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Visual Arts Club – Summer 2023-24

Silkscreen sample - Visual Arts Club

Visual Arts Club will be offered at Waverley as a Summer activity for students from Years 5-12.

It will commence Term 4, Week 2, 2023. 

Visual Arts Club provides an opportunity for students to build skills in critical and creative thinking. This summer, students will be introduced to: Contemporary Illustration: Silkscreen Printing and Collage. 

Each student will be introduced to a range of silkscreen media to produce a series of large scale works based on surrounding Architecture and the natural world. Imagery will be sourced from student drawings, photographs and existing collected images, then manipulated using darkroom techniques.

Students will learn to prepare, expose and print photographic transfers using silk screen methods. A focus on Photographic digital software will be explored to prepare compositions and collected photographs to use in this process. Skills in stencil preparation, image transfer to screens using photographic emulsions and screen exposing will be learnt across the course.

In Visual Arts Club students will:

  • Develop knowledge in paper and photographic stencil preparation, image transfer and screen exposing
  • Understand the silkscreen process and how this can be used to form layered compositions 
  • Learn registration for printing and paper stock qualities 
  • Explore the collaborative print process to learn how to incorporate Photography, Collage and Drawing through the silkscreen medium.

Cost: $110.00
Materials: all materials will be supplied
Session times: select ONE from the following:

  • Tuesday session: 3:30pm-5pm – Booking form link 
  • Wednesday session:3:30pm-5pm – Booking form link 

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