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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

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Prayer for the Week

What is the transfiguration of Our Lord?

The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord recalls the revelation of Christ’s glory on Mount Tabor in the presence of three of His disciples, Peter, James, and John. Christ was transfigured before their eyes, shining with divine light, and He was joined by Moses and Elijah, representing the Old Testament Law and the prophets. The Transfiguration occurred in the early months of the year, after Jesus revealed to His disciples that He would be put to death in Jerusalem, and before He made His way to Jerusalem for the events of His Passion during Holy Week.

At the Transfiguration, Father, You showed
Jesus in glory, a glimpse of what His disciples
would see in His risen life.

Bless us in our humanity,
with an awareness of Your presence,
leading us to share in Your divine life
even in our daily struggle.

Help us to deepen
our knowledge of the Law and the Prophets,
channels of Your grace throughout history,
and signposts for our journey.

Wednesday, 8th August, is the Feast Day of Mary MacKillop, who we now celebrate as Australia’s First Saint: St Mary of the Cross. Mary MacKillop loved God and always listened to what God was saying to her throughout the events in her life. She always asked God for help for herself, her family and friends and for the poor.

Response: St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

We pray for our country Australia, that all people will be treated fairly:

St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

For people who can’t find work and people who are too poor to pay their bills:

St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

For people who are sad and lonely: St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

For people who are sick or dying and for the strength of their families:

St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

For people who live in families that are unhappy: St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

For people who leave their own countries because of war and violence:

St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us

We pray together to Mary, Mother of God: Hail Mary

We ask God who cares for us in every way to listen to our prayers through the help of St Mary of the Cross. We ask this through Christ our Lord

Based on  ‘Litany of Mary MacKillop’ Christine McGinty RSJ


Blessed Edmund Rice: Pray for Us
Mary, Mother of God Pray for Us
Live Jesus in our Hearts: Forever

Prayers and Thoughts

We continue to pray for members of our community who are going through some challenging times in their lives. Hugo Kulcsar (Year 5), William Pearce (Year 6), Mrs Stanton (wife of Mr Stanton) and Mr Harris all need our support and prayers. We hope they all recover and re-join our community soon.

Athletics Carnival

Last Wednesday’s Junior School athletics carnival was a terrific success with all the boys actively involved in many activities throughout the day.  It’s great to see the tremendous energy and effort that all the boys put into their different events.

Special thanks to Mr Meadley for organising such a wonderful carnival – very much appreciated by the staff, students and parents.

Congratulations to Aungier on their great performance to win the carnival.

Winning Houses from 1st to 8th- Aungier, Tevlin, O’Connor, Conlon, Lacey, Green, Quinn and Brennan.

Record Broken: U11/Y5 (Aungier) by Luke Newrick – 200m in 29.17 sec. Previous record was in the Year 2000 by M. Mahony 29.3 sec – fantastic effort Luke!

Age Champions

U12: 1st- Eden Byrd (Green), Equal 2nd- Tashi Harrison (O’Connor) and Campbell Porteus (Lacey), 4th Christian Robbins (Tevlin)

U11/Y6: Equal 1st- Joe Mohi (O’Connor) and Louis Etournaud (Tevlin), Equal 3rd- James Dyson Merwe (Green) and Tom McKenna (Aungier)

U11/ Y5: 1st- Luke Newrick (Aungier), 2nd Zoltahn Szabo (Conlon), Equal 3rd: Monty Armstrong (Aungier) and Ricky Meyrick (Lacey)

U10: 1st- Jack Johnson (Lacey), 2nd- Ben Pignatelli (Aungier), 3rd- Xavier Miconi (O’Connor), Equal 4th- Oliver Trosti (Aungier) and Kobi Siltala (Quinn)


I had the great pleasure on Tuesday night to watch another amazing performance of over 100 students as they performed in the Wakakirri competition. Even after 22 years it warms the heart to see the boys so excited and nervous about been involved in the performing arts.

The story was as follows:

Stand up, stand out, stand proud!

It takes a brave person to be different and choose to stand out from the crowd. Our story shows how one person can change the lives of many by being fearless enough to stand up, stand out and stand proud.

I don’t know how she does it but Mrs Rollins again managed to produce an exceptional story which the boys told so well on stage.  This is Mrs Rollins 22nd stage production of Wakakirri and every boy involved takes away such amazing memories. Thank you for your unbelievable energy and imagination.

In a fitting result the boys were awarded the highest award of the night – The Spirit of Wakakirri Award – congratulations to everyone involved.

Special thanks to Mr Ghattas, Mrs Tunks, Ms Hoare and Mr McCarthy for their assistance throughout the whole day and evening.

Book Week – Find your Treasure

Message from Mrs Tunks

This year Book Week will be celebrated in Week 4 in the Junior School. The theme is ‘Find your Treasure’. The events include:

Author Jack Heath and illustrator Matt Cosgrove will be speaking to the boys and giving workshops. Boys can also purchase one of their books to be signed. Order forms are available from the Library.

A Book Fair will be running from Tuesday to Friday. Boys can purchase books from 8am Tuesday.

A Book Drive will also be running. Boys can bring in an old children’s book/s to donate to a local charity that sends books to countries effected by natural disaster.

The Book Character Parade will be happening on Friday. Boys come to school in their uniforms with their costume packed in their bags. Boys can either wear something that relates to the Book Week theme or their favourite book. We encourage all boys to participate. It is a fabulous event.

Parents are more than welcome to attend – a timetable for the day will come out next week.

Special mention

Well done to Charlie Grant, Angus Sundkvist and Ben Pignatelli who were part of a Representative Team for Randwick Rugby Under 10s at a tournament last weekend. From all reports they were fine ambassadors for the school and for rugby – well done gentlemen.

Winter Sport

This Saturday is the last game of the winter season. Good luck to all the boys and especially those teams that are striving for an undefeated season.

If anyone has photos from Saturday sport or any other Waverley College event that they would like to share with the rest of the College community could I ask you to send them in on a disk or memory stick to the Junior School office.

Name on all Student Property

Can I please stress the need to ensure your son has his name on all his uniform and belongings – it makes it far easier to return any items.