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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Tevlin House Mass and the Feast of Mary MacKillop

From the Director of Mission, Phil Davis

Tevlin House Mass

Last Friday, 3rd August, 2018, the Tevlin House Mass, was celebrated by College Chaplain, Fr Bernie Thomas ofm. The Gospel (Matthew 9:18-19, 23-26), which was acted out by Lacey students, mirrored the message Speak through Action, the theme which our Year 12 Leaders have chosen for 2018. Tevlin Prefect of Spirituality, Adam McCabe, connected this theme with life at Waverley College in his Reflection.

Other features of this Mass included the Entry Procession and Gospel Procession, while the Communion Reflection Song, If You’re Out There by John Legend, aptly connected to the idea that actions speak louder than words. I would like to thank the staff and students responsible for their organisation and specific roles during the Mass. I would also like to thank Mr McCallum, Head of Tevlin House, for his assistance, as well as the parents who attended the Tevlin House Mass.

Adam McCabe’s Reflection

Good morning fellow students of Tevlin House. I am standing here today to speak to you about our motto for 2018 which is “Speak through Action”. Demonstrated within today’s First Reading and Gospel, I will further explain the importance and impact that speaking through action can have on others around you.

In the first reading, Edmund Rice decides to make a difference to help out those who are struggling, by giving them an education. He had a plan, which he stuck with and followed through ’til the end, not for himself but for others. He set out to help those boys reach their fullest potential by speaking through his actions, not continuously dreaming about helping them but actually committing to the goal, and setting out to make a difference.

 You need to act to achieve. As a Waverley College student like yourself, many different opportunities will come along your way to be able to help yourself grow and succeed as a person, whether that is in academia, cadets, on the sporting field or other co-curricular activities. Each one of these opportunities comes with a chance for yourself to set a goal for the immediate future and strive to be able to reach it, whether it is getting an ‘A’ on your next assignment or moving up a team in your sport, having the drive to push yourself is imperative to your development as a person.

 This especially is prevalent to the Tevlin House as almost all of us will be attending the ‘Tevlin Winter Sleep Out’ in which we be able to gain a better understanding of the prevalence of homelessness within the immediate Sydney area. In gaining this knowledge and listening to guest speakers on the night, hopefully this will open the eyes of all in showing the steps and actions that we can take in order to help, no matter how small. You need to act to achieve.

Within the Gospel, we are told how Jesus stuck to his word about the child who was thought to be dead but was actually alive; he was laughed at and made fun of but that didn’t stop him because he did not care about what others thought. This also reflects ‘Speak through Action’ by showing us that people will sometimes be a barrier in your path. Don’t let others stop you from proving yourself as to who you are as a person because you are different.

 All of us here today can contribute by speaking through action in our everyday life, whether that is inviting someone to come and talk with your group when they are lonely or simply talking to someone you might not have before; it might sound weird but a simple “Hello” or small gesture of kindness can mean a lot more than you think. Incorporate this in the way that Jesus was able to look past the doubters!

The Scripture readings that you have heard today, strongly reflect the motto ‘Speak through Action’. Some of you might not see the connection to the readings directly but ultimately actions speak louder than words, as you can always say that you are going to improve but it comes down to if you really want to put in the hard work to making sure that you improve. Don’t just set a plan, achieve your goals! Try to exceed your own limitations and to push yourself just like Edmund Rice and Jesus. You need to act to achieve!

Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

College Chaplain, Fr Bernie Thomas ofm celebrated Mass at 8.00am on Wednesday 8th August in the College Chapel to commemorate the Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia’s first and only Saint. Fr Bernie spoke about the hardships faced by Mary MacKillop and her great tenacity to overcome the obstacles present during her life. He also reminded the congregation of Mary MacKillop’s similar aspirations to Edmund Rice in providing education for the poor, especially teaching them about the love of God.

I would like to thank the Student Representative Council (SRC) students from Years 7-10 for attending this Mass as well as the several staff members who were also present.

I would also like to acknowledge those students who assisted with the Readings and Prayers of the Faithful: Angus Birrell (Tevlin House), William Durkin (O’Connor), Thomas Gleeson (Brennan), James Kort (Aungier), Sebastien Richardson (O’Connor), Christopher Salem (Quinn), Vasili Vertsonis (Tevlin) and Luke White (Lacey).