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MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow 

MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow - Commanding Officer - WCCU

Cadets is an inclusive and varied co-curricular activity providing many different experiences and opportunities in which our cadets can develop leadership, initiative, service and excellence.

This Term will see our leaders serving the community with three Remembrance Day Ceremonial Parades – for Waverley College, for St Catherine’s School and for Waverley Council.

Some of our lucky cadets will travel to Holsworthy Barracks tomorrow for a Live Fire activity and in December we are holding our inaugural WEC Trek Camp. This exciting initiative is a camp to extend some of our seniors in field skills and teamwork as they compete in a scenario-based activity for the Silver Award. Next year, a Gold Award will also be on offer. This camp is designed as a pre-cursor to the National Adventure Training Award (ATA) and is also excellent preparation for AFX.

LTCOL(AAC) Anthony Evans

The WCACU community will be pleased to hear of a recent appointment at HQ AAC 2nd Brigade. Anthony Evans, Waverley Old Boy and long serving member of our Cadet Unit, has just been appointed the Assistant Commander of 2nd Brigade at Holsworthy. We congratulate LTCOL(AAC) Evans on his new appointment and look forward to working closely with him in all our endeavours.