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St Clare’s College introduction to band instruments

St Clare's College students learning to conduct the Waverley College Concert Band

On Thursday 22 February the Matthew Coorey Concert Band under the Direction of Mr Dan Williams performed for Year 7 and Year 8 students from St Clare’s College. The performance was organised by Miss Vanessa Hurley in conjunction with the Waverley College Music Faculty. The purpose of the performance was to introduce the girls to band instruments and encourage them to take up learning an instrument with the view to develop the St Clare’s band and also to present the opportunity to participate in a Waverley College band.

Our Waverley College boys demonstrated the individual instruments with pride and pizzaz and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

At the end of the performance some students from St Clare’s were given the opportunity to take the baton and conduct the Band. There was great laughter and enthusiastic applause.