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From the Captain


On Saturday, Waverley’s 1st V Basketball had a tough matchup against Barker, coming short with the final score, 67 to 75. The game was back and forth right from the tip-off with Barker coming into the second quarter up by five points. The 1st V was able to fight back and gain a four-point lead by the end of the first half, with James Dyson-Merwe leading the team with his athleticism.

The second half was led by Barker, with their defence stopping Waverley from scoring. With three minutes to go of the game, Waverley was down by 12 and were able to make a quick run with the help of Flynn Busteed’s and Marley Henare’s shooting to bring Barker’s lead to just six. Unfortunately, it was too late, with the 1st V losing by eight in the end.

Although it wasn’t the way Waverley wanted to end the year, they will come back stronger than ever, next year.


At Waverley, the 2nd V faced off against Barker to secure their undefeated first half of the season. With a huge amount of effort and grit, they were able to overcome Barker with the end score, 63 to 45. The first quarter was a slow one with Barker gaining a 10-point lead.

After the break, the dynamic duo of Dom Smith and Toby Longmire were able to pull the team up with their defensive presence to take the lead by the end of the first half.

After that, there was no stopping them, as they were able to build a 20-point lead with the help of Jock Edward’s spectacular performance.

With the win against Barker, the 2nd V is now sitting on top of the CAS leader board, winning all five games that they have played, hoping to secure the championship next year.

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker


The 10A’ had a tremendous game with a 22- point win over Barker. The star players Ben Pignatelli, Kaden Baker and Tamen Peralta led Waverley, with the end score, 47 to 25.


The undefeated 9As were able to continue their run after having a close one against Barker, with the end score, 36 to 28. With the help of Angus Peshos’ shooting, Nico Palacio’s defence, and Jonte Garvey’s height, the 9As were able to cap off their unbelievable, undefeated first half of the season, hoping to go all the way next year.


The 8As had an incredible game, with the result showing a 33- point win over Barker. Dominic Dametto’s, Aidan Giusti’s and Philip Falaniko’s skills were showcased continuously throughout the game, with the end score, 62-29.

Congratulations to all the teams with each of them putting all their effort into the games. Good luck to all teams as they head off into the second half of the season next year.

A special thank you goes to Mr Gibbs who has given a tremendous effort in the first half of the season.


Tom Gleeson
Captain of 1st V

2nd Basketball v Barker

From the Convenor

The Barker game was always going to be a tricky fixture for the 1st V, if the recent history of tight games between the two schools was anything to go by. The 1st V needed to defeat Barker to ensure they stayed on top of the table, and right in the hunt for the Rev Fr A V Smith Shield, given fellow table-toppers, Knox and St Aloysius’, were almost certain to win their fixtures.

Ultimately, the 1st V had a disappointing outing, allowing Barker to penetrate the paint too much, giving away 46 points as well as missing too many of their own shots, only making 22 of 62 2-point field goal attempts.

As a result of this 75-67 loss, the 1st V now move from equal 1st to equal 3rd, with Barker on 3 wins and 2 losses, trailing Knox and St Aloysius’ by a game, after both schools won their fixtures.

With the Trinity Challenge Tournament in the upcoming holiday break, the 1st V will be desperate to perform well there, to take some confidence and form into the second half of the season, where they now face the challenging task of having to not only win all 5 games to stay in the race for the premiership, but hope that other results go their way as well.

Despite this setback, the 1st V have done very well to post their 3 wins this term, in what is a very open and competitive competition, and have the personnel to get the job done next term.

The 2nd V continue to dominate their opponents, putting a cellar-dwelling Barker side to the sword. Early in the game, victory was not assured as Waverley were slow to get going, allowing Barker to take a 12-2 lead, before they were able to hit their stride a minute into the 2nd quarter, to tie up the game at 12-all. From this point, Waverley started to pull away, leading 27-20 at the main break and 49-30 at three-quarter time.

The 2nd V eventually cruised to a 63-45 win, and continue to be outright leaders on 5 wins, with a 77-point differential, with Trinity following closely behind on 4 wins. While there are still another 5 games to play next term, and anything can happen, the 2nd V have certainly placed themselves in the best possible position for a chance of winning the competition.

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

2nd Basketball v Barker

Other Wins, Draws and Losses

In other games against Barker, Waverley performed very well, winning the following grades: 4th V (26-24), 5th V (34-28), 7th V (36-27), 10th V (32-24), 10A (47-25), 10C (29-27), 10H (39-28), 9A (36-28), 9B (41-21), 9F (18-17), 9G (30-25), 9H (33-30), 8A (62-29), 9B (35-32), 8C (37-24), 8D (41-27), and 8F (36-13).

At the halfway mark of the season, the 10As have 2 wins from 5 games, the 9As are still undefeated on 5 wins, and the 8As have 2 wins and a draw. In addition, the 9Bs and 8Cs are enjoying excellent seasons and are also undefeated, while the 10Cs, 10Hs, 9Ds, 9Gs, and 8Ds have 4 wins.

With the 1st V in 3rd place, 2nd V coming 1st, 10As 4th, 9As 1st and 8As in 3rd place, Waverley is the best performing CAS school overall across the top-level grades, a fantastic achievement for our players, coaching staff, and program. With a current win rate of 48% across all CAS games and grades this term, Waverley Basketball is looking like having its best season in a very long time.

Thank you

Thank you to Rachael and Glenn Smith for their tireless work on the Supporters’ Club BBQ over the past 6 weeks. They have done a tremendous job raising funds for the Program.

