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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Waverley Rugby Report

Head of Aungier House, Mr John McCoy

Head of Aungier House, Mr John McCoy

A Positive Start!

Last weekend, it was so pleasing to see that Queens Park was alive and well! Rugby was back! Students were involved in training sessions and some internal trials throughout the morning which, thankfully, were able to go ahead despite some soggy conditions.

With a long season ahead, it is important that our coaching staff have players well prepared for full contact. As players return to Rugby, coaches have been able to assist in developing some of the technical areas, such as the tackle, to ensure injuries can be avoided.

Further to this, coaches have refreshed our young men about the key protocols used such as the MAYDAY procedure at the scrum, as to ensure that players are well prepared with key safety terminology during the games played.

Key Law Changes

In 2022, it is important that all our players are up to date with some key law changes. This includes the introduction of the 50:22 rule as well as the update around the ‘Goal Line Dropouts.’ It is extremely important that our players are ‘switched on’ when it comes to understanding these rules, as these changes could very much be used to our advantage.

>>> Click here to view more information on the 2022 Game Management Guidelines.

15s Rugby 2021

15s Rugby 2021

Waverley College Rugby Supporters’ Club (WCRSC)

We have very much appreciated all the wonderful offers of support, which parents and friends have made in recent weeks, for the Waverley College Rugby Supporters’ Club. If you would like to be part of this enjoyable team, please feel free to contact Mr McCoy

Rugby ISTS Indigenous Round 2021

Rugby ISTS Indigenous Round 2021

Holiday Training Schedule

Please note that a training schedule will be sent out in the coming week for the Easter holidays. This will be sent out through the Waverley College App (a reminder that Team App will no longer be used).

If families have made plans for the upcoming holiday period, we certainly support this, and hope you enjoy the time away. At the same time, if students have no plans to travel, we certainly would love to see them at training over the break.

Team Selections

As team selections are gradually made over the coming weeks, in preparation for the fixture against The King’s School on Saturday, 30 April, please know that teams which are initially selected, are not set or final.

Coaches are mindful that some players have been unable to train, as they have been impacted by COVID-19 in recent weeks, and others may have been involved in various school activities and camps.

Coaches are working hard to ensure players are appropriately graded, but this can take time. We thank players and parents for their patience, as we work through this important process.

Have a great week!



Mr John McCoy

Convenor of Rugby