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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Waverley College Rugby Report

From the Convenor of Rugby, John McCoy

CAS is here!

We have hit the business end of the season! The CAS competition commences on Saturday 15th June when Waverley College faces up against Knox Grammar School. This is an exciting time for all players, coaches and supporters, after getting through some tough competition against The King’s School and Riverview in recent weeks. While we have had some wet weather this week, it is extremely important that all players get to training next week for the final team runs ahead of the opening CAS round.

2019 NSW State Championships

On behalf of the Waverley Rugby Community, we wish all players involved in the State Championships this weekend the very best of luck as they play for their respective club sides. This year some age groups are set to travel as far as Orange and Maitland. We wish all players and families the best for a safe journey. We look forward to hearing all the success stories when you return!

Coaching Staff

It is always wonderful to hear such complimentary feedback on our coaching staff from parents and supporters. This year we have a number of young coaching staff who come from the Old Boys community. As many of our coaching staff continue to develop their mentoring skills each week, we thank our coaches for the time and dedication they all put into rugby at Waverley.

The Sick Season

In recent weeks, ‘The Sick Season’ has unfortunately hit Waverley hard. We have had a number of players unable to get to fixtures due to being sick. While it is disappointing for both the boys who cannot play and the students involved in matches where teams may be short, coaches have been briefed on making arrangements in terms of modifying matches. Safety is the priority so if teams are short, the opposition team is expected to match up on numbers. I encourage players and supporters to check the Team App to look at team updates, and attempt to arrive early or stay later to support teams who appear to be short. Those students who are sick (on a Saturday) are required to provide a medical certificate.

Player Wellbeing

Sport means a great deal to so many boys at Waverley College. While many boys enjoy the success and good times sports like rugby can offer, we are mindful that some players can become disappointed or down if they may not make the team they hope to make or suffer long term injuries. Unfortunately, such as in many other areas of life, we may meet disappointing moments which can hurt us.

At Waverley College, we have a wonderful Wellbeing Program which extends to co-curricular activities for students who need some support. Each student has access to a number of support options including in our Team Coaches, Convenors, Wellbeing Mentors, Heads of House and School Psychologists. I encourage players to open up, as talking about issues is a good way to release stress. Furthermore, talking to figures such as Wellbeing Mentors, Heads of House and School Psychologists, who may not be directly associated with co-curricular, may assist in helping find a way forward.

Queens Park Support – BBQ & Canteen Duties

Thanks for the wonderful support so far this season on the BBQ & Canteen. A reminder that if you are able to assist (even for an hour) you can register using the Waverley Rugby Team App. Click on the ‘Queens Park Canteen/BBQ Roster’ link. We would love your help, with some big crowds expected at Queens Park against Knox Grammar (15th June) and St Aloysius’ College (22nd June).

Good luck to all players and coaches in the opening rounds of CAS!