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Summer Art Club 2022/2023 – Book Now!

Summer Art Club Expressions in Clay

Summer Art Club Expressions in Clay

Expressions in Clay: Texture Through Sculptural Form.  

Summer Art Club 2022/2023

Visual Arts Club will be offered at Waverley as a Summer activity for students from Years 5-12. It will commence Term 4, Week 2, 2022. 

Visual Arts Club provides an opportunity for students to build skills in critical and creative thinking. This summer, students will be introduced to: Expressions in Clay: Texture Through Sculptural Form.  

Each student will be introduced to a range of ceramic handbuilding techniques such as pinch-pots, slabs and coiling techniques to build the fundamental form for their ceramic sculpture.

Natural and synthetic textures will be used to create impressions in the clay, forming crevices to catch and control glaze. Students will be involved in the firing and glazing process, learning glaze theory to further extend their knowledge on how clay bodies react when heated. 

In Visual Arts Club students will:

  • Develop knowledge in ceramic handbuilding construction
  • Understand sculpture as a resolved art form (focus on balance, composition and viewing the work from all angles) 
  • Be accomplished across a range of ceramic forms and glaze layering techniques 

Cost: $110.00
Materials: all materials will be supplied (all works will be bisque and glaze fired)
Session times: select ONE from the following:


Ms Natalie Oates

Head of Visual Arts