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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Tevlin House Report – Term 3, 2018

Dane Towns - CAS Hurdles champion

Darcy Bourke in Hurdles action

From John McCallum, Head of Tevlin House

Tevlin House has enjoyed a rewarding third term of 2018, with students enthusiastically engaging in a wide variety of House and College events.  All Tevlin boys from Years 5-12 and their Wellbeing Mentors can be congratulated with the way in which they have further developed relationships and challenged themselves. The end of the term in particular has seen some wonderful examples of friendship and leadership from within Tevlin House as boys of all ages say goodbye to the Year 12 students upon their Graduation.


Tevlin House Wellbeing and Social Justice Activities

Term 3 has seen boys and their Mentors engaging strongly with some thought-provoking discussions and activities on the theme of “The Best Version of Me”. This has included Units on Setting and striving towards various goals, and your personal brand and virtues that you stand for.  It has been fantastic to see boys sharing experiences, viewpoints and encouraging inclusivity within these activities. This unit has enabled boys to relate these areas to their academic goals and achievement, as well as other social or personal challenges that emerge.


Tevlin House Sleep Out with the Wayside Chapel

Tevlin’s Senior School boys spent the last night of Winter at a Sleepout in the school Gym, experiencing and learning of many of the complex issues regarding homelessness.  A formerly homeless Rob Holt, now an Educational officer at the Wayside Chapel, visited to run a seminar on what is was really like to be homeless, and reflect on the powerful and life-changing support of the Wayside Chapel in turning his life around.  200 towels and 200 toothbrushes were also donated by Tevlin boys for the wayside Chapel to use in supporting the many men, women and children who use their support services each week.

Boys also got much out of watching and reflecting on a video on teenage homelessness, centred on the OASIS Centre in Surry Hills. Along with the recent SBS series of “Filthy Rich and Homeless”, boys were challenging to better understand the range of factors often involved with becoming and dealing with homelessness.  Boys also now better understand the Christian message of care and support for the marginalised  and will now be able and willing to take a greater role in social Justice initiatives that Waverley runs, including volunteering at the Matt Talbot Hostel, Street Retreats and advocacy for better homeless support services and affordable housing solutions.

Boys also realised first-hand the impacts physically and emotionally an uncomfortable sleep has on their bodies. Thank you to Social Justice Co-ordinator Ms Cullen, and Tevlin mentor teachers for assisting in the event: Mr Porter, Ms Brown, Ms Ayre and Mr Hillman. Some accounts from boys appear below.

From Hugh McDonald, Year 7:

On Friday August 31st, everyone in Tevlin House slept in the gymnasium for 12 hours. This was to get some sort of idea of how much pain homeless people go through when they are sleeping rough. I really enjoyed when we all listened to guest speaker Rob Holt, who told us his experiences with homelessness and how Wayside Chapel got him back on his feet. When we were sleeping rough on the gymnasium floors, we watched the documentary Filthy Rich and Homeless. Since I was so tired, I fell asleep before it finished but I still got to see the struggles homeless people go through by watching some of the documentary. Overall, it was an experience that a lot of people enjoyed including me, but it showed how devastating homelessness is and how big of an issue it is in our community.


From Byron Scott, Year 9:

I have learned so much from our sleepout on the homeless issue, and learning the Rob Holt story of his life was of the most interesting talks I have ever witnessed. It made me realise how thankful kids should be growing up in Waverley College, and how we should treat homeless people with dignity. It makes fell really happy to know that organisations like the Wayside Chapel can help save tormented lives and bring people like Rob back to their feet.


Tevlin House Mass

 A full Tevlin House Mass was a fantastic opportunity to join together in the Eucharist and Prayer as a group. Spirituality Prefect Adam McCabe provided a thoughtful reflection that challenged all Waverley boys to understand and make real the Prefect’s theme of  “speak through action”, demonstrating how both Jesus and Edmund Rice provided wonderful examples of ways this is done.


