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Senior Ethics Olympiad Teams to Think, Talk and Work Together on the Tough Moral and Ethical Issues of our Time

Middle School Ethics Olympiad

Ethics Olympiad

On 4 May, our Senior Ethics Olympiad teams will be competing in the Olympiad where over 300 teams are registered so far.

The College has a proud history of competing in the Ethics Olympiad wherein teams engage in rigorous discussion around interesting ethical cases. 

This Year’s Cases

  • Case 1 – Lookism and Free Cosmetic Surgery
  • Case 2 – Home for the Holidays
  • Case 3 – Anger in Politics
  • Case 4 – The Fifth Industrial Revolution
  • Case 5 – National Service
  • Case 6 – Death and Taxes
  • Case 7 – Symbolic Mutilation 
  • Case 8 – Bullfighting: Art or Not?

The Ethics Olympiad provides schools and universities with a unique opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

It is designed to get students thinking, talking and ultimately working together on some of the tough moral issues of our time.


Ms Helen Barrie

Head of Academic Enrichment