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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Quinn House – End of Year Reflection

Quinn House 2020 Prefects

Year 11 students at the House Swimming Carnival

From the Head of Quinn House, Olivia Kite

2019 was another rewarding year for Quinn House. The boys of Quinn have experienced growth, resilience, friendship, unity, social justice, leadership, role-modelling and academic success.

New Year 7 students entered the Brother Lacey Gymnasium for the first time as Waverley College students. They were led by our Prefects, Gian Bonnani, Henry Standfield, Dion Sinodinos and Tim Waring. The cohort of 2025 spent their first day learning about the campus, collecting textbooks and stationery and meeting their mentors and Big Brothers. Throughout the year, our Prefects demonstrated leadership, compassion, enthusiasm, and positive role-modelling throughout the year and at various House events. They lead the students of Quinn in chants, House competitions, carnivals and social justice initiatives.

Term 2 was a term of reflection and recognition. Our main focus for Term 2, was social justice and raising awareness around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues and topics. We recognised and celebrated Reconciliation Week with an important Assembly acknowledging the importance of learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. We explored the meaning behind reconciliation and how important it is as we move forward as a nation. The College also celebrated Reconciliation Week. The assembly was a wonderful display of acknowledgement and appreciation for our Indigenous students, families and history. Thank you to Fran Grant who spoke of her experience, students from Riverview who performed traditional dances and Ms Sue Walsh and Mr Richard Bryant for all their efforts and contributions to the assembly.

Max Murphy during Reconciliation Week

Week 9 saw Quinn participate in the House Athletics Carnival at ES Marks. Despite the wet start to the morning, the day turned out to be warm and provided the perfect weather for everyone to get involved. Quinn placed 4th overall in the Carnival and took our 1st place in the House Chant Competition. Congratulations to all the boys who participated on the day, placed in their events and got involved. It was wonderful to see such energy, encouragement and organisation from the House.

Congratulations to all the boys who were involved in the College Musical. It was a fantastic production that saw so much energy, involvement, talent and enthusiasm on stage and behind the scenes. Congratulations to Cillian Treanor and Jed Turnbull for their contributions to the production.

Term 3 was a busy Term with students on Immersions, participating in Track & Field, Year 9 Camp and Year 12 Graduation.

Both the Timor Leste Immersion and the Red Earth Immersions took students from Year 9, 10 and 11 to immerse themselves in the unique cultures, beliefs and environments of Timor Leste, Arnhem Land and Cape York. Students met people from all walks of life. These interactions opened the students’ eyes and minds to the different experiences and hardships people face. It was also an opportunity for students to consider how they might advocate for the people in these marginalized communities.

2019 was also the year of the 90th Annual CAS Athletics Competition. Students from all year groups threw, ran and jumped their way onto the CAS team who competed at the Sydney Olympic Athletics Centre. Congratulations to every boy who competed on the night and a special mention to the following Quinn House students who made the team: Riley Vidulich, Aaron Dimovitch, Kurt Kress, Tom Clothier, Hugh Clothier, Ryan Harper, Jackson Cunningham, Asolellei Fretton, Axel Runow, Ethan Flanagan, Fritz Janhke-Tavana, Harry Cox-Nugent, Hong Rath, Hudson Hatchett, King Manu, Tom Stewart, Will Fagan and Xavier Schofield.

In Week 7 of the term, Year 9 travelled to Camp Somerset to immerse themselves in an outdoor learning experience. The camp was both physically and mentally challenging and required the boys to work together as a team. Thank you to all the teachers who volunteered their time away from their families to attend the camp and help make it such a great success.

On the back of Year 9 Camp, Waverley College hosted their second Father-Son Camp at Somerset. This was a wonderful opportunity for fathers and sons to spend quality time together bonding over physical activities, around campfires and shared meals cooked by the boys. Graduation took place on the last day of Term 3 and was an excellent opportunity to congratulate and farewell our graduating Class of 2019. The graduating class were recognised for their academic success, sporting achievements and their dreams and hopes for the future.

Quinn finished the year well in Term 4 with Year 10 Activity Camp, Year 12 Retreat, Big Brother Little Brother programs and the Matthew Talbot Christmas Appeal. With the devastating impact of the NSW Bushfires in November and the threat of these fires at Camp Somerset, the College decided to cancel Year 10 camp for the safety and wellbeing of all those involved. Therefore, Year 10 were engaged in a range of activities for the week.

Monday was an opportunity for students to learn the dangers and responsibilities of driving. The RYDA Program is an exceptional program that exposed students to real-life stories of those involved in car accidents as a result of reckless driving. It aims to educate teenagers about road safety and encourage them to make responsible decisions when behind the wheel.

Year 10 were introduced to Rock and Water on Tuesday. This is a program that seeks to develop resilience and build character in teenagers through physical play and concentrated breathing and focus.

Sam Clear spoke with the cohort on Wednesday about his walking journey around the world. Sam spent 568 days walking 15,500km from South America through Europe to the most Western part of Spain. His story is one of courage, challenges and overcoming adversity and demonstrate love in action under exceptional circumstances.

Thursday and Friday were spent walking the Spit to Manly Track and spending the day on Sydney Harbour. These two days gave the boys an opportunity to spend time with friends, wind down, get active and reflect on their efforts over 2019.

In Week 3, Year 12 students from Quinn and Lacey House spent three days on Retreat. The three-day Retreat gave the boys an opportunity to get to know themselves better, reflect on their goals, their progress so far, where they’ve been and where they hope to go in the future. The time away from technology and the stresses of school meant that students were able to develop their friendships, support other students and prepare for their last year at the College. Thank you to Damien Thompson, Emily Pace, Adam Wallington, Stephanie Boyce, Alan Riordan, Kyle Newbury and Rebecca Gair for the time and effort they put into the Retreat and the experience they were able to provide for the Year 12 students. Our Year 10 and Year 5 students finished the year by participating in Big Brother Little Brother Trivia. It was a wonderful experience for all students involved as it opened up dialogue, boosted confidence and allowed for respectful relationships between our younger and older students to develop.

Finally, congratulations to all of Quinn’s End of Year Award Winners for 2019: Samuel Stewart, Hirav Gandhi, Scott Swinburn, Charles Hely-Hammond, Riley Vidulich, Dane Perica, Billy Deutsch, Giulian D’ettorre, James McMahon and Leo Shanahan. Thank you to all the families who donated to the Matthew Talbot Christmas Appeal. These donations go towards helping Matt talbot Kiosk put together hampers for men in need.

Thank you to the Quinn mentors for their support of our boys in 2019.