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Waverley Demonstrates Intelligence and Rhetorical Skills at University of Sydney School Debate Day

Senior Debating at University of Sydney

The University of Sydney hosted several schools on Friday, 9 September to compete in three rounds of debates. Students were given half an hour to prepare their arguments and were expected to deliver a speech of five minutes.

The topics:

  1. Schools should actively encourage students to question authority.
  2. Countries with a history of human rights abuses should be banned from hosting sporting events.
  3. The environmental movement should take more radical action in the fight against climate change.

Waverley was represented by two teams, the first comprising Lachlan Miranda, Ewan McDonald, Campbell Porteus, and Charlie Murphy. The second senior team was Harrison Rimmell, Tom Hughes, and Hugh McDonald. 

The students debated with poise and precision, the Year 11 team remaining undefeated, whilst the Year 10 team won two of their three debates. All speakers were complimented on their ability to clearly and persuasively articulate their arguments, whilst successfully rebutting the opposition. 

It was a fantastic experience for all students involved, as they were able to immerse themselves in the academic surrounds of the university, whilst demonstrating their intelligence and rhetorical skills.

Senior Debating at University of Sydney


Ms Melanie Stephens

Senior Debate Coach