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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Creative Arts

On the tools

By Alison Jinga, Head of Drama

This week the Year 12 Entertainment students have been involved in a two day incursion in the incredible new TAS building at Waverley. The students worked in three teams to construct a theatrical door per group. The Drama Department will be able to use these doors in the future for class and production purposes.

This is the first time the Drama/Entertainment Department have collaborated with the TAS Department and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Mr Matthew Barr taught the students in a methodical, positive and well-informed way. Each boy had to demonstrate competency by operating different power tools. They used a drop saw, cordless drill, electric sander, domino, tri-square and chisel, to name a few. They have learnt to read plans and how to turn measurements from a 1-10 scale drawing and transfer that to the actual size of the theatrical door being made, which in this case, was 10 times larger than the size of the prototype.

It is great that the students can learn how to use power tools in a workshop environment and actually build real staging elements that will be used in the future. I’m hoping that the new cohort of Entertainment students in Year 11 2017 get to experience a similar workshop where they will build theatrical windows. Lots to look forward to!

I asked the students to give me some feedback about their experience of the incursion and I’ve included their quotes below:

“I think that Entertainment is a great course, it enables us to learn through practical experience. It is good to learn how to use Industrial tools that you wouldn’t get to use in everyday life.” John Hall

“We are learning stuff outside the classroom that we can put to good use in the real world.” Luke Murry

“This course has allowed us to get involved in not just technical elements such as vision, audio and lighting, but also the mechanist side of Staging, constructing set pieces using wood, tools etc.” James Rusconi

“Helps me further my knowledge in the use of power tools.”  Jack Harris-Gregory

“This course has helped me to build confidence in using power tools in the workshop.”  Jordan Perdia

“This course has given me different perspectives on how I can use my skills outside of the workshop. If I am employed backstage in the theatre and I need to fix a prop or set piece, I would feel confident doing so.”  George Meli

“With the Entertainment Industry growing exponentially, it is a great asset to have the skills to work in a workshop environment when employed or at home.” Sam Walsh

I finish with a big thank-you to the TAS Department for giving up their wonderful workshop space to accommodate the Entertainment workshop. I’d also like to thank Mr Barr who gave up his time to teach the Course. It was fantastic. Even I had a go at using a drop saw and I have to admit, it was thrilling.