Many thanks to the numerous parents/carers who have also given their time to help, in particular for home games, our 1st V and 2nd V parents/carers. If any parent/carer is able to help out for one hour on a Saturday (before or after your son plays his game), please contact Rachael at It would be most appreciated!

The 1st V and 2nd V parents/carers also deserve additional recognition for the wonderful food they have provided players and staff for afternoon tea when we have hosted St Aloysius’ and Barker. Waverley has long been known for hosting the best post-game luncheons in the CAS, and this season is no different.

Enjoy a well-earned Christmas and New Year holiday break!

End of Term Fixtures

Fixtures and Venue Maps

Last weekend was the second last round for many activities for 2022. We had some very impressive team and individual performances.

Basketball and Cricket

Our 1sts and 2nds Basketball were outstanding in their comprehensive victories over Trinity last Friday evening. We also had a number of outstanding individual performances in Cricket.

Despite the 1st XI losing outright to Cranbrook, Hunter Eldridge‘s 117 was one of the best batting innings at this level, against a very strong bowling attack, for a number of seasons.

We also had three other students hit centuries in Cricket last Saturday, and well done to Ashton Hourn – 124 for 9As, as well as Tom Rudolph in the 9As who also hit a century. Well done to Luke Duffy in the 8Bs who hit a century in a 32 over match in a great performance.

Hunter Eldridge 1st XI

Hunter Eldridge 1st XI

Please Finish the Term Strong

This weekend is the final round for most activities, and it is essential that all students meet their full requirements and finish the term strong.

Our 2-day Cricket teams will have one more round the following week, as well as our Swimming and Diving squads having their CAS invitational on Friday, 25 November.

Best wishes to all of our Year 8 students and the staff attending their camp next week at Somerset – it is always one of the highlights of the year for that cohort.

To any students who are concluding their time at Waverley this year, I want to personally thank them for their efforts in co-curricular, and wish them well for their future endeavours.


On Friday night, the 1st V faced off against a strong opponent, Trinity at Trinity. The crowd was extremely loud in a compact gym, making the atmosphere electric. Fortunately, the Waverley boys blocked out the noise and played great Basketball to defeat Trinity 102-80. Waverley came out with a bang, led by great unselfish offence from Marko Rangan and Tom Gleeson, which led to a 33-19 lead in the first quarter. 

Throughout the game, the boys increased their lead behind Flynn Busteed’s defence which motivated the whole group. They went into the 4th quarter with a lead of 77-54, and were able to contain Trinity’s scoring efforts as the game came to a close.

Good luck to the 1st V next week, as they face a tough home game against Barker on Saturday. 


Before the 1st V played their game, the 2nd V laced up fresh off the bus from Waverley, as they had a top-of-the-table clash with Trinity. Both teams were 3-0 going into the game, so a win meant that they could take the lead in the table. The 2nd V was also able to conquer the crowd and win by a large margin, with the final score, 61-41. 

The game was one-sided, as Waverley kept a dominant performance and extended their lead throughout the game, which they maintained in the final quarter. They were led by the size of Ashar Te Rata, the defence of Tashi Harrison and leadership from Dominic Smith.

Good luck to the 2nd V who will face off against Barker at home, to attempt to finish half the season undefeated. 


On Saturday, the 10As held their ground against Trinity after watching the Bs fall short. They started slow, but with the scoring efforts of Ben Pignetelli and Giles Strachan, and Tamen Peralta’s defence, they were able to maintain a lead which resulted in the final score, 45-32. 


On the weekend, the 9As faced off against Trinity in another top-of-the-table clash, as they tried to maintain their undefeated record. They started the game extremely slow, not putting a score on the board until 10 minutes had passed. However, they were picked up by Petris Kalpouzanis’ defence, Angus Peshos’ shooting and Jonte Garvey’s defence and rebounds. The final score reflected their efforts, 42-34. 


The 8As had a tough game at Trinity against Trinity on Saturday, the game coming down to the last second. However, the boys could not secure the win, and the game ended in a draw, 33-33. 


Thoughts on the 1st and 2nd V

1st V

The 1st V had not beaten Trinity since Term 1, 2020 and went into the game against a Trinity side that had only beaten Cranbrook this season in Round 1. The 1st V started the game extremely well, playing an almost perfect quarter of Basketball to get the jump on Trinity, and take a 14-point lead at the break.

Waverley led for the entire game and at one stage, late in the 3rd quarter, pushed the lead to 25 points. Ultimately, the 1st V took the game by 22 points.

Waverley sits atop the ladder, sharing honours with Knox and St Aloysius’, in a three-horse race for the title, after St Aloysius’ were able to defeat Knox in a close game by 2 points. The return fixtures against these schools in Term 1 will determine just who comes out on top in the race for the Rev Fr A V Smith Shield this season.

The 1st V face a tricky game against Barker this week, who have been travelling reasonably well this season with two wins. The last four games between the schools have been decided by 7 points or less.

2nd V

The 2nd V kept on with their winning ways, once again dominating their opponents, this time Trinity Grammar, who were also undefeated heading into the game. The 2nd V now sit alone at the top of the table with a healthy Points Differential, having defeated their opponents, on average, by a margin of 15 points.

They now turn their attention to a winless Barker team, and are looking good to head into the long Summer holiday break maintaining their unbeaten record, and starting the second-half of the season on a high.

Other Waverley Teams and Their Wins and Draws

In addition, to the 1st V and 2nd V wins, other Waverley teams did very well against their Trinity opponents, especially in our junior teams, winning the following games: 10A (45-32), 10C (47-31), 10E (56-43), 10F (42-38), 10G (37-28), 10H (26-11), 9A (42-34), 9B (42-13), 9D (29-23), 9F (25-23), 9H (26-18), 8C (43-37), 8D (43-21), 8E (23-21), 8F (39-31), and 8G (30-28).

The 9Cs (37-all) and 8As (33-all) drew their games. The 10As (1-0-3) and 8As (1-1-2) sit 4th in their competitions, while the 9As are having an outstanding season so far, and are outright leaders of their division on four wins.

We Need You at the BBQ! Can You Assist for Just One Hour?

Our continued thanks go to Rachael Smith and Glenn Smith for their wonderful efforts in running the BBQ since the start of the season. Funds raised by the Supporters’ Club have helped to pay for Basketball equipment, including scoreboards, shot clocks, backboards and rims.

Both Rachael and Glenn would love some help, so if you are able to assist for one hour this Saturday, please contact Rachael at

Culture Day

Thank you to all our 1st V and 2nd V players, who once again did a tremendous job by participating in another Culture Day, by supporting Waverley teams playing their games against Trinity at Waverley.

Good luck to all teams against Barker this weekend!

Despite some tough losses over the weekend to a formidable and well-resourced Cranbrook School, it was evident that the hard work being put in at the College’s ‘Batting Club’ has produced some significant results. 

Congratulations to the following students on a tremendous display of batting prowess scoring centuries over the weekend:


In the 8B win over Trinity, Duffy was sitting on 94 when he proved he was able to handle the pressure, hitting two singles and a four off the second last ball of the innings to reach his century. Luke was supported by William Bayly who reached a total of 54.

Luke Duffy 8B

Luke Duffy 8B


Rudolph and Hourn could not be stopped on Day One at Cranbrook. Waverley were 0/144 on Day One with only seven of Cranbrook’s runs left to chase on Day Two. Although the Cranbrook quicks did their best to tie down the solid partnership formed, both boys exemplified great patience in making the right shots when they counted.

The 9A dominance continues each week and to claim a victory against Cranbrook with the class that was seen on Saturday is an exciting sign for the future of Cricket at Waverley.

Ashton Hourn 9A

Ashton Hourn 9A

Tom Rudolph 9A

Tom Rudolph 9A

Thomas Rudolph is congratulated by his 9A team mates

Thomas Rudolph is congratulated by his 9A team mates

Ashton Hourn celebrates

Ashton Hourn celebrates

1st XI

Hunter Eldridge stood up against the Cranbrook pace attack, hitting 20 boundaries in total with one being a six. Hunter should be proud of his efforts and will see his name on the honour board at Queens Park in the near future.

A century in the 1st XI is always a difficult task to achieve, and to have scored so easily against such a star-studded line up, proves Hunter’s worth in the CAS competition.

Hunter Eldridge is cheered off by his team mates

Hunter Eldridge is cheered off by his team mates

10 A

Well done to the 10A team who defended all day against a well-organised Cranbrook, to hold out for a draw. Cranbrook chose to continue batting on Day Two, reaching a total of 251 runs, which left Waverley with 54 overs rather than the ideal 64, to claim a victory.

In true Waverley fashion, the 10A boys dug their heels in, to end up 8/148. Finlay Bates top scored with 32 hitting four boundaries. Considerable mention must go to Max Sheehy and Sam Caro, who were surrounded for four overs by a frustrated Cranbrook field, setting off a silly mid-off, silly point, short-leg, silly mid, gully, and a slip!

The day concluded with a close run out, as the Cranbrook keeper came very close in his attempted run out at the non striker’s end, off a dead ball. Thank you to our coach Leo Shanahan for his work on the day, and diligent umpiring, as he always ensures a fair and fun game for Waverley and our visitors. 

Please Register for the Parent/Carer v Son Game

Lastly, please don’t forget to register for the Parent/Carer v Son Game on Tuesday, 29 November. Information about timing and match schedules will be communicated via email and on the Waverley College app, closer to the date.

Register Here

For further queries please email Craig McDonald, President of the Cricket Supporters’ Group – 

Fixtures and Venue Maps

Outstanding School Spirit

Last weekend saw many Waverley teams playing against local rivals, Cranbrook. It was wonderful to see the numbers of supporters at the Friday evening Basketball in Cranbrook’s impressive new Gym.

What was more impressive, was the way in which our students conducted themselves in showing wonderful school spirit, being fully attired in the College uniform, and supporting both the 1sts and 2nds Basketball to great victories. Well done especially to our new Year 12 leaders, who have shown great initiative so far.

Please Maintain Your High Standards

We still have two more rounds of sport to go, and it is imperative we continue to maintain our high standards. Year 10 students commence their examinations this week, but are still expected to meet their co-curricular requirements on the weekend, and attend at least one training session per week. If a student is in a 1sts or 2nds team, then they are expected to meet all training and match requirements please.

Swimming, Diving and 2-Day Cricket

Our Swimming squad and Diving squad will also have an invitational carnival on Friday, 25 November, as well as our 2-Day Cricket teams and potentially a couple of water teams, pending results, that final weekend.

All Other Co-curricular Activities

All other activities conclude the week before, on Saturday, 19 November.

When school returns in 2023, we will be moving straight back into training and fixtures for all activities, but will also be welcoming all of the new Year 7s who had their Orientation Day earlier this week.

Round 3 Basketball Report V Cranbrook by Student Reporter, Tom Gleeson


On Friday night, the crowd was roaring with a mix of Cranbrook and Waverley students. With the Waverley crowd chanting loud the entire game, the 1st V were able to beat Cranbrook 80 – 68. The game started off as a close one, with both teams going at it in a head-to-head matchup. Through the second and third quarters, Waverley was able to hold a lead of about 5.

As the game progressed onto the fourth quarter, the 1sts with the crowd erupting with chants, were able to gain a 12-point lead, in which they were able to sustain for the rest of the game. Waverley was led behind Marko Rangan’s athleticism and James Dyson Merwe’s size.

Good luck to the students next week, as they face off against Trinity at Trinity on Friday.


The 2nds were going into the Cranbrook game with two wins and zero losses. Being first on the leader board, they really had to overcome Cranbrook to stay on top on Friday night. The 2nd V led the crowd who were cheering behind them to a 12-point win, with the end score being 48 – 36.

The game was very one-sided, with Waverley keeping their lead throughout the entire game. The 2nds were led behind Charlie Smith’s leadership throughout the game and Aren Yaghoubian’s shooting.

The 2nd V will face off against Trinity this week, to keep their undefeated run.


On Saturday, the 10As started the day with a tough loss to Cranbrook, just coming short with the final score being 30 – 33. They were led behind Tamen Peralta’s finishing, Renato Rovacchi’s defence, and Ben Pignatelli’s scoring.


On the weekend, the 9As could not be stopped by Cranbrook, as they developed an early 20-point lead. During the second half they started to come back, but Waverley would not let them, with the end score being 47 – 33.

Jonte Garvey’s height, along with Nico Palacio’s defence and Peter Kalpouzanis’ shooting, led the team to their win.


The 8As had a blinder of a game, storming over Cranbrook with a 38-point win. It was their defence that lead them to the win, being led behind Jone Tuqiri, Joseph Dametto and Phillip Falaniko.


Tom Gleeson
Captain of 1st V

Basketball Round 3 T4 2022

Round 3

1st V

Round 3 featured games against fierce local rivals, Cranbrook. The 1st V, buoyed by their double-overtime win against St Aloysius’ the week before, went into the fixture full of confidence. The crowd had been steadily building through the 2nd V’s game, and by the time of tip-off, the stand was full of boisterous Cranbrook and Waverley student supporters.

The game was relatively close throughout, with Cranbrook staying in touch with the 1st V, and was even able to jump to a small 2-point lead in the 3rd quarter. Waverley, however, was able to maintain a 5-7 point lead for most of the first three quarters, and started to pull away in the 4th, as Cranbrook tired and their players got into foul trouble.

Ultimately, Waverley prevailed, winning 80-68, and sending their enthusiastic supporters wild with delight. After the game, a rousing rendition of ‘Carrington Road’ sung to the tune of John Denver’s ‘Country Road’ was performed by the Waverley supporters, as the 1st V stood before them enjoying their victory.

A special mention goes to our student leaders on the night, who led our spectators very well in the chants, and who encouraged positive support for the Waverley players. Waverley now sits equal second with St Aloysius’ on the CAS ladder, with 2 wins from 3 games.

Knox is still setting the benchmark with 3 wins and their return fixture with the 1st V at Waverley next term is looking critical to determining who will take out the Rev Fr A V Smith Shield by season’s end.

2nd V

The 2nd V went into the fixture undefeated, and by the end of the game that still remained the case. The 2nd V never really looked like losing this fixture, and were dominant for four quarters, posting a 48-36 win.

They now lead the CAS competition, setting up a tantalising matchup with Trinity this Friday night, who are the only other undefeated team. The 2nd V continues to impress with not just their individual performances, but their ability to play as a team.

Other Fixtures

In other fixtures, Waverley was able to post victories in the 10C (39-36), 10D (30-21), 10E (48-44), 10H (52-6), 9A (47-33), 9B (39-33), 9D (33-32), 9G (32-16), 8A (48-12), 8C (33-26), 8D (58-24), and 8E (35-26). Along with the 2nd V, the 9As, 9Bs and 8Cs also remain undefeated with 3 wins from 3, and sit at the top of their respective competition ladders.

Supporters’ Club BBQ

The Supporters’ Club BBQ was abuzz with activity this week, as many 1st V and 2nd V players helped prepare food as part of Culture Day. The goal of Culture Day is for our 1st V and 2nd V players to support the program by demonstrating and promoting the values of 1sts and 2nds Basketball.

Other ways they implemented this goal on the day, was by sitting on the benches of various Waverley teams, and giving advice to individual players during their games, as well as helping to score games.

The 1st V and 2nd V players did a tremendous job, and are to be commended for their efforts. Many thanks to Head Coach, Mr Johnston, for developing and organising this wonderful Program.

Our continued thanks go to Rachael Smith and Glenn Smith for their wonderful efforts in running the BBQ since the start of the season. Funds raised by the Supporters’ Club have helped to pay for Basketball equipment, including scoreboards, shot clocks, backboards and rims.

Basketball Round 3 T4 2022

Can You Help Out For One Hour?

If you are able to help out for one hour on a Saturday when your son plays at Waverley, please contact Rachael Smith at It would be enormously appreciated.

Good luck to all teams this week against Trinity!

Fixtures and Venue Maps

Week 4 of Summer Co-curricular Activities

Waverley hosted St Aloysius’ in our first full Summer home round last weekend, and we had some excellent results as well as some disappointments that come with playing sport.

The 1sts Basketball 109-107 win in double overtime was a great lesson in perseverance.

The 1st XI Cricket were also just as impressive, with the 10th wicket partnership between Conor Andrews and Toby McDonald for around 70 runs, one the highlights, along with Matthew Frost’s 4 wickets.

Our 2nds Basketball are two from two, and I also want to congratulate Will Livissianis on his outstanding 114no for the 9As Cricket team.

Will Livissianis - 9A Cricket

Incredible achievement for Will Livissianis – 9A Cricket

Our 1sts Water Polo played their first ever home game at St Catherine’s on the weekend, and despite narrowly losing to Riverview, gave a strong account.

1sts Water Polo

1sts Water Polo

Congratulations also to Josh Ballard (Year 9), recently selected in the Australian U15 Oztag side.

Behavioural and Uniform Expectations

This week we are away to Cranbrook, and I want to remind all students and spectators of the expectations, particularly around uniform.

Any students wanting to attend the Friday night fixture for 1sts and 2nds Basketball at the new Cranbrook Gym, will only be permitted entry if they are in full summer College uniform.

Any students who are supporting on Saturdays, can be either in full uniform or full Waverley sports attire.

We also need to ensure we are supporting Waverley players only, and not engaging with the opposition.

Old Boy Achievements

It is great to see Waverley Old Boys continue to shine in a number of areas, including 2022 1st XV Captain AJ Preketes, who recently played for the Rebels against the U19 Waratahs.

We also recently have a number of Old Boys playing in the Rugby League World Cup, including Davvy Moale for the Cook Islands, and Luca Morretti for Italy.

Waverley Old Boys continue to do us proud. L to R: Clem Halaholo, Charlie Worthington, AJ Preketes and Fritz Jahnke-Tavana

Waverley Old Boys continue to do us proud. L to R: Clem Halaholo, Charlie Worthington, AJ Preketes and Fritz Jahnke-Tavana

Let’s Finish Strong

With only a couple of weeks of summer activities to go, it is really important for all students to finish the year strong. I encourage all students to continue working on their fitness and skills in the upcoming holidays, ready to go for the start of the 2023 College year.

By Student Reporter, Daniel Palacio


On Saturday, 29 October, the Waverley 1st V faced a tough matchup against St Aloysius.’ It was an incredible battle, which resulted in a victory for Waverley in Double Overtime, with the final score being 109-107.

Once again, the 1sts had a slow start to the game and Aloys’ came out on fire in the first and second quarter, however, thanks to Tom Gleeson and Marko Rangan, the students were able to make a run, and close out the lead to 6 during half time.

Up until the 4th quarter, Aloys’ held a 10-point lead which the students weren’t able to track down, no matter the efforts. However, late in the 4th, led by miracle 3-pointers by Marley Henare and Sergeij Jakovljevic, Waverley closed the lead, and was able to push the game into overtime, finishing 83-all after regular time.

However, Waverley was not able to contain Aloys’ and the team was pushed into another overtime. Finally, Waverley prevailed, and the game ended with some saving defensive efforts by Oscar Walters-Green and Wylie Durrans.

The students will face off against Cranbrook at Cranbrook on Friday this week, which will undoubtedly be a true thriller to watch.


Before the 1st V faced off, the Waverley 2nd V faced off against St Aloysius’ to try to secure their second win, in their run to go undefeated this season. It was a controlling win which was much deserved.

From the jump, the students played incredible defence, and executed on offence led by Aren Yaghoubian, Eden Byrd and Toby Longmire. The lead was extended at half time, and the students were able to maintain a 15-point lead going into the last quarter.

Waverley continued to display a dominant stance on defence, led by Dom Smith and Ashar Te Rata, and extended their lead to 23, with the final score being 55-32.

Now with some momentum, the 2nd V will also face off against Cranbrook next Friday, to try to secure their third win of the season.


The Waverley 10As played a close game which came down to the last second, but unfortunately didn’t fall their way in the end. The students were led by Kayden Baker, Rory Donnellan and Mati Falaniko, the final score being 51-53.


Waverley 9As were dominant in their win, with particularly strong games from Angus Peshos, Solomon Penitani and Xavier Koster. The final score was 52-33.


The 8As played a hard-fought game but were unfortunately defeated in the end. The group was led by the defensive and offensive presence of Dominic Dametto, Aiden Giusti and Philip Falaniko. The students fell short, the final score reading 38-52.

Good luck to all our players who will be playing Cranbrook, a tough opponent, on Saturday.


Daniel Palacio

Captain of Basketball

Daniel Palacio

Ist V and 2nd V

Ist V

Round 2 delivered some great results for Waverley Basketball, with the most exciting being the 1st V’s thrilling, nail-biting 2-point win in double overtime against last season’s co-premiers, and still a very good St Aloysius’ team.

The 1st V never led at any stage during the game, and at one stage were 16-points adrift, only managing to draw equal with less than 12-seconds left on the game clock. It was neck and neck for both overtime periods, with Waverley’s victory not assured until the final second, when St Aloysius’ frantically scrambled under desperate defensive pressure by the 1st V, to put up shots which were either blocked or missed their target.

This was a very memorable win and potentially season-defining moment. Congratulations to both the players and coaching staff.

2nd V

The 2nd V also enjoyed a great win, leading from the start and moving out to a 22-point lead at one stage. It was a dominant performance by Waverley who is undefeated, and now faces a Cranbrook side that has also defeated Knox by a small margin.

Special thanks go to the parents/carers of the 1st V and 2nd V, who hosted the first post-game luncheon in two years. It was a bountiful feast that certainly impressed all in attendance. Thank you to Anne Gleeson and Tony Gleeson for their efforts in organising this.

Wins and Draws

Waverley was victorious in the majority of its games with the following teams winning: 3rd V (56-26), 9th V (46-13), 10th V (48-23), 10C (34-33), 10E (40-24), 10F (45-33), 10G (51-14), 10H (18-11), 9A (52-33), 9B (40-27), 9C (42-34), 9D (32-26), 9G (26-16), 9H (24-7), 8C (27-26), 8D (32-24), and 8E (25-21) with the 5th V (44-all) and 7th V (37-all) drawing their games.

Supporters’ Club BBQ

The Supporters’ Club BBQ has been running for the past three Saturdays, feeding many hungry and happy players and their parents/carers. In the past, funds raised by the Supporters’ Club have helped to pay for Basketball equipment, including scoreboards, shot clocks, backboards and rims.

Thanks to Rachael Smith and Glenn Smith for their wonderful efforts in running the BBQ over the past three weeks. It has also been great to see further support from other parents/carers over the past two weeks.

If you are able to help out for one hour on a Saturday when your son plays at Waverley, please contact Rachael Smith at It would be enormously appreciated.

Good luck to all teams this week against Cranbrook!

1st XI, 9A, and 8A

Congratulations to the 1st XI, 9A, and 8A in defeating St Aloysius’ College in Round 2 of CAS Cricket.

2nd XI, 10A, 9/10B, 8B and 8C

The 2nd XI, 10A, 9/10B, 8B and 8C all went down in narrow losses, despite some outstanding individual performances from play on Day 1.

1st XI

One of the highlights from the weekend, was seeing Fred Robertson (9A) back up in the field for the 1st XI after Jack George was unexpectedly injured. Fred led the way with his constant high energy, as the 1st XI sought to claim the outright points on offer.

Unfortunately, despite the Waverley tail wagging with Toby McDonald and Connor Andrews being our top scorers, a flat pitch made it difficult for Waverley to move the ball around and close out the second innings. 


My personal standout team from Saturday was the mighty 8C who unluckily went down to Shore, on the final ball of the match. Waverley had Shore tied down for all but one ball, of the last two overs. Unfortunately, the Shore batsman just got enough toe on the last ball, to push it through extra cover on a downhill slope that turned, what looked like a mishit, into four runs.

However, it was the manner in which the Waverley students huddled around their teammates and kept their heads held high, which struck me the most. Those who were disappointed, were quickly greeted with the true Waverley values of encouragement and positivity.  

Outstanding Batting Performances

Lastly, congratulations to William Livissianis of the 9A (115*) and Henry Read of the 8A (57*) on outstanding batting performances. The ongoing commitment to the College’s Cricket program from both students is recognised, and is a reflection of their dedication to continual improvement. 

1st XI Match Report – Authored by the Senior Playing Group

On Saturday, the 1st XI won their first game of the season, after a convincing win against St Aloysius’ at Queens Park. 

Day 1

After winning the toss and electing to bowl, we wasted no time, and picked up some early wickets to set the tempo for the game. The opening bowlers, Matt Frost and Toby McDonald worked in tandem to create pressure, which ultimately led to the fall of the Aloysius’ top order.

After some tight bowling and help from the pitch, we finished the 1st Innings with bowling Aloysius’ all out for 104 in 55 overs. Special mention to Matt Frost who topped the bowling figures, with an impressive 4/26 off 11 overs.

We continued with the aggressive tempo in our first batting innings, with a few boundaries off the first over. The whole team chipped in with some runs to chase down the 104 total in 46 overs, and ended the day with a win.

Day 2

In the beginning of play of Day 2, our tail end put in a massive effort to bring our lead up to 119. Credit to Connor Andrews (38*) and Toby McDonald (28), who combined for an 11th wicket partnership of 66. 

During lunch it was great to have our 1st XI support Will Livissianis, who scored 115* in the 9As. Will scored his 115 off 91 balls, with 13 fours and 4 sixes.

After getting all out for 223, we headed back in with the task of getting quick wickets in order to win outright. We went through seven different bowlers, and we finally found some success in Toby McDonald, who picked up back-to-back wickets.

We threw everything we had at them, but unfortunately the hot day and flat wicket was a field day for the batsmen. Stumps was called early, and we finished Round 2 with 6 points. A special thanks to young Fred Robertson from the 9As, who fielded 55 overs for us. His chat in the field never failed to bring the energy up.

Alfred Robertson of 9A celebrates with the 1st XI

Alfred Robertson of 9A celebrates with the 1st XI

Fixtures and Venue Maps

CAS Sport

Well done to all students and coaches on the first full round of summer co-curricular activities last weekend. We had some great performances in a number of activities.

Our 1st XI Cricket were successful in gaining first innings points against St Aloysius’ in an excellent bowling and fielding performance, and can now hopefully quickly amass a challenging total for the second part of their two-day match this weekend. Our 1sts Touch Football side also had a comprehensive victory against Trinity, 9-4.

1st XI

1st XI

Sun Protection, Regular Hydration and Correct Attire

With some warming temperatures this coming weekend, it is really important all students are taking appropriate measures around sun protection and regular hydration. We still have a few students in the incorrect attire on weekends, and all students need to ensure they are properly attired for all fixtures.

Waverley Drink Bottle

Waverley drink bottles are available to purchase from our onsite Uniform Shop

NSW Football Squads Selection

I would also like to congratulate Jacob Rae (U14) and Sandy Zaverdinos (U15) on their recent selection in the NSW Football squads.

Correct Procedures for Absence or Leave

I would also like to remind all parents and carers of the correct procedures regarding absence or leave.

