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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Waverley Tennis and a Strong Season Ahead

Waverley's Firsts and Seconds team at Trinity

Waverley's Firsts and Seconds team at Trinity

From Captain of Firsts Tennis, Nikita Nikitenko

It is an honour, as 1st Tennis Captain, to congratulate the boys who participated in this week’s game against Cranbrook. Newcomer to Waverley and the first’s, Roger Sweeney, won his singles match 6-4 against a strong, vigorous opponent. Charlie Farrington has also claimed victory in his win winning 6-3 in singles and tying in the doubles (3-6, 6-3) with his partner Kai Jones who had a close game losing 4-6 in the singles. Overall the 1st have been victorious in beating Cranbrook 5 sets to 3 – setting a really positive moment to the start of the season.

The 2nd teams have not been as victorious as the 1st’s so far but building their skills and the cohesiveness of the team. Xavier Miconi, Charley Roberts, Jack Preller, and Archie Small are emerging as strong players, but special mention must be made of Charlie Roberts who was closest to victory with only a 3-6 loss.

Some special mentions should also be made of Oscar Madden for winning 6-2 in the fourths, Massimo DiNapoli for winning 6-3 in the fourths as well, and Jo Cumpston winning 6-3 in the 10Bs team.

The week against Trinity has proved that the Waverley 1sts Tennis team is a strong and formidable force. Kai Jones, who has secured his first early win this season winning 6-1, and Roger Sweeney and I for fantastic doubles matches where we won 6-2 and 6-1. Unfortunately, for Charlie Farrington, the day did not finish as we had hoped to lose 6-3 against a strong player. However, with all the scores added up and we were able to claim victory, winning 5 sets to 3; the first win against Trinity in almost four years.

The 2nds team also showed some signs of positive improvement during their games against Trinity. I would like to congratulate Jack Preller for obtaining the first win for the 2nds, winning 6-2. Xavier Miconi also fought strongly against a powerful opponent but was beaten in a tiebreaker 6-7 (7-4) in the tiebreaker.

Some outstanding players who deserve special mention are:
• Ronnie Roth and Jared Garwood winning 6-4 in doubles for the third’s
• Michael Richmond and Cuba Kanankis winning 6-2 in doubles, for the third’s
• Oscar Madden and Massimo DiNapoli winning both their singles and doubles 6-2 in the fourth’s
• Toby Ryan winning in singles and almost winning in doubles with his partner Jonty Booy 5-7 in the fourth’s
• Jo Cumpston and Theo both playing tight matches with equal matching scores of 4-6 for the 10A’s and 10B’s team singles
• Oscar Wilson, Harry Papworth, and Oscar Danta stepping up and playing at least 2 games due to absent players.

I would like to thank the parents of Waverley College for ensuring a smooth start to the term, as without their commitment we could not have been so successful.

I would also like to encourage students and parents to continue engaging so positively with the COVID guidelines and protocols.