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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Records broken at ES Marks Carnival

Kaitlyn Downey, Convenor of Track and Field

3000m Record smashed by Year 12 student Charles McGrath

We had an awesome carnival our at ES Marks on Saturday and despite the very hot weather, we had a school record broken. Charles McGrath (Year 12) went out to beat his coach Jeremy Roff’s old 3000m record of 8:58:53 held since 2001. Charles went out and smashed that record by over 10 seconds with a time of 8:47:30. This was done with the support of one of Charles’ training partners from Cranbrook, Drew Fryer, who ran as his pacer for the first 2km to give Charles the best chance of breaking our school record. The support these two students have shown each other throughout the season is a true example of good sportsmanship and is something we should be very proud of.

Other excellent results from the day included:


100m 3rd Jack Hardwicke-Owen

200m 1st Jack Hardwicke-Owen

800m 3rd Anthony Candi

1500m 3rd Charles McGrath

Shot 2nd Lewis Thompson

Discus 1st Lewis Thompson

Discus 2nd Miles Amatosero

Discus 3rd Harley McGuiggan

Javelin 1st Barnaby Bickmore-Hutt

Opens/17s combines High Jump 3rd Jack Hardwicke-Owen



Long Jump 1st Theo Liong

Discus 1st Miles Amatosero

Discus 3rd Barnaby Bickmore-Hutt

Javelin 1st Barnaby Bickmore-Hutt



1500m 3rd Finn McClean

Hurdles 3rd Luke Marshall

High Jump 3rd Roy Hampshire

Shot 3rd Peter Cassimatis

Discus 1st Mile Amatosero

Discus 2nd Davvy Moale



1500m 1st Joshua Grant

1500m 2nd Remy Crompton-Lamb

Hurdles 3rd Ullhaus Dey

Javelin 3rd Spencer Kapos



200m 2nd Conor Ryan

400m 3rd Conor Ryan

800m 2nd Kurt Kress

800m 3rd Luca Wilson

1500m 2nd Kurt Kress

1500m 3rd Luca Wilson

Hurdles 2nd Dane Towns

Long Jump 2nd Dane Towns

High Jump 1st Dane Towns

High Jump 2nd Riley Vidulich

Javelin 3rd Jack Rigg



Hurdles 1st Jake Weinstein

Discus 1st Alejandro Zanapolis

Javelin 1st Alejandro Zanapolis