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Students Of The World Ecology Group Submit Nine Poems to Plant Nine Trees

Rebecca Sutcliffe

Did you read the ‘Poem Forest’ article in last week’s edition of Nurrunga?

Our Students of the World Ecology Group have planted nine trees just creating and submitting their nature poems to the ‘Poem Forest’ environmental initiative.

Get involved by submitting entries before Friday, 23 September. A tree is planted for EVERY poem submitted!

>>> Click here to view last week’s Poem Forest article and to find out where to submit your poem.

Read the Nature Poems by the Ecology Group

Nature is wonderful
Nature is green
Nature is everywhere and makes the world clean
Nature is biophysical
Nature is diverse
Nature is geological and its beauty unrehearsed.

Ms Sutcliffe

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I am writing this poem to plant a tree,
And I hope you will too!

Kayden Baker (Year 9)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
To keep our world,
Nature needs help from you!

Chris Kallo (Year 12)

Towering high above us
Roots take up water
Evergreens stay green all year
Every day they keep us alive

Oliver Lorimer (Year 7)

I love the Black cockatoo
And survive is what they must do
They don’t want to die
They just want to fly
This justice we must pursue

James Peate (Year 9)

Image courtesy: Australian Botanic Garden

Calyptorhynchus funereus – yellow-tailed black cockatoo. Image: courtesy Australian Botanic Garden.

Amber and yellow arose from the sky,
As brown branches stood high.
And so the day began.
As abiotic and biotic factors brushed by,
Tiny little humans cut into my thigh.
I lost branches and I lost some more.
Why, I did not look like that before!
As amber and yellow set in the sky,
I continued to process that tomorrow I may die.

Max Sheehy (Year 9)

The environment is like a bee
Loving the plants, trees and flowers
Making it suffer is not meant to bee
We all have the powers
To plant the new tree

Oliver Isaac (Year 7)

The majestic humpback whale,
so graceful day to day.
We must help, we must not fail
so I have something to say.
Trust me okay this is not a tale.
They need us now we must change.
Let’s plant our trees let’s make a trail,
together we make a forest range.
Please send a poem through the mail,
sorry for this big rant,
but we must save the humpback whale!
But these trees we plant,
is the first step of the way
to make sure our humpback whales are okay.

Lachlan Isaac (Year 9)

Oh Great tree,
You do wonders for me,
Shame you will be cut down,
With humanity turning around.
Oh wonderful ocean,
For years you’ve stood,
Shame you’ve rosen,

Do you think this is good?

Patrick Blackall (Year 8)


Ms Rebecca Sutcliffe

Geography Teacher and Ecology Coordinator