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Online Learning Guidelines

Powerschool or Google Classroom will be the platform to deliver online lessons. 

Student expectations

  • Students will use the lessons and timing of their school timetable as a guide.
  • Students will be responsible, motivated learners who adhere to the Waverley College Online Learning Protocols Document at all times.
  • Students will identify a suitable learning space at home using a table or desk and chair and where learning activities can be undertaken with minimal disruption.  
  • Students will follow online etiquette: Video Conferences are just like a normal classroom so the same expectations apply. Students are not to have their phones in their work space, they are to maintain respectful language and respect the learning of others. Video conferences are monitored. 
  • Students will complete all learning activities with diligence and sustained effort, whilst maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity. 
  • If students fail to complete tasks to the best of their ability, parent’s will be notified and a consequence will be enforced. This will also be reflected in their Semester One Report.
  • If students require further clarification or assistance with tasks allocated, the first point of contact should be the class teacher. Teachers will liaise with their HoH, and the Learning Support department when necessary. 
  • Should a student be unable to complete their assigned online working due to sickness or approved leave, the same procedures apply:

Junior School

Absentee line, Skoolbag app or (

Leave of any kind: Director of Junior School 

Senior School

Absentee line, Skoolbag app 

Leave up to four days: Head of House

Leave of five or more days: Deputy Principal (Student & Staff Wellbeing) (

Staff expectations

  • Teaching will follow the school timetable as a guide. 
  • Staff are expected to provide similar work that they would set for a normal on-campus school day. Keeping in mind that tasks may take longer than usual without the guidance and support of a teacher. 
  • All lesson plans for the day need to be uploaded by 8:30am that morning with regular monitoring throughout the day.
  • If students fail to complete tasks, the class teacher will contact the parents and include the HoH and HoD on this communication.
  • Staff are encouraged to maintain a record of student engagement in the learning activities and provide timely feedback where required. 
  • Year 7- 12 teachers will conduct a Video Conference with each class at least twice a week. This will be scheduled in the teacher’s timetabled period. The video conference may be in the form of a class check- in, homework tutorial, Q&A session or concept lesson. 
  • Year 5 – 6 teachers will conduct a Video Conference with their class each morning from 8:45am – 9:00am to provide students with an outline of the day and answer any questions.
  • Staff are strongly advised to record their Video Conference. 
  • Should staff be unwell and unable to continue with their online learning delivery, they will notify students via the online platform, the Administration Coordinator as well as their HoD. It is recommended that staff also apply an ‘out of office’ notice on their email indicating when they will be returning from leave to respond to questions and enquiries. 


Parent Recommendations

Provide support for your children by: 

  • Establishing regular daily routines and ensuring that where possible, his regular timetable is followed. 
  • Reinforcing College expectations regarding completion of all learning activities. 
  • Monitor College communication through all digital platforms. 
  • Reinforce the importance of accessing online support from their teachers. 
  • Encourage regular technology-free breaks throughout the day. 
  • Contact the classroom teacher or HoH if students are unable to meet course requirements. 


Structure of the teacher’s Lesson Plan

Once students log onto their timetabled classes for the day, the instructions and work for that lesson will be ready for them to view as follows:

  1. Heading-Classwork for (insert date)
  2. The Learning Intention(s) of the lesson to be clearly outlined
  3. The Success Criteria clearly explains how students will achieve the Learning Intention(s)
  4. The work to be set in a clear manner including appropriate adjustments and resources
  5. An explanation as to how to get help (email, Google slides, docs…)
  6. Clear explanation of how and when to submit work
  7. Prompt, quality feedback on submitted work



  • For Year 5-10 students, we will modify assessment tasks and due dates so that boys are not disadvantaged.
  • For Year 11 and 12 students, we will comply with all NESA requirements and directives. We will continue to monitor advice from NESA to inform any decisions made about learning and assessment. NESA announced that the 2020 HSC examinations will go ahead. As more information is provided to the College we will share this with the College community. Link


Learning Support

Students who would ordinarily attend Learning Support groups will be assigned work to continue on with during these periods. Learning support staff have the option to Video Conference with students in small groups or individuals to offer extra support if required.

For students who require additional support with their learning, various support structures such as scaffolds and simplified instructions should be provided by the class teacher as per normal class.

Staff should liaise with Learning Support if they need extra support in adjusting online lessons for a child in their class who has a PLP. 

Any queries should be directed to the following: 

Year 5 – Year 6 – Katrina King and Margaret Fitzgerald ( and

Year 7 – David Parnell (

Year 8 – Matthew Johnston (

Year 9 – Deanne Seamons (

Year 10 – John McCoy (

Year 11 – John McCoy (

Year 12 – Deanne Seamons (

Year 12 HSC Disability Provisions – David Parnell (


Academic Enrichment

Students who would ordinarily receive Academic Enrichment will be assigned work to continue on with during these periods.

Any queries should be directed to the following: 

Year 5 – Year 6 – Katrina King and Margaret Fitzgerald ( and

Year 7 – 12 – Belinda Buchan (



Our College Psychologists will still be available to consult via phone or over Zoom. Students who have made scheduled appointments to see a Psychologist will still be able to access that support remotely.

School Psychologists’ contact details:

Junior School

Alexsandra McCredie (

Senior School

Tessa Prior (

Greg Cameron (


Assistance with Technology

If you need technical assistance during the coming weeks while your sons are working online at home, please contact our Help Desk: Log a ticket by emailing with a description of the problem.