2nd V Basketball

2nd V Basketball

CAS Codes of Conduct Reminder

I would also like to remind all members in the College community of the importance of the CAS codes of Conduct for players, parents, carers, coaches and spectators:


  • Play by the rules and in a spirit of good sportsmanship.
  • Play for the “fun of it” and not just to please parents and coaches.
  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately fouling or provoking an opponent, and throwing equipment, are not acceptable nor permitted in any sport.
  • Work hard, both for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit, so will you.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of another player.
  • Co-operate with your coach, team mates and opponents. Without them, there would be no game.

In the event of a player, or athlete being sent-off during a CAS fixture, it is the responsibility of that boy’s Headmaster at his discretion, to determine the penalty. It is generally understood among Headmasters, however, that the boy will serve at least one week’s suspension from participating in the CAS competition.


  • Focus upon the boy’s efforts and performance, rather than the overall outcome of the game. This assists the boy in setting realistic goals related to his ability, by reducing emphasis on winning.
  • Teach your son that an honest effort is as important as victory, so that the result of the game is accepted without undue disappointment.
  • Encourage your son to always play according to the rules of the game.
  • Never ridicule or yell at your son or another boy for making a mistake or losing a game.
  • Remember boys are involved in organised sports for their benefit and enjoyment, not yours.
  • Remember, children learn best from example. Applaud good play by both teams.
  • If you disagree with an official, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than question the official’s judgement and honesty in public. Remember, most officials give their time and effort voluntarily, for your son’s benefit.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
  • Recognise the value and importance of coaches. They give their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your son and other boys, and deserve your support.


  • We encourage boys to support their school teams and to be dressed in the school’s uniform while doing so.
  • We expect barracking to be enthusiastic, but not to be fanatical or designed to heckle, belittle or disturb the opponents. For example, barracking, for or against, during a kick at goal is always bad sportsmanship. Boys should be encouraged to barrack for their school, rather than for an individual team member. Booing, whistling, playing or beating musical instruments are in bad taste and wholly unacceptable.
  • Vocal support for any team should never encourage violence or rough or illegal play.
    Encroaching onto the field of play, the shouting out of suggestions for players, referees or umpires to hear, are not allowed.
  • It is never acceptable to express disapproval of a referee’s or umpire’s decision – no matter whether the referee be adult or schoolboy.
  • There is a complete ban on all alcoholic drinks at grounds where games between Associated Schools’ teams are being played.
  • We expect our players to be modest in success and generous in defeat, not showing in either case undue emotion. Good play, by your own school and by the opposing school, should be applauded willingly and openly.
  • At all times, spectators should leave the area tidy and free of rubbish when they leave.
  • We look to adults (parents, carers, Old Boys and other spectators), to set an example by their self-control at matches.


Students must perceive that the sporting program of the School is consistent with the educational aims of the School’s Christian foundation. The part that coaches play in reinforcing this consistency, is in insisting on proper attitudes both on and off the field, and by making games attractive, safe and enjoyable for the students.

It is imperative that coaches have a clear understanding of the highest standards associated with amateur sportsmanship, and they must always be ready to combat those views widely expressed in the media that run counter to the spirit of the game.

Coaches should help students understand the fundamental philosophical differences between the games they play and professional games shown on television. The professional is an entertainer and a wage earner, whose play often reflects this fact.

  • Coaches should recognise that games are for enjoyment, and that satisfaction should come from participation in a team. Coaches should kindle in their players, on the one hand, a desire to win, which should motivate them towards excellence, and, on the other hand, a readiness to accept defeat.
  • Coaches should develop in their players respect for the ability of their opponents, as well as for the judgement of officials (ie umpires, referees and touch judges).
  • The home Coach/Manager should always welcome the visiting Coach, and encourage the Captain of the team to seek out the visiting Captain.
  • Coaches should be reasonable in their expectations of the players and in their demands on the players’ time and energy. They should be sensitive to the age, skill and physical maturity of their players.
  • Coaches should carry out their educational responsibility by acquainting their players thoroughly with the rules of the game, as these provide structure and order. For this reason, Coaches should continually update their knowledge of the game.
  • Coaches should support and encourage players. Feedback should be focused on the skill area and no personal derogatory remarks should be made.
  • Where it is permitted under the rules of the game, all coaching from the sidelines must be restrained, tactful, and infrequent, and substantially out of earshot of spectators. In all cases however, the role of the Coach should be understated rather than overstated.
  • Coaches should warn those players who are losing their composure and becoming too physical, and if necessary, remove them from the playing arena should such warnings not be heeded.
  • Leadership and responsibility on the part of the captain should be encouraged. Coaches should refrain from running every detail or interjecting from the sidelines. (It is acknowledged that traditions and practices differ between, say, Basketball on the one hand and, on the other, Cricket and Rugby.)
  • All coaches (and particularly those who are not on the teaching staff), should ensure that they are fully aware of the expectations and practices of the school in which they are coaching. Coaches should remember that school sport plays an important role in a boy’s education, and is for the benefit of boys rather than adults.
  • Coaches should not engage in excessive and ritual “psyching up” of a team.
  • If a match is lost, coaches should avoid giving the impression always that it could have been won if the team had played with more determination. (The opposition is sometimes just too skilful!) Similarly, coaches should avoid stating or giving the impression to players that bad refereeing decisions cost them the game.
  • Coaches should avoid any hint of criticising the umpiring or refereeing of a match – particularly in front of boys or parents.
  • A coach’s aim should be always to coach in such a way that boys are able to learn for themselves.
  • Coaches are to accept player safety as an essential priority and correct techniques are to be insisted upon. Under no circumstances are matches to start or to continue under conditions which a coach considers contentious, eg the absence of an appropriate umpire or referee; or an unsafe playing surface.

