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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Rugby Wrap Up

Head of Aungier House, Mr John McCoy

Head of Aungier House, Mr John McCoy

Thank you!

As the year draws to an end, we never really had the opportunity to thank all those members of the Waverley College community, who assisted with the Rugby program in 2021. While it was a disappointing finish to the season, particularly for our departing Year 12 players and families, I do hope that players in all age groups gained some enjoyment from the matches we were able to go ahead with, prior to lockdown.

Rugby Indigenous Round

Rugby Indigenous Round

Thank you to our Tireless Community Members

On behalf of the Waverley College Rugby Community, I would like to thank the following members of the community who contributed to the success of the 2021 season:

  • College Principal, Mr Graham Leddie for his leadership and support of Rugby at Waverley College
  • Director of Co-Curricular, Mr Stephen O’Donnell (13As Coach), who dedicates so much time and energy into all sports and activities at Waverley College
  • Assistant Director of Co-Curricular, Mr Stephen Wilmot, for all his work in supporting the Rugby Program, including his efforts in setting up, supervising and packing up Queens Park each Saturday
  • College Leadership Team including, Mr Brennan, Ms Walsh (4th XV Coach) and Ms Smith
  • 1st XV, 2nd XV and 16A Coaching staff including Mr Paul Cornish, Mr Scott Coleman, Mr Kyle Newbury, Mr JP Boumelhem, Mr James Horrocks and Mr Shaun Foley, for their dedication to mentoring our players over such a long period of time (from November 2020)
  • All coaching staff, who gave so much energy to the season, creating many memorable moments
  • Our wonderful physiotherapist, Mr Mark Mitchell and the Advanz Therapies team, for their ongoing support and care for our students
Rugby 2nd XV

Rugby 2nd XV 2021

  • All the referees, led by Mr Richard Chen. We would not be able to enjoy our Rugby without our wonderful officials
  • Rugby Supporters’ Club, led by President Mr Denis Hickey and Mrs Megan Hickey, Treasurer Mr Bradley Anstis and Mrs Claire Anstis, Secretary Mrs Maureen Andrews and Mr John Andrews, Canteen Coordinator Mrs Deb Johnson, and all those parents who gave their time to support Waverley Rugby with the various duties across the season. Special mention to those families who have assisted on the committee and with sponsorship over many seasons, and have sons who finish their time at Waverley in 2021. This includes Ms Tania Nand, Mrs Anastasia Elder, Mr Grant Elder, Mr Terry Flynn and Mr Andrew Hoggett
  • Ms Emma Laurence, Ms Catherine Sharp and the Marketing Team, who helped create wonderfully engaging Saturday programs, as well as take fantastic photos of the students during the season
  • Waverley College Maintenance team for ensuring that Queens Park was ready to go for training as well as each match day
  • Waverley Rugby parents for supporting Rugby and for getting your students to the matches at various locations across Sydney
  • All Waverley Rugby players who represented the College with a great deal of pride and passion. I would particularly like to highlight the efforts of all the senior players, who showed so much grit and determination through a challenging year. You have led the Rugby program so well, and have inspired the next generation of Waverley College students. We are very proud of you!
15s Rugby 2021

15s Rugby 2021

Looking Ahead — Summer Preseason (1st XV, 2nd XV and 16As 2022)

As the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow founder.” If anything, I do hope that the events of the 2020 and 2021 seasons will motivate players to get back out onto the playing fields in the 2022 season.

To prepare players for the 2022 season, we are holding summer preseason training sessions over the December/January holiday period. This is for any students who are interested in playing in the 1st XV, 2nd XV and 16As in 2022. Training will include strength and conditioning work, speed work and important skill work. All players involved in the 16s and Opens Age Groups (2022) are most welcome to attend these sessions.

Players in these age groups have received an email from Mr McCoy (Convenor of Rugby). They are asked to register their names in the shared Google Sheet, as well as the sessions that they will be able to attend. This is extremely important to ensure that we have sufficient coaching staff, to cater for the students involved.

Training Sessions

Training sessions will be held on these dates:

December Sessions

  • Monday, 6 December
  • Wednesday, 8 December
  • Friday, 10 December
  • Monday, 13 December
  • Wednesday, 15 December

 January Sessions

  • Wednesday, 12 January
  • Friday, 14 January
  • Monday, 17 January
  • Wednesday, 19 January
  • Friday, 21 January

Sessions will commence at the College Weights Room at 9am. Students will make their way down to Queens Park for the second half of the session, and will conclude at 12pm. Students need to bring training gear (shirts, shorts, socks, sandshoes and boots), a towel, sunscreen, a hat, plenty of water and nutritious snacks for the session.

Should players have any questions regarding the summer preseason, please direct these to Mr McCoy (

Rugby 2nd XV 2021

Rugby 2nd XV 2021

Waverley College Rugby Supporters’ Club — Opportunities

The Waverley College Rugby Supporters’ Club are looking for any interested parents and friends who are interested in joining the committee in the 2022 season. This includes any parents who might consider assisting with some of the leadership roles into the future.

The Rugby Supporters’ Club is a certainly an enjoyable group to be attached to, and we have enjoyed many happy memories over the years. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact Mr McCoy ( We will be looking to meet in early 2022, to create some exciting plans for the season ahead.

Wishing all members of the Waverley College Community a very safe and happy Christmas break!



Mr John McCoy

Convenor of Rugby