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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Passing Out Parade and Dining In Night 2022

On Sunday, we farewelled our graduating Year 12 Cadets, as they concluded their five years of service to the Unit at the Annual Passing Out Parade and Awards Ceremony. We were blessed with good weather, and many parents and friends came to see the Unit looking resplendent in their DPCU before the Reviewing Officer, LTCOL Delaney of NSW 2nd Brigade.

Ably commanded by the SUO, Zachary Straker, our cadets performed magnificently, demonstrating their respect for tradition, for the Cadet Unit, and for our Senior Ranks and their leadership over the past difficult years of isolation.

One of the benefits of the Cadet program is to develop tenacity and fortitude in times of hardship, but it was still amazing to see CPL Deuchar Dezarnaulds find the strength to receive his award from LTCOL Delaney, having just recovered from surgery on Sunday. Well done, Deuchar!

Congratulations to all our prize winners for their dedication and commitment to the Unit over the past year:

Waverley College Cadet Unit 2022 Awards

Most Efficient Cadet in the Field

A COY – CDT Kayden Baker

B COY – CDT Lachlan Isaac

C COY – CDT Lara Karlovsky

D COY – CDT Benjamin Webb          

SPT COY – CPL Julia Mallam            

Most Efficient JNCO Awards

A COY – CPL Bailey Barker                      

B COY – CPL Luca Patrick-Watkins

C COY – CPL Oliver Malzard

D COY – CPL Meg O’Connor

SPT COY – CPL Deuchar Dezarnaulds        

Commanding Officer’s Efficiency Awards

WO2 Mitchell Cahill

WO2 Alistair Isaac

WO2 Sarah Teitler

WO2 Angus Birrell

SGT Bert Cottell

SGT Catherine Fitzpatrick

SGT Christopher Kallo

SGT Paul Muir

SGT Ruben Stock

SGT Max Van Buuren

Commanding Officer’s Commendation for Excellence in the Field

CUO Sachiel Bass

CPL Jack Kerves

The Commanding Officer’s Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to the Unit

CUO Daniel Di Francesco

The Johnny O’Keefe Award for Excellence in the Band

WO2 Angus Birrell

The ADF Long Tan Award 2021 (Presented at Final Assembly 2021)

Year 10 Cadet – SGT Matteo Paolella

Year 12 Cadet – CUO Finn Anderson

The ADF Future Innovators Award 2021 (Presented at Final Assembly 2021)

Year 10 Cadet – SGT Ruben Stock

Year 12 Cadet – CUO Lachlan Muir

The Adventure Training Award 2022 (Presented by Australian Army Cadets at Majura MTA 2022)

SGT Hugh McDonald

SGT Paul Muir

The Major General Charles H New Trophy for Outstanding Leadership in the Field

WO2 Matteo Paolella

The Major F S Farrell Trophy for General Excellence in a Senior Specialty Platoon

WO2 Thomas Martin

The SGT Bede Kenny VC Memorial Award for the Most Efficient NCO

WO2 Kayla Heng                

The General Cosgrove Shield for the Most Efficient Senior Specialty Platoon

PNR Platoon

(Received by PNR Platoon Commander – CUO Mack Trustrum)              

The Major F D Marzorini Shield for the Most Efficient Platoon

10 Platoon

(Received by Platoon Commander – CUO Emma Pellegrini)  

The Lt Col P R Frost Company Cup for the Most Efficient Company

D Company

(Received by Company Commander – CUO Kai Chavez)              

The Officers’ Staff Cane for General Excellence in the Completion of Duties                 

CUO Hugo Pizzol    

The Col R J Marr Cane DFC QC for Meritorious Service

CUO Brandon Reid 

The Maj General J A Chapman Cane for the Best Cadet in the Unit

SUO Zachary Straker

Old Boys’ Union Ceremonial Swords

We thank the Old Boys’ Union for their generous donation of a further five ceremonial swords to the Unit. This year’s swords were presented by LTCOL Frost and Mr Salvatore Riolo to:

A Company Commander – CUO Darcy Ferguson – in honour of MAJ Sydney Walker DSO

B Company Commander – CUO Jacob Mulberry standing in for CUO Ellie Mallett – in honour of COL Bill Molloy sword

C Company Commander – CUO Hugo Pizzol – in honour of CAPT Thomas Westbrook

D Company Commander – CUO Kai Chavez – in honour of COL Brett Courtenay OAM

Cadet Quartermaster – CUO Brandon Reid – in honour of CAPT(AAC) Anthony Gleeson

Special Guests and Commanding Officer’s Sword

The celebrations continued into the evening as our Years 10 and 11 Dining Stewards converted the gymnasium into a formal military mess, enjoyed by special guests from the AAC, St Catherine’s School and Waverley College, joining our Year 12 cadets and their parents.

Always a special evening, this year we were also honoured with the presentation of the Commanding Officer’s Sword by Waverley College Old Boy, MAJGEN Charles New. We thank MAJGEN New for his generosity to, and support of, the Waverley College Cadet Unit.

Year 12 Cadets

As we end another Cadet Year, we thank the 30 Year 12 cadets for their leadership, their tenacity and their service to their rank and recruits. They have been outstanding role models and exemplary citizens:

WO1 Charles Alexander

CUO Sachiel Bass

CUO Kai Chavez

CPL Liam Davis

CUO Hugo Defina-Sperando

CUO Daniel Di Francesco

CUO Darcy Ferguson

SGT James Garrop

CUO Harrison Gippel

CUO James Harding

CUO Patrick Healy

SGT Chris Kallo

CUO Vanessa Kimpton

CUO James Kort

CUO Deanna Koumi

CUO Ellie Mallett

WO2 Thomas Martin

CUO Ivy McGrath

CUO Daniel McSweeny

CUO Jacob Mulberry

CUO Emma Pellegrini

CUO Hugo Pizzol

SGT Gemma Proctor

CUO Owen Punch

CUO Brandon Reid

CUO Zachary Straker

CUO Mack Trustrum

CUO Sophia Voigt

CUO Ian Vuk

CUO Alison Zaczek

Thank you

Thank you, also, to our fantastic Cadet staff for their commitment to the Unit in encouraging our young men and women to become proud and responsible citizens. We now turn our attention to developing our next leaders at the Promotions Courses from Monday, 27 June – Saturday, 2 July at Winbourne Conference Centre, Mulgoa.

A preparation afternoon will be held from 3.30pm – 5pm on Friday, 17 June. All promotions candidates are required to attend this afternoon and form up will be on the Centenary Quad.

For the rest of the Unit, I thank you for your commitment to Cadets over the past year and look forward to seeing you, along with our new recruits, at the Commanding Officer’s Parade on Friday, 29 July.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU