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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Want to Find Great Reads for Your Sons?

Pop-up bookshop, which was proudly supported by ‘The Children’s Bookshop & Speakers’ Agency.’

What makes a book ‘good’ for you? What about for your son? There will probably be a different set of criteria for you, as parents, as against your son, as a teen. Try to think back to your own teen years and think about what made a book ‘good’ for you.

One way to view some ‘good’ quality reading is via the Reading Lists we have compiled and are accessible in our Catalogue. You can view the title, cover, format as well as get a summary all from the same place. And if it’s in electronic format, you can click on a link to take you straight to the borrowing screen.

  • Ask your son to login to the CANVAS dashboard
  • Click on the Waverley College Library Pages
  • Click on Library Searching and Referencing (middle box, bottom row)
  • Click on OLIVER
  • Click on Reading Lists in the black line under the heading of the page
  • Scroll through the Reading Lists that we have
  • If you want Award Winning titles look at the CBCA (Children’s Book Council Awards – Australian – Older Readers and Younger Readers)
  • Click on the blue title of any list and you will be able to see all about the items in the list
  • If an item is an ebook or audiobook (perfect for lockdown) you can simply borrow the book from there


Feel free to send an email to with any questions. One of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


This is the Oliver Catalogue Screen. Access the Reading Lists from the black ribbon under Waverley Senior Resource Search.



This is the sample screen for CBCA (Children’s Book Council Awards) Reading Lists. Click on the blue title of the Reading List to view the list in full (and access ebooks of these titles.)

CBCA Reading Lists Senior Library


Ms Sue Bognar

Senior School Teacher Librarian