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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Head’s Message

Welcome back to Term 4

Principal- Graham Leddie

From the Head of College, Graham Leddie

Welcome back to Term 4, and a special welcome to the new students and their families who have joined the College over the break. School began with an inspiring full College assembly where we acknowledged and congratulated our new captains, prefects and Year 12 cohort of leaders. Many parents, sisters, brothers and grandparents of the boys attended and participated by pinning their respective son’s, brother’s or grandson’s badge. I congratulate new College Captain Harry Whitaker on his fine opening address, in which he spoke about the importance of resilience and being there for others. Harry encouraged students to showcase their talents across the creative arts, technology and other unique interests.

He said, “we want to instill a supportive community where all boys can help one another across year levels at times of stress or hardship and uphold the core values and beliefs of this great college. Waverley offers so many unique opportunities that can be relished through an open mindset. However, it is up to each individual to take advantage of them. I challenge each of you to get involved in as much as possible in your remaining school years and never miss a chance to meet new people, develop new skills and forge new friendships.”

Ms Geraldine Cullen, Assistant Director of Identity, spoke on assembly about her experiences on immersion to India and a special lady, Sanghita Mondal who will be visiting the College in a few weeks time to share her story, experiences and information about the programs she runs in India. Geraldine challenged our young men to be ‘men of action’ and to never walk away from someone in real need.

Geraldine’s powerful message was followed up by Adrian Talbot, a representative from Invictus games who gave an incredible insight into the human perspectives associated with serving and returning service men and women that moved the entire audience.

I warmly congratulate our 2018/19 Captains and Prefects:

Captain: Harry Whitaker

Vice Captains: Josh Gleeson, Thomas Jaeger, Carter Killigrew and Oliver Ruse

Prefects: Matthew Gallagher, Connor Phibbs, Gabriel Cuenca, Dion Hatziandreou, Tommy Tyson, Will Davison, Darcy Mullins, Alex Kapos, Lachlan Manastirovski, Ryan Smith, Max Johnson, Hugh Marshall, Rocco Evans, Remi Defina-Sperando, Luke Marshall, Alex Bayas, Thomas Carey, Billy De Luca, Stephen Morrissey, Nikhil Dulat, Luke Harris, Will Durkin, Noah Glasel, Nickita Hatjinikitas, Dion Sinodinos, Henry Standfield, Gian Bonanni, Tim Waring, Brad Marzol, Angus McPherson, Ethan Vella and Oliver Tamsett.


Goals for our final 2018 term

It is vital that our students return to school this term with a commitment to their school work and a desire to achieve their goals and ambitions. Staff and students need to focus on the term ahead as well as the challenges that are a part of school life in Term 4.

Terms are something akin to the seasons. As we move from spring to summer we also commence Term 4, which is distinctively different from the three terms that have preceded it. Term 4 is distinguished by many events – some of which are endings, some beginnings, whilst others mark the preparations for next year. This final term is the shortest of the year – just eight weeks long – so everything is compressed into a tight timeline. Not the least of these are the fundamentals of learning and being fully engaged in schoolwork and academic endeavours. It is timely to remind our sons of the importance of this priority from the very first week.


Mr Peter Frost – Celebrating 50 Years at Waverley

A reminder to our community that we will be honouring Mr Peter Frost’s distinguished 50 year contribution to the college with a special dinner on Friday 26 October at 7pm at the Ballroom, ATC Royal Randwick. Mr Frost’s influence has extended across virtually every aspect of college life over the years; he is a revered leader of our Cadet Unit, a respected teacher of English, has been a rugby coach and managed endless Queens Park home games over the years, managed our Prefect body for years, is a fixture at our Graduation Ceremonies, has been a long term member of the College Executive, and has acted as Head of College on many occasions. In short, he is part of the fabric of our school and has been for generations.  I hope you will join us in honouring his lifelong contribution at this important community event. Click here for more details and to book your seats.

Peter Frost as a cadet volunteer in Singleton 1966

Year 12 Major Prizes for 2018

At our Graduation Ceremony at the end of Term 3 we acknowledged the outstanding contribution of the Class of 2018 and wished them every success for their HSC results and for life after school. The College was proud to acknowledge the following prize winners:

Year 12 Major Prizes 2018
Senior Science Daniel Allen
College Vice Captain Daniel Andrews
WJ Corbett Award for Best All Round Sportsman Daniel Andrews
Hospitality Dominic Augoustis
Music Course I Dominic Augoustis
College Vice Captain Dominic Augoustis
Head of College Commendation Award Dominic Augoustis
Caltex All Rounder Award Dominic Augoustis
Mathematics General Course II Perry Aziz
Marine Studies Isaac Bartholomaeus
Photography Zachary Bloch
Br R J Wallace Prize for Drama Leonardo Bosi
The Abram Landa Prize for Advanced English Allan Cannes
The Alice & Mildred Thomas Prize for English Extension I Allan Cannes
The Brian Sheedy Prize for Ancient History Allan Cannes
2nd in Overall Academic Performance Allan Cannes
Spanish Beginners Andre Carretero
Business Studies Louie Cosgrove
Archbishop’s Award Stephen Davies
Old Boys Union Edmund Rice Award for Leadership of Social Justice Coen Finati
Entertainment Simon Finnegan
Visual Arts Mark Goncalves
College Vice Captain Jack Hardwicke-Owen
JJ O’Brien Award for Leadership, Study & Involvement Jack Hardwicke-Owen
Design & Technology Benjamin Heal
The Catherine Smithurst Prize for Standard English Benjamin Heal
Head of College Commendation Award Benjamin Heal
Construction Byron Howe
Waverley Council Award for General Proficiency Patrick Kossenberg
Catholic Studies Damian Lin
Mathematics Damian Lin
Music Course II Damian Lin
Music Extension Damian Lin
Br F S Farrell Prize for Physics Damian Lin
Head of College Commendation Award Damian Lin
Mathematics General Course I Daniel Marando
Max Coleman Memorial Award for Prefect of the Sodality Adam McCabe
College Captain Harley McGuiggan
Spanish Continuers Arturo Montesinos
English Studies Tadgh Murphy
Sport Life & Recreation Tadgh Murphy
Information Processes & Technology Joshua Nathan
Industrial Technology Anthony Pomes
Head of College Commendation Award Anthony Pomes
The Ray Aston Memorial Prize for Biology Oliver Read
Mathematics Extension I Oliver Read
The Judge Thomas Prize for Mathematics Extension II Oliver Read
Bishop Geoffrey F Mayne Prize for Studies Of Religion I Oliver Read
Br LB Tevlin Memorial Prize for Dux of the College Oliver Read
Modern History Anthony Roydhouse
Br P Oakley Prize for PDHPE Ben Scarf
Geography Jonathon Schacht
The Br PA Conlon Prize for Economics Flynn Schulz
English Extension II Felix Valentine
The M O’Halloran Prize for Chemistry Andre Vumbaca
Bishop Patrick Dougherty Prize for Studies Of Religion II Andre Vumbaca
3rd in Overall Academic Performance Andre Vumbaca
The George & Elizabeth Thomas Prize for Extension History Jasper Wilde
The Barry McDonald Prize for Legal Studies Jasper Wilde
Head of College Commendation Award Jasper Wilde
Reuben F Scarf Award Damian  Lin
PDHPE Award Daniel Andrews

Congratulations to Oliver Read, Dux of Waverley College 2018

Welcome to Waverley

As a Catholic community in the Edmund Rice Tradition, welcoming new people to our College is an important part of who we are. We want them to feel as comfortable as possible and for them to share their talents and experiences with us, so that we can grