketball Supporters’ Club, who have tirelessly staffed the Saturday BBQ all season, to raise money to support the program. If you can help for one hour this weekend, please contact Rachael at or 0412 693 243. It would be greatly appreciated.

A huge thank you to Anne Gleeson for her wonderful work in organising the 1sts and 2nds post-game luncheons and dinners this season. As always, this season Waverley has continued to host the best after-functions in the CAS.

Annual Basketball Presentation Night – Saturday, 18 March 2023, 6pm-8:30pm

Book tickets now for our annual Basketball Presentation Night.

Click here to view more information and to book tickets

Basketball Presentation Night Flyer


The final round against Barker is all that remains of what has so far been a very successful 2022/23 Basketball season. Good luck to all teams this weekend.

The Waverley College AFL Supporters’ Group will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday, 20 March, 6:30pm, online via zoom.

Any parents/carers and friends interested in getting behind the Waverley College AFL program in 2023 are welcome to attend, as we discuss the AFL program moving forward and the formation of the Supporters’ Group.

Please click the button below to enter the zoom meeting.

Click here to enter the zoom meeting

Parents/carers unable to attend this particular meeting, but who are interested in assisting with Waverley College AFL, are welcome to register their interests with the Convenor of AFL, Mr Ben Shorthouse

Two More Rounds of Summer to go

Waverley hosted local rivals Cranbrook in a number of fixtures last weekend. The Friday evening 1sts and 2nds Basketball was very well attended, and whilst the results did not go our way, the spirit and support was fantastic.

One of the highlights was the Year 8 Rock Band playing a Bon Jovi cover at half time in the 1sts, and they were outstanding. Thanks to these students, Mr Jesse Johnson and the Music Department for their impressive work with this.

Our Swim Squad also competed at the annual Christian Brothers Carnival where we successfully won the overall shield. This was a tremendous effort considering we had so many students competing over the weekend at the State Nippers, State Oztag, State Athletics and Metropolitan Swimming Titles.

Well done to those students at the Carnival, as well as all the students competing in a range of State competitions.

Swim squad representatives, Luke and Scott, at the annual Christian Brothers Carnival where we successfully won the overall shield!

Swim squad representatives, Luke and Scott, at the annual Christian Brothers Carnival where we successfully won the overall shield!

State Athletics Mentions

As part of the State Athletics competitions, I want to especially congratulate the following students on qualifying for the National Titles in April.

Ricardo Zanapalis at the CAS Track and Field Championships in 2022

The incredible Ricardo Zanapalis at the CAS Track and Field Championships in 2022

Final Home Round Hosting Trinity and Thank Yous

This week, we have our final home round hosting Trinity Grammar School. We are once again playing on Friday evening for Basketball, and any supporters must be in full summer uniform.

I also want to wish all Year 12 students the very best for their final home match, and also thank all of their parents/carers, particularly those who always assist with BBQs, lunches, canteens and functions.

Please Support Our Presentation Evenings – Aquatics, Basketball and Cricket

We also have a number of Presentation Evenings coming up for Aquatics, Basketball and Cricket and we hope to see as many members of the College community at these as possible.

Good luck to all activities this weekend!

Student Report


On Friday, the 1st V faced off against Cranbrook at home in a once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere with a crowd of 300+ people. Unfortunately, Cranbrook was able to get the better of Waverley, with the game going down to the wire. The final score was 78-80, with the final play deciding the game.

The boys were led by Marko Rangan’s dominance as he scored countless times when Waverley needed it. The game started off in Waverley’s favour, as they got ahead to a strong start, 19-11. However, Cranbrook went on a run, ending the second quarter in the lead by 10 points.

After the amazing half-time rock band performance, Cranbrook pushed again as Waverley began to dig themselves out of a 17-point hole. The boys were motivated by Tom Gleeson, as they brought the lead to a tie.

Unfortunately, the team couldn’t hold it down and ended up losing such a close game. Good luck to the 1st V who face off against Trinity at Waverley next Friday night, a game that will surely be great to watch.


Before the 1sts, the still undefeated 2nd V suited up to play against a top-of-the-table clash with Cranbrook at home. Unfortunately, the boys fell short to some free throws, as Cranbrook conquered the crowd once again, winning 39-41.

The game was close the whole way, with the boys going into half almost tied up. They were led by Aren Yaghoubian’s offensive efforts, as he got to the line multiple times in the second quarter.

In the second half, the boys were led by Ehren Little’s defence, as his size and athleticism helped prevent multiple points with fantastic blocks, to keep Waverley in the game. Unfortunately, the boys were not able to finish off the game with multiple missed baskets, however, they strongly fought for the entirety of the game.

Good luck to the 2nd V who also faces Trinity at Waverley next Friday night, another top-of-the-table clash as they try to maintain their 1st place spot.


On Saturday, the 10As faced off against a tough opponent in Cranbrook, in their new gym courts. The boys were unfortunately not able to overcome Cranbrook’s tough defence, as they fell short 53-65. They were led by Kayden Baker, Ben Pignatelli and Giles Strachan.

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball

10A Basketball


The 9As were fortunately able to defeat Cranbrook in a close game at Cranbrook, with many 1sts and 2nds players in attendance to support. The team were led by Angus Peshos’ leadership and Jonte Garvey’s hustle, as they closed out the tight game, winning 44-38.


The 8As played a tough Cranbrook team, first thing Saturday morning. The boys played the most dominant and organised half of basketball in the first half, ending the half 44-12, as they were led by Dom Dametto, Phil Falaniko and Duke Thomas. They ended up dominating the game, coming up on top with the final score, 67-34.


Daniel Palacio (Captain of Basketball)


Convenor’s Report

1st V

Local bragging rights were at stake when the 1st V and 2nd V took on our closest rivals, Cranbrook, which had only posted a single win to date. The 1st V won this fixture at Cranbrook’s new stadium in Term 4 by 13 points, but as has generally been the case in recent times, these games are usually close affairs that are decided by similar margins.

By the time the game had started, a sizeable crowd had assembled to watch the game that included about 50 Cranbrook student supporters as well as around 200 Waverley student supporters. The game began under the raucous cheering of each school’s supporters and, as has not been the case in most games this season, Waverley began the game well, jumping out to a 17-11 lead by the end of the first quarter.

Unfortunately, a poor second quarter by Waverley saw Cranbrook post 26 points to Waverley’s 9, which gave Cranbrook a 37-26 advantage at the big break.

The 1st V were able to lift their game in the third quarter, matching Cranbrook point-for-point, but were unable to eat into their opponent’s advantage, and the quarter ended 61-51 in Cranbrook’s favour. Knowing that they needed to really lift their game to overhaul Cranbrook in the final quarter, Waverley outscored their rivals by 27 to 19 points, but some key missed shots and turnovers in a frantic finish, meant it was not enough to win the game.

The 1st V take on cellar dwellers Trinity next game, and will be looking to finish the season on a high.

2nd V

The 2nd V also won their Term 4 fixture against Cranbrook, 48-12, and came into the game with a one-win buffer over Trinity. It was a close first quarter with neither school able to create any substantial advantage, and it ended 11-8 to Waverley.

In the second quarter, Waverley started to exert some ascendency over their rivals, pushing out to a 20-9 lead by half-time.

During the third quarter, the 2nd V were able to extend their lead to a game-high 13 points, however, Cranbrook was able to claw their way back into the game to pull within 6 points, and close out the quarter 32-26.

The final quarter saw Cranbrook draw level with Waverley early on, and then take the lead halfway through. The remaining half of the game was frenetic as both teams traded baskets to share the lead. With 13 seconds left, Cranbrook scored to take a 2-point lead. On the next possession, the 2nd V was able to score 1 point from a free throw after being fouled to be 39-40. With less than 3 seconds left, Waverley was forced to foul Cranbrook on their possession. The resulting made free-throw saw Cranbrook take a 41-39 lead. With 3 seconds still left on the clock, a last-ditch effort at a 3-point shot under pressure went agonisingly close to falling in.

