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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Waverley Shines in the Ethics Olympiad with Five Honourable Mentions

On Friday, 13 May, Waverley College participated in the Ethics Olympiad via Zoom. The students who participated, displayed incredible passion and teamwork. An independent adjudicator mentored and assisted the students.

Whilst not winning, the following team members received honourable mentions from the judges. Congratulations to: James Medland, Lachlan Miranda, Deuchar Dezarnaulds, Ewan McDonald and Anton Svensson.

Developing Philosophical Argument Skills via Eight Fascinating Topics

Over five hours, the boys explored and developed philosophical argument skills on the topics below, which were explored together with one other school per case, in a collaborative venture to develop deeper understandings of topics.

  • Case 1 – University Admission by Lottery
  • Case 2 – Anti Natalism
  • Case 3 – Homophobic Discrimination and Freedom of Speech
  • Case 4 – Statues
  • Case 5 – Something Fishy about the Para-Olympics
  • Case 6 – Wholesome discipline
  • Case 7 – Killer Art
  • Case 8- The Medical Brain Drain

The other students from Waverley who participated as a team were: Declan McAuliffe, James Birbas, Oliver Malzard, Campbell Porteus and Charlie Murphy.

Participating Schools and Teams

The NSW Ethics Olympiad is so valuable, because it brings together students to collaborate from diverse schools across the state. One of the benefits of diversity is that it encourages the search for novel perspectives. Have a look at the range of teams!

NSW Ethics Olympiad 2022

Well done boys.


Mr W Roberts

Ethics Olympiad coach, Head of Library, and Years 9 and 10 Applied Philosophy Teacher