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Raising teens, male image and relationships by David Kobler

From the Director of Mission, Phillip Davis

Male Image and Relationships Student Seminar

 On Tuesday 27 March 2018 Year 11 students attended a Male Image Seminar presented by Mr David Kobler ( Real issues topics facing young men were discussed, including manhood, masculinity, relationships, respect for females, and the harmful effects of pornography. Mr Kobler included media images, real-life stories, medical commentaries and statistical analysis in his various discussions.  The students also ‘workshopped’ each topic in small groups.

Thank you

I would like to thank the following staff for volunteering to lead the small groups during the day: Mr Aird, Mr Barrett, Mr Boyd, Mr Cornish, Mr Elliot, Mr Newbury, Mr O’Donnell, Mr Porter, Mr Rowling and Mr Wallington.

Raising Teens Parent Seminar

Another seminar titled ‘Raising Teens’ was also run by Mr Kobler for parents later that evening. Over three hundred parents attended to hear about important issues their sons will face as they transition from boyhood to manhood. Topics included the real qualities of manhood versus media and societal concepts of male image, relationships, sex education, sexual decision making and the very real dangers of pornography regarding brain development and future relationships. (Further information regarding pornography can be found here

  • Real Man vs. Good Man– What is it that actually makes a man?
  • Stereotypes– Breaking the chains to become an authentic man
  • Emotion– How to take off the mask and be real with your feelings.
  • Relationships– The ingredients to a healthy respectful relationship
  • Sexual decision making– A discussion that helps young people think through what sex is for, why our society is so obsessed with it, and how to make a decision rather than simply respond to a circumstance.
  • Pornography– A scientific discussion about the impact this has both personally and relationally.
  • Love– The word that so many struggle to define, what is it? How do you show it? What makes it real?

At the end of the evening, Mr Kobler stayed behind to answer individual questions from parents. The consensus among parents was that the evening was very worthwhile.

Thank you

I would like to thank the Head of College, Mr Leddie and the Director of Student Wellbeing, Mr Porter for their attendance and support of the evening. Mr Kara, Logistics and Events Manager, provided wonderful background assistance, especially regarding accommodating the large number of parents who attended. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Ms Divall, Marketing Manager, as well as the Parent Association for their publicising of this event.