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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Tennis Wrap up for Round 5 – The final leg of 2018


The fifth round of the tennis season was once again a display of masterclass as Waverley was able to achieve many victories in all of the year groups against Trinity.

The 1sts and 2nds continued their winning streak in fine form, winning 5 sets to 3 in the 1sts and drawing 4 all in the 2nds. The 1sts pulled off a stunning performance with Patrick Smith, Will Durkin and Nikita Nikitenko all seeing wins in their singles matches. Both 1sts doubles team also continued their good form, drawing in both matches. The 2nds doubles pair of Charlie Farrington and Kosta Micos were also successful in their matches triumphing in both their matches 6 to 3.

Unfortunately, Waverley’s 3rds and 4ths lost to a strong and improved Trinity team going down 4 sets to 2 in the 4ths. Despite this Finn Warren was able to come away with a noble win, winning 6 sets to 2. Finn Warren and Vassilios Pairids were also successful in their match coming away victors in smashing performance, 6 games to 2.

The 10As and 10Bs also had a tough day at the office against Trinity going down 4 sets to 2 in both the A’s and B’s. Massimo Di Napoli was the star play of the day winning 6 to 4 in his singles. Nathan Barry and Will Jensen also continued their winning doubles streak winning convincingly 6 games to 3. Diego Berdaa also won his singles set 6 to 4 in a great set of singles as well as coming away with a victory his doubles 7 to 5 with Jacob Lancinese.

The 9A’s and 9B’s once again asserted their dominance in a fine display of tennis over the weekend. Lorenzo Di Napoli and Alex Morris both took victories in their matches. As well as this both doubles pairings of Charley Roberts and Ronnie Roth and Lorenzo Di Napoli and Alex Morris were successful both winning their doubles 6 games to 2. The 9B’s thrashed their opponents 36 games to 5 with every playing coming away with a win. Aidan Trovato, Cuba Kanakis, Jared Garwood and Jimmy Ashbridge all won in their singles and doubles proving the 9B’s are a force to be reckoned with.

The 8A’s and 8B’s once again asserted their dominance over the weekend, defeating their opponents in some fantastic matches. Oliver Shai, Kai Jones, Connor Joyce and Jack Preller won in their singles matches as well as their doubles, with a combined games score of 36 games to 15. Archie Small, Bellino Testafredda and Benjamin Leet all managed to win their matches resulting in 4 sets to 2 win.

Once again, the Waverley boys were able to assert their dominance in a fine weekend of tennis. I’d like to thank all the boys for the great effort and performances for the first half of the season and hope to see this form continue.