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University of Newcastle’s Science and Engineering Challenge Stretches Students to Think ‘Outside the Box’

Last Wednesday, 20 Year 10 students competed against other schools in the 2023 Science and Engineering Challenge run by the University of Newcastle.

Students worked in small teams to solve problems that aligned with careers in science and engineering. From building mars rovers, earthquake-proof buildings, and small planes, to communicating via code, designing electrical pathways for cities, and planning efficient road maps, students were challenged to think ‘outside the box’ and communicate effectively to complete tasks under pressure.

The day concluded with a showcase of the bridges built by each school. Waverley’s bridge, designed by Yannick, Kayden, and James, weighed in at 87g, and was able to withstand a whopping 1.5kg trolley travelling across it, before breaking.

The room was buzzing with energy and excitement the entire day. The students who represented the College should be commended on their collaboration, critical thinking skills, and consistent effort throughout the day.


Yannick Hott; James Peate; Luca Cornelius; Harrison Thorpe; Kayden Baker; Thomas Jackson-Whitlock; Nicholas Zanapalis; Mark Rede; Fox Stapleton; Max Sheehy; Tamen Peralta; Hugo Perks; George Alexandratos; Tomas Crosson; Lachlan Marzol; Benjamin Pelikan; Axl Igra; Lachlan Isaac; Montgomery Armstrong; Giles Strachan; Sam Vlack.