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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Wavefest Channel 10 Live Cross Showcasing Waverley’s Future Filmmakers and Masterclass

Studio 10 Live Cross with Martin Dingle-Wall

Thank you to Alumni Mentor Martin Dingle-Wall

On Thursday 3 June, Waverley was fortunate to host Studio 10 who came and talked to our Creative Arts students about their filmmaking journeys for Wavefest. It was filmed live back to the studio and across Australian television screens.

Thank you to alumni Martin Dingle-Wall and Jack Caldwell for inspiring our students and guiding them in this exciting industry. There are many fantastic short films in production. Students were interviewed about what their films are about, what inspires them to be filmmakers, and how Wavefest is supporting their passions and dreams in this area.

Read about our student film synopses:

  • The Mystery of the Missing Cryptocurrency is a mystery/action movie with some cheesy slapstick comedy mixed in. Our film is about a man who is 10,000 bitcoin in debt to the mafia. This film was made with the hope that some people will find it funny, and that it will put a smile on their face. Our film was partially inspired by Monty Python sketches, which has definitely shaped our collective sense of humour – Tom Hughes Year 10.


  • My idea is about a student who attends a perfect school where every day is the same. Everyone is kind, he always gets a perfect score and he is sick of it. He tries to break out of this world by looking for a pattern or a strange anomaly until he finally finds one. Bown, bown, bown!! I loved the movie Truman Show, and that feeling of the world not being real really hit me. The way Jim portrays this average middle-class man living in a perfect world amazed me. Especially knowing that everyone around him were actually actors from his parents to even his wife. All I could say at the end was “wow.” I have to produce a film for my Multimedia class anyways, and I thought: “I will make the best film I can come up with, and hey presto, this idea came” – Michael Richmond Year 11.


  • For as long as I can remember I have always loved the ocean, and as a youngster I remember watching documentaries that stuck with me like The Blue Planet and Deep Blue. As I grew older I dreamed of being able to create a film about the beauties of our oceans just like David Attenborough, but it soon hit me, that probably won’t be possible – Zac Coonan Year 9.


  • The Switch: four boys who are on PAC cleanup duty for their after school detention. They arrive at their detention unsure of what they are required to clean up. The boys are distracted by the odd objects and props within the boxes. Whilst exploring the eerie and uncomfortable basement, the lights switch off and a series of unsettling events follow – Tom Stewart, Bert Cottell, Elliot Witten, Euan Veale-Wright, Tom Walker and Roger Sweeney.


  • This film is about how social media is taking over young people’s lives and how it is ultimately going unnoticed in today’s society. The story focuses on a young girl named Molly suffering from Cyberbullying online after a photo that she posted – Liam Davis Year 11.


  • A young student who desires to be in the film industry but his family do not take him seriously nor appreciate his dreams. The young boy struggles with pleasing his parents to fulfil his ambition. He tries many different ways for them to “see” his passion – James Year 10 and Constantine Iatrou Year 8.

Tickets will go on sale for the Wavefest night screening in Week 9.


Ms Belinda Buchan

Academic Enrichment Coordinator