The 2nd V were bitterly disappointed with the loss, but will have no time to dwell as they take on a Trinity side in their next game, that was able to win their fixture and draw level with Waverley on 7 wins for the season. The 2nd V will need to improve their shooting percentage if they are to get over the top of Trinity and go into the last round against Barker, with a one-win advantage over the team from Summer Hill.

10As, 9As, 8As, 7As

The 10As sit 5th on their ladder, the 9As remain in 1st place after their win, still two wins ahead of their next rival, the 8As win sees them move to equal 3rd, while the 7As are still searching for their first win after drawing with Knox in their first game.

7A Basketball

7A Basketball

7A Basketball

7A Basketball

7A Basketball

7A Basketball

7A Basketball

7A Basketball

Other Games

In other games, Waverley was highly successful against Cranbrook winning the majority of our fixtures including impressive results across our Year 7-10 cohorts: 3rd V (35-29), 4th V (44-27), 10D (38-25), 10E (43-37), 10F (47-32), 10G (34-22), 9A (44-38), 9B (39-20), 9C (38-22), 9D (35-26), 9E (30-29), 9G (28-20), 9H (35-23), 8A (67-34), 8B (45-30), 8D (60-27), 8E (31-26), 8F (31-28), 8G (24-14), 8H (20-0), 7B (38-33), 7C (51-31), 7D (40-15), 7E (48-18), 7F (77-14), 7G (48-8) and 7H (54-4).

Supporters’ Club BBQ

If you can help on our Supporters’ Club BBQ for one hour this Saturday, before or after your son’s game, please contact Rachael Smith 0412 693 243

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The program is looking to purchase and upgrade more backboards and rims for the campus, and the Saturday BBQ is our primary means of fundraising.

Annual Basketball Presentation Night – Saturday, 18 March 2023, 6pm-8:30pm

Book tickets now for our annual Basketball Presentation Night, which will occur the week after the final CAS round against Barker.

Click here to view more information and to book tickets

Basketball Presentation Night Flyer

Good luck to all teams this week against Trinity!

During the forthcoming school holidays, the University of Wollongong and Tottenham Hotspur will offer an ‘Elite Football Camp.’

The Program runs from Wednesday, 12 – Friday, 14 April 2023.

For the first time, this camp will be hosted at Waverley College, from 10am-3pm.

The Program is open to students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12, who are looking for an intensive football training program which covers more than just the on-field components of the game.

Robert Gold has been working closely with Waverley College in the last year to establish a strong relationship between us and the University of Wollongong.

We hope many Waverley students will take advantage of this unique and valuable opportunity.

Click here to view more information


Email Robert Gold for further information:


Mr Steve O’Donnell

Director of Co-curricular

On Saturday, the mighty 8As looked to avenge their previous loss to Cranbrook, at the hallowed turf of Queens Park. The boys had to step up with two players away on State Nippers and Oztag duties. After winning the toss and electing to bat, the energy was high.

After losing an early wicket, Sebastian Loyd-Paul (23) and Henry Reid (30) steadied the ship to put on a 41-run partnership. Henry and William Roberts (33) then played extremely well, putting on 69 runs together that put us in a position to have a defendable total. After the 32 overs, Waverley ended up on 5/132.

In return, William Shelley (2/21) started his spell with tight bowling to remove both openers and get us off to a flyer. The spin twins then restricted any scoring opportunities, with Lachlan Chalmers taking 2/6 off his six overs.

Some fantastic fielding from the team, taking six great catches, and therefore restricting Cranbrook to be all out for 86 in reply. Henry Reid also bowled extremely well with figures of 4/13 off 5 overs.

The boys have played extremely well this season with four wins, and looking to finish strong with another two!

I hope you enjoy the photo above, taken at the fall of another Cranbrook wicket, highlighting the fantastic camaraderie between the boys.

The Waverley College Rugby Supporters’ Club will hold its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 15 March, 2023 at Queens Park Pavilion, 6pm.

Any parents/carers and friends interested in getting behind the Waverley College Rugby Program in 2023 are welcome to attend, as we discuss plans for the exciting season ahead. All welcome!

Parents/carers unable to attend this particular meeting, but who are interested in assisting with Waverley College Rugby, are welcome to register their interests with the Convenor of Rugby, Mr John McCoy by emailing