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Academic Curriculum

Signed up for the Premier’s Reading Challenge yet?

Green Valentine by Lili Wilkinson

Boggle Hunters: Game on by Sophie Masson

Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean edited by Kirsty Murray, Pahal Dhal and Anita Roy

From the Senior Library

In a recent Nurrunga article, the Senior Library announced the commencement of this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge. If you missed the announcement, or don’t know much about this fantastic program, be sure to check the site or come and talk to the Library Staff.

How long does the PRC go for?

Registration is open now, so come into the Senior Library and sign up! Library staff can help students with questions about the PRC, and with how to complete their Personal Reading Log. Students then have until the 25th of August to read their selection.


How many books to read?

Students in years 5-9 read 20 books in the timeframe. 15 of these should be selected from the PRC Booklists, which can be found on the PRC site. The lists are extensive, and cover a range of book formats and genres, so choosing books to read shouldn’t be difficult!

You can find hundreds of the PRC titles in the school library, both in print form and as ebooks!

Books can be chosen from a wide variety of categories, such as:

  • Novels
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Humorous Fiction
  • Short Stories
  • Sports Stories
  • Picture Books and Graphic Fiction

The other 5 books can be the student’s own choice.


What are the benefits of participating?

The most obvious benefit of being part of the PRC is reading all those new books!

It’s a great excuse to read more, and to try out some authors or genres that you haven’t tried before. Chatting with friends about the Challenge is a great way to hear about books you might like to read.

It’s also a good way for parents to stay in touch with new Children’s and Adolescent Literature. Talk to your son about how he’s going with the Challenge, and encourage him to keep on track. You could even join him in reading some of the books

In the slide gallery there are a few new titles to look out for in the Library.