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Social Justice

Social justice update

From Geraldine Cullen, Social Justice Coordinator

Guest Speaker at White Ribbon Assembly

At today’s assembly we heard an inspirational story from Jiya Arora, a woman who experienced violence from both her father and her husband.

Jiya grew up in India and obtained an Honors Degree in Bioinformatics. This fact was seen as improving her marriage prospects for an arranged marriage. She moved to Australia in 2011 and was married to a man who she met 30 minutes before the wedding.

He was very controlling and violent. Jiya attempted suicide and while recuperating in hospital she made contact with The Wayside Chapel.  Since being here she has transformed her life. She has completed a Diploma in Community Services and she is currently studying for a Diploma in Counselling. She volunteers for various counselling agencies including Lifeline. Jiya is a Community Service Worker at the Wayside Chapel.


Last week twenty Year 11 students spent their morning learning about the issue of homelessness and cooking a meal for the patrons of Rough Edges Cafe in Darlinghurst. As usual, I was impressed by how respectful our students were to the staff at The Big Kitchen in Bondi. They listened intently and asked pertinent questions. As a result of their hard work 200 homeless people got a nutritious meal that evening. Many thanks to Mr Bryant who accompanied me and the boys on the excursion.


Many thanks to the twelve Year 10 students who volunteered to sell bandanas in Bondi Junction last week. CanTeen supports young people and their families living with cancer. They raised almost $3000 in two hours. Not a bad effort.

Advocacy Campaigns

Year 9 are currently learning how to run an Advocacy Campaign in their Religion classes. The issue they are focusing on is “Making Ethical Consumer Choices.” As I point out to the students, many of the problems we face on our planet are related to over consumption. Students will learn about Fair Trade and what companies use ethical production methods. All students are asked to load the free app  “goodonyou” to check ethical practices of their favourite companies.