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MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow Commanding Officer - WCCU

MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow Commanding Officer - WCCU

Friday, 17 November is the final Home Training for our recruits for this year.

It can be difficult as we approach the Christmas holidays to remain focussed on warm Friday afternoons and to treat Cadets and the members of our Cadet Unit with courtesy and respect. Last Friday, I spoke to the recruits about this very topic, following weeks of continual disrespect towards rank and staff.

Friday afternoons are about practising and preparing for the culminating activity of the recruit year, the Annual Field Exercise (AFX). Continual disrespectful behaviour from some of our recruits on Fridays is indicative, then, of the kind of behaviour we predict on AFX. Such behaviour on a military base poses a real safety concern and is not something I will tolerate.

Cadets is a vastly different context to the rest of the school week, and provides an excellent opportunity for growth, for tolerance, and for learning how to conduct oneself in a  respectful and professional way. Our core tenets reflect those of the AAC and encourage Service, Courage, Integrity and Excellence, but it is Respect which must underpin everything we do to foster an inclusive, collaborative and positive experience in Cadets. I would encourage all to be mindful of keeping their interactions respectful at all times.

It takes courage for young people to check their behaviour, to think twice before acting and speaking, and it is not something that the instant, modern world facilitates. I ask all cadets to be vigilant with their own conduct, to ensure our platoons and companies are exhibiting behaviour of which we can all be proud.

Home Training – 24 November 2023

While the recruits are on their Year 8 Camp, Cadets on Friday, 24 November will be for senior cadets only.

Various activities are planned for the day, including a CPX for Senior Rank, a CPL session and an excursion to the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym for our Pioneers, Engineers and X Platoons. Please keep an eye on your emails and the Routine Orders for more information.