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An update from the Deputy Head of College

From the Deputy Head of College, Patrick Brennan

Meat on Fridays during Lent

Waverley College is proud Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition.

With recent census data highlighting how many of our students no longer regularly attend church it’s safe to say that we are living in an increasingly secular society, which makes it wonderful that our school is a place where faith is the norm and not the exception. In many cases, Waverley College, like many other Catholic schools across the country, is now often providing the primary religious instruction for students.

In addition to prayer, self-denial, giving to the poor and helping others, the College is committed to reminding our community of the importance of this time in our Church’s calendar. The College has had a tradition of not selling meat in the canteen on Friday’s during Lent. Even if this does nothing but ignite a conversation or promote reflection, I believe it is an important expression of our faith.

The Canteen policy of not selling meat or meat products on Friday’s during Lent is a simple way to encourage our students to reflect on the significant time of Lent as we approach Easter. A time where Jesus was crucified on the cross and rose again.

Parent partnership

In recent years the College has been committed to cultural change and we continue to make great progress. A key expression of this is how our boys are perceived in public. Our uniform, presentation, behaviour on public transport and at our co-curricular activities, and our interactions outside of school are constantly under scrutiny. These things have a major impact on public perceptions of Waverley College and its culture.

Parents can assist the College on this journey by ensuring their sons leave home with the correct uniform, worn correctly each morning. They can also talk to their sons about the importance of always offering up their seat to an adult who is standing on public transport and conducting themselves with dignity when representing the College.

The best outcomes for your sons will be achieved when parents, students and the College are on the same page and have the same expectations.