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Academic Curriculum

Senior Library: Typing Tournament!


From the Senior Library

Good news everyone! The Senior Library has subscribed to Typing Software: Typing Tournament.

This resource provides typing activities for all ages. It will assist you become a touch typist and a competent keyboarder.

One section geared to users in Years 5 to 8 is as follows:

A fantastic typing adventure awaits you!

Complete the quest and prove yourself worthy of challenging the Dark Typist! Journey through 16 medieval environments, from the Dragon’s Cave to the Throne Room. Each Level presents four new keys with a Lesson, Demonstration, Practice Drills, Games and a Progress Test. Only you can rid the land of the Dark Typist’s tyranny!

  • Master the keyboard by revealing 16 medieval worlds
  • Start anywhere, adjust your goals
  • Complete the challenge to take on the Dark Typist!
  • Reward and Bonus Movies play on completion of typing goals

This is a fantastic database to upskill your typing skills before Naplan goes digital in the near future.

This is also great for seniors as well as they write and submit assessment tasks electronically and prepare for their participation in a digital workspace.

For more information, including log in details, see a member of the Library Team.

To view a short video clip on Typing Tournament, please see below