Coaches must notify their Sports Convenor if any student from a team is sent off. The student(s) must be supervised by a school official after being dismissed from the field, and disciplined subsequently according to the custom and practice of the member school. It is the general rule that students will be suspended for at least one game or similar penalty, as outlined by the rules for individual sports.


Saturday, 22 October was the 2022/2023 Basketball season opener, where Waverley’s 1st V faced off against Knox in a well-fought, intense battle up at Wahroonga. Unfortunately, Knox was able to beat Waverley 81 to 65.

It was a slow start to the game for Waverley, with Knox coming out firing in the first quarter and moving to a 32-17 lead. The students were then able to switch it on for the rest of the game, bringing Knox’s lead down to just 6 in the third quarter.

From then on, it was just point for point between the two teams until late in the fourth quarter, where Knox was able to run away and secure their first win of the season. Marko Rangan, Sergej Jakovlijevic and Harry Lee worked hard all game to give Waverley a fighting chance. The students will face off against Knox once more next year, where they hope to attain a victory.


Before the 1st V, Waverley’s 2nd V faced off against Knox for their season opener, where they went on to win in a well-deserved victory. Straight away from the jump ball, the students worked hard to gain an early lead, with the help of Aren Yaghoubian. They kept their lead for the rest of the game, as they continually tried building it up.

The third quarter was where they were really able to shine, and where they gained an 11-point lead with the help of Dom Smith’s defence. During the fourth quarter, Knox was able to come back to make it a 3-point game.

In the end, Waverley was just too good, and were able to secure their win over Knox with the final score 58 to 54. The win gives the 2nd V a confidence boost as they head into the second week of the CAS season.


Waverley 10As faced off against Knox at Waverley in a close game which came down to the wire. Both teams fought hard, but unfortunately Waverley came up just short, with the final score 28 -34. The students were led well by Renato Rovacchi, Giles Strachan, and Mati Falaniko.


Waverley’s 9As worked hard at home to secure an 8-point win over Knox. The students were led behind the star players Angus Peshos, Isaac Buchanan, and Jonte Garvey in their win, with the final score 32-24.


The 8As had a nail-biting game against Knox, that came down to the final buzzer. The students continued to work hard till the final buzzer, but unfortunately came short by 4 points. They were led well by Aidan Giusti, Phil Falaniko and Hayden McAusland, with the final score 28 to 32.

Good luck to all players who will be facing off against St Aloysius’ this Saturday, where we hope to have wins across all age groups.


Tom Gleeson

Captain of 1sts

Wins, Losses and Draws

Saturday, 22 October saw the resumption of CAS Basketball, with Waverley up against perennial Basketball powerhouse, Knox Grammar. While our 1sts, unfortunately, were unable to come away with a win, our 2nd V posted a rousing 4-point win away at Knox, which is never an easy assignment. Both 1sts and 2nds face undefeated St Aloysius’ teams this week.

Waverley also enjoyed further wins across all age groups including 4th V (35-28), 6th V (32-24), 8th V (31-26), 9th V (34-32 against St Joseph’s), 10th V (31-10 against Newington), 10G (24-14), 9A (32-24), 9B (42-27), 9D (30-28), 9G (30-28), and 8C (31-27).

The 10Fs drew 25-all, while another 9 teams lost by 6 points or fewer.

Supporters’ Club BBQ

The Supporters’ Club BBQ is back up and running after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19. In the past, funds raised by the Supporters’ Club have helped to pay for Basketball equipment including scoreboards, shot clocks, backboards and rims.

Thanks to Rachael Smith and Glenn Smith for their wonderful efforts in running the BBQ over the past two weeks.

If you are able to help out for one hour on a Saturday when your son plays at Waverley, please contact Rachael Smith at It would be greatly appreciated!

Good luck to all teams this week against St Aloysius’!

The 1st XI claimed their first win of the season against St Aloysius’ College at Queens Park in the first two-day game of Term 4. Aloysius’ were sent into bat first, and were limited to a total of 104 due to an impressive performance with the ball by rookie and team favourite, Matthew Frost.

Frost proved that consistency is crucial in building pressure, as he went on to take 4/26 off 11 overs. Lucas Ryan provided the helping hand by taking an excellent diving catch in second slip. Waverley currently has a lead of 14 runs going into the second day, which was boosted by Hunter Eldrige’s 27, who was unfortunately run out. Congratulations to Mr Kroll and the team for their superb efforts on Saturday.

Waverley College Lunch

I would also like to acknowledge and thank all the parents/carers involved in putting on the famous Waverley College lunch for the 1st XI players. COVID-19 had restricted the College’s capacity to facilitate this lunch, and it was pleasing to see that as a cricket community, there is still a driving force of unity in organising this event.

Ultimately, these efforts as a community make the experience of playing 1st XI much more enjoyable for all the students. In particular, thank you to both the Hickey and Andrews families who have devoted their time in not only organising the lunch, but also embraced the many new parents/carers as members of our community. 

Notable Performances

Furthermore, some other notable performances across the grounds included:

Lastly, Lachlan Chalmers from the 8As bagged a hat trick playing club cricket for Randwick on Sunday, and definitely deserves a special mention. Lachlan’s performance is a reflection of his attentive approach to training and his respect for his team, including his coaches. Well done, Lachlan.