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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Waste Management Audit and Inspiring EREA Ecology Conference Filming!

Ms Rebecca Sutcliffe (Geography Teacher) with a member of Students of the World Club

Ecology Coordinator Ms Rebecca Sutcliffe

Our Waste Management Audit Shows We Can All Do More!

In a timely manner to coincide with World Environment day (5 June) and World Ocean Day (8 June), our Students of the World Ecology group, along with O’Connor House Prefects and the help of Mr Robinson (Junior School Teacher and iLeader) and Ms Stacey (pre-service teacher), met last week to undertake a waste management audit of selected campus rubbish bins. This is the second waste audit to take place at Waverley, the first in 2020, providing us with comparable data. 

One general waste bin and one recycling bin from two high traffic areas, Centenary Quad and Kenny Quad (near the Canteen), were selected to provide a good snapshot of the waste disposal habits of our students and staff. 

Waste Management Audit - Students of the World Ecology Group

Students of the World Ecology Group Keenly Participate in the Waste Management Audit

Waste Management Audit - Students of the World Ecology Group

Waste Management Audit – There’s More Work to be Done!

Students were grouped into two teams lead by our Year 12 Ecology students Hayden Walker and Sebastian Van de Hoek. Students emptied the contents of these bins onto large tarpaulins and began sorting waste (appropriate gloves were provided!) into specific categories such as, food waste, plastics, soft plastics (RedCycle), paper etc. Each category was weighed and recorded. 

Although we have yet to analyse the data in more detail, which will be done in the next group catch up (Wednesday 16 June, W23, lunchtime), it was clear to see that there was an enormous amount of food waste being disposed of incorrectly. 13kg in total across just four bins. With nearly 4kg of that being placed into the recycling bin! This clearly shows the need for a solution to increase the accessibility of a composting bin to these and other areas in the Senior Campus. 

It was also evidently clear that a further solution along with education is needed for the correct recycling of soft plastics and RedCycle items. Both findings will be discussed and researched early in Term 3. 

Mr Robinson will be looking to organise a waste management audit in the Junior School so that we have data across both campuses. 

Thanks go to Mr Barr, Mr Kendall and Ms Stacey. Thank you also to MAJ(AAC) de Kantzow for allowing us to use the cadet tarpaulins, and to Ms Day in the Science department who helped provide the necessary equipment and cleaning support. 

Waste Management Audit - Students of the World Ecology Group

Waste Management Audit – Klayton Thorn categorising waste

EREA Ecology Conference Filming – Participating Via Technology

Last week also saw the group create a short filmed presentation (below) for the EREA Ecology Conference in Wollongong on 21 June. Unfortunately, we are unable to attend the conference in person this year but we still wanted to participate and provide the other participating schools with an update on our waste issues and other ecological initiatives. We look forward to hearing all about the conference and we hope to be able to incorporate ideas shared by these schools in the near future. 

We wish everyone a happy and ecological break. Remember one small ecological action by many creates one large ecological change – let’s make this a positive change. 

You can view the short EREA Ecology Conference video below: 


Ms Rebecca Sutcliffe

Geography Teacher and Ecology Coordinator