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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Update of COVID-19 Household Contact Requirements and Rapid Antigen Testing Kit Distribution

Deputy Principal - Student & Staff Wellbeing, Mr Patrick Brennan

Mr Patrick Brennan, Deputy Principal - Student & Staff Wellbeing

Adele Cutbush

Ms Adele Cutbush, College Registered Nurse

Parents and Carers,

There have been a number of updates regarding Household and Close Contacts of people with COVID-19 and Rapid Antigen Home testing kits. 

Rapid Antigen Testing Kits

This week, the College will be distributing additional rapid antigen tests (RATs) to your son. In line with the Department of Education and NSW Health, we have moved from prescribed surveillance testing, to what is termed ‘discretionary testing.’

We now require students to administer a rapid antigen test in the following circumstances:

  • If they are deemed a household or close contact
  • If they display any COVID-19 symptoms

Families are required to notify NSW Health and the College should their son receive a positive RAT or PCR test, and then isolate for seven days. Students should only return to school if they are free from cold and flu symptoms after the seven-day isolation period.

COVID-19 Household Contacts

In line with the updated NSW Health guidelines and the CSNSW COVID-19 Advice Policy, Waverley College is implementing the following:

  • The 7-day isolation requirement for household/close contacts has been removed.

>>> Click here to view the newly-published NSW Health Guidelines for Household Contacts.

  • Students who are a household/close contact must undergo a Rapid Antigen Home Test (RAT) before attending school, every morning for the duration of their household contact’s isolation period.
  • Students who are a household/close contact must wear a mask when they are in an indoor setting that is not their own home, this includes school settings. This will be monitored by the College.
  • Please notify the College if your child has COVID-19 and/or is a household/close contact.

Thanks in advance.

Health Update 

Our community is currently in very good shape, with low numbers of COVID-19 and close contacts being reported.

As at 6/5 COVID-19 Close Contacts
Year 5 1 0
Year 6 1 0
Year 7 0 0
Year 8 1 2
Year 9 1 0
Year 10 0 1
Year 11 1 0
Year 12 0 0
Staff 3 1
Total  8 4


Mr Patrick Brennan – Deputy Principal – Student & Staff Wellbeing


Ms Adele Cutbush – College Registered Nurse