Tevlin Year 12 Students Graduating with Honours

Congratulations to all the Class of 2018 for the way you have set, and then effectively worked towards achieving a variety of goals throughout the year. Tevlin have been blessed with a Senior year group that have genuinely cared and embraced their opportunities to take leadership roles within their mentor groups, and these skills developed will serve these boys well as they take on a variety of apprenticeships, occupations, travel and further study. The boys were farewelled on the Centenary building rooftop beside the Statue of Mary, and again with some dodgeball games the following week. Damian Lin and Patrick Cooper gave fantastic personal accounts of the ways in which they embraced and succeeded in the various challenges Year 12 brought them.  Year 5 and 6 boys also gave these seniors farewell cards, which were thoroughly appreciated by the boys. Year 7 and 12 boys also had the opportunity to exchange letters that they wrote on Day 1 of 2018 to each other, and share some of their highlights and future plans now their relationships have grown.

In particular, I’d like to thank the exemplary leadership of the 5 Tevlin House Prefects, as they have displayed innovation and drive in order to help Waverley’s Wellbeing model continue to be successfully implemented throughout the College. Oliver Small, Jacob Tomasiello, Daniel Callaghan, Fred Watkins and Adam McCabe have certainly displayed their own theme of “Speak through action” in their own skills and leadership of Tevlin. Thank you to these boys, and all our Year 12 students for their leadership and best wishes for your future.


Tevlin Success in House Competitions Continue!

Tevlin ended last term as Athletics champions in the very first combined Yr 5-12 Carnival, and this was continued with more great team performances.  Tevlin came second in the Junior School Athletics Carnival in a great display as a house. Individual achievements include in the Age Championships:

  • U12: 4th Christian Robbins (Tevlin)
  • U11/Y6:Equal 1st-  Louis Etournaud (Tevlin)


Blitz Day

Tevlin/O’Connor- 2nd in Football

Tevlin/O’Connor- 1st in AFL

Tevlin also came 2nd in the Senior House Football, and Hugh McDonald from Year 7 placed 3rd in the House Public Speaking Competition. Hugh produced a quality account on why Tevlin has the best history of any Waverley House; placing ahead of many year 11 and 12 students!  Tevlin also picked up maximum points for placing equal first in the house competition for Photo Re-enactments – all part of History week – well done to the many groups who were innovative in putting together fantastic entries!


School Involvement and Individual Term 3 Achievements

 Tevlin year 10 boys had a thoroughly enjoyable Formal Dinner cruise, celebrating great times with their mates and partners, and no shortage of moves cut on the Dance floor.

Year 9 boys also took part in an outdoor education camp at Somerset, with the physical challenges presented overcome by team work and perseverance.  These valuable experiences serve as great memories and milestones to take on fresh challenges for their future.

A number of boys have made notable contributions and had some excellent achievements including:

  • Anthony Santamaria, Barnaby Bickmore-Hutt, Alistair Jensen and Steven Schocher from Tevlin all represented Waverley’s Premiership-winning 2nd XV Rugby side, while Year 8 boys Dane Towns, Vince Santamaria and Jack Rigg played leading roles in the 14As Rugby CAS Premiership.
  • Jacob Tomasiello, Levi Milford and Conor Molloy from Tevlin all represented Waverley with pride in the 1st XV Rugby in Term 3 to finish 2nd, with Jacob the Captain of Rugby, and Conor the Captain of our 1st Conor’s exceptional work ethic and leadership at Flanker has been rewarded with selection in the combined States team for the national Schoolboy championships.
  • Andre Carretero was awarded 2st Prize in the Woollahra Council Photography and Art Festival with his collage of quality photographs
  • Archie Small was awarded the Year 7 Tennis Age Champion award for Winter Tennis
  • Tevlin students had great success during the track and field season, including Dane Towns becoming a worthy CAS Champion in the U14 90m Hurdles, and coupled this with 2rd in the High Jump and Long Jump. Dane also broke the school’s U14 High Jump record, leaping 1.81m to beat the previous record….set by his father Michael 34 years earlier!
  • Barnaby Bickmore-Hutt was co-captain of the CAS Athletics team, and lead from the front in the Javelin, placing 2nd in both U17 and Open events at the CAS Carnival

I wish all boys and their families a great break and look forward to more rewarding experiences next term.