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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Quinn House Report – Term 2, 2019

From Head of Quinn, Olivia Kite

Term 2 has been a Term full of celebrations, appreciation and relationship building.

Big Brother, Little Brother

Year 10 students spent the afternoon with their Year 5 and 6 Little Brothers in Week 7. This was a brilliant opportunity for students to develop their friendships with each other. Quinn played a round-robin of Basketball, with some of the Year 5 and 6 students out-maneuvering to take possession of the ball and shoot goals against their senior counterparts. The senior students were encouraging and supportive throughout each game and ensured each Waterford student felt comfortable and competitive.

We then moved on to participate in a Diversity Walk. This was an opportunity for students to put themselves in the shoes of others less fortunate. A selection of students were given role-play cards that describes the life of a student. They were asked to close their eyes and imagine that they were the student on their role play card. Each participating student stood in a line across the Centenary Quad to represent an ‘even playing field’. The students were then asked questions and were asked to take a step forward if the questions affected them favourably and asked to take a step back if the question had a negative consequence for their scenario. By the end of the demonstration, students were spread across the Centenary Quad. Students then revealed their role play card to the rest of the group and spoke about how the questions affected them. The purpose of the activity was to demonstrate how each student’s life is different and we are never fully aware of everyone’s backgrounds, how they might be feeling, their role within the family, their sporting or academic ability or their mental or physical health. One Waterford student summarised the purpose of the activity incredibly well and made the comment that “it is always important to…be kind to our friends, and boys who aren’t our friends, because sometimes they need help”.

Quinn at the Athletics Carnival 2019

Week 9 saw Quinn participate in the House Athletics Carnival at ES Marks. Despite the wet start to the morning, the day turned out to be warm and provided the perfect weather for everyone to get involved. Quinn placed 4th overall in the Carnival and took our 1st place in the House Chant Competition. Congratulations to all the boys who participated on the day, placed in their events and got involved in the House chants. It was wonderful to see such energy, encouragement and organisation from the House.

Congratulations to all the boys who were involved in the College Musical. It was a fantastic production that saw so much energy, involvement, talent and enthusiasm on stage and behind the stage. Congratulations to Cillian Treanor and Jed Turnbull for their contributions to the production.

Contributing to the Flag of Hands for Reconciliation Week.

The College also celebrated Reconciliation Week. The assembly was a wonderful display of acknowledgment and appreciation for our Indigenous students, families and history. Thank you to Fran Grant who spoke of her experience, students from Riverview who performed traditional dances and Ms Sue Walsh and Mr Richard Bryant for all their efforts and contributions to the assembly.

Congratulations to Aidan Korpar, Xavier Scholfield and Sam Stewart who were also presented with Academic Awards for their involvement in the Da Vinci Decathlon and academic success in the classroom.

Quinn House will be celebrating Mass together on the 1st of August at 6pm in the College Chapel. The Mass will be driven by the students, with all hymns, prayers and readings chosen by the boys themselves. We will also include special recognition of our current Year 12 students, therefore it is important that the parents of our Year 12 students can attend. 

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy break.

I look forward to seeing you in all in Term 3.