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Recruit Training 2023

Commanding Officer Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU, MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Today is the last Home Training for our recruits as they complete the first two terms of their Cadet experience. A big thank you to the SUO and his team for their constant commitment in attending O Group every Monday to plan and executing the Training Program every Friday. Our Company Commanders and CSMs have done a great job in leading their rank and recruits and Company spirit is high.

Next week, Pioneers and Engineers are heading to the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym for an enjoyable afternoon of bouldering and climbing. Please ensure you have sent in your parent permission slips to Ms Stanley. Rank will have training specific to them as we complete the year on Friday, 24 November.

In the holidays, the inaugural WEC Trek camp will take place at Douglas Park as 30 of our cadets compete in navigation, ratel, field skills, leadership and teamwork for the Waverley Extension Camp Award. We wish them all the best for their preparation and competition.

Merry Christmas

A huge thank you to all our rank and staff for their excellent leadership in 2023. Corporals, Sergeants, Warrant Officers, Cadet Under Officers and Directing Staff, I thank you all for your commitment and passion and belief in the vision of this youth development program.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Friday, 2 February 2024 and ask that you take a moment to note the Key Dates for the 2024 Cadet Year below.

Cadets Key Dates 2024

Click here to view the Cadets Key Dates 2024

I wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday and a very Merry Christmas.