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Waverley Launches its Inaugural ‘Burritos and Brownies’ Social Justice Initiative

Inaugural Burritos and Brownies – Social Justice Initiative

Inaugural Burritos and Brownies – Social Justice Initiative

Last Sunday, three Year 11 Waverley young men, Bert Cottell, Elliot Witten and Mathew Woods, went to the Cardoner Project with Mr Ben Steel and Ms Sue Walsh, for the inaugural Burritos and Brownies social justice initiative.

After making and wrapping the burritos and brownies, they headed off to Wade Park in Strawberry Hills. Here they met up with many homeless clients, and others in need, for a chat and a meal.

Inaugural Burritos and Brownies – Social Justice Initiative

It was a fantastic opportunity for our boys to participate in activities that engaged them with the excluded and disadvantaged in our community, and the students enjoyed this wonderful new initiative immensely. Feedback from the students was very positive, as they developed a genuine understanding and respect for diverse communities.

“We showed up to The Two Wolves Cantina at 10am and we were put straight to work. We made, wrapped and packed over 80 burritos and brownies to hand out to the Surry Hills Housing Commission community. Taking part in this experience made me realise how often we dismiss individuals who are homeless. We walk past them at the train station or at Bondi junction and don’t think twice about it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and from now on make a conscious effort to stop, talk and help individuals who experience homelessness where I can. I strongly believe that this experience changed me in a way that I really didn’t expect it to.

If, like me, you feel compelled to put yourself out there, help people who have fallen on hard times and just need a helping hand, or just have a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally have one with, this experience is for you.” – Year 11 student, Bertie Cottell

Inaugural Burritos and Brownies – Social Justice Initiative

This initiative will be available once a month with hopes that the program will also spread to the Redfern area. The Cardoner Project (a not-for-profit volunteer organisation) are currently donating all the food, but would greatly appreciate some sponsorship or ingredient donations to fray some of the costs.

If anyone is interested in donating, please email Ms Sue Walsh:

Inaugural Burritos and Brownies – Social Justice Initiative


Ms Sue Walsh

Director of Identity & Student Formation