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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Water Polo

Water Polo Summer 2018 Season Wrap Up

From Convenor of Water Polo, Olivia Kite

The Water Polo Supporter Group hosted the Water Polo Presentation for the 2017-2018 Season on Saturday 10 March. The Presentation was an opportunity to recognise individual efforts and team achievements and congratulate everyone involved on a positive and successful season.

Thank you to the Water Polo Supporter Group who worked tirelessly to organise, set up and run the event. A big thank you to the fathers who donned their best aprons and cooked the BBQs on the day too.

Thank you to all the families who provided prizes for the raffle. These prizes were very much appreciated and loved by the raffle winners. A very special thank you to Tyler Martin from Delfina Sport ( for his very generous donation.

These awards presented on the day are an opportunity to recognise the hard work, persistence, dedication and commitment of players to Water Polo. Congratulations to all of our recipients:

1st Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Nikita Strbac

Most Improved: Liam Faulkner-Hogg

2nd Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Tommy Tyson

Most Improved: Anthony Roydhouse

U16A Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Joshua Magdas

Most Improved: Jake Lewis

U16B Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Joshua Cornelius

Most Improved: Jasper Anderson

U15 Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Noah Matet

Most Improved: Evan Athanassiou

U14A Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Benjamin Finegan

Most Improved: Jackson Cunningham

U14B Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Angus Anthony

Most Improved: Mischa Tibbetts

U13 Water Polo 2018

Best and Fairest: Fynn McAusland

Best and Fairest: Fynn Weston

Special Awards

The Keith Tanner award for 2018 was presented to Jasper Wilde. The Keith Tanner award is one of the highest honours in Water Polo at Waverley and is dedicated to Keith Tanner who taught and coached Water Polo at Waverley for many years.  He was the husband of Marilyn Tanner and together they have spent decades helping build and support Water Polo at Waverley College. Their efforts helped build the sport at Waverley from its beginnings and is reflected in the qualities the awarded is selected upon such as dedication and contribution to the sport. Congratulations to Jasper.

The Brydon Award for 2018 was presented to Anthony Roydhouse. The Daniel Brydon award is another significant award and reflects the excellent spirit with which Daniel himself approached the sport.  He was an excellent team person who supported his mates in and out of the pool and loved the sport of Water Polo. His parents are very proud to see his spirit continued in this award and what it stands for. Congratulations to Anthony.

Congratulations to all of our award recipients.

Water Polo is becoming increasingly popular at the school, with more and more students joining the sport each year. The sport boasts an encouraging, supportive, family orientated environment that brings together the most inspiring qualities of the the Waverley College community.

Thank you to our coaches: Yuki Takeda, Luke Rayner, Barry Smith, Blair Ryan, Conor Ryan, Marlee Batterham, Alife Killigrew and Blake Thorn for all their hard work and efforts throughout the season.

See you all in Term 4 for the 2018 – 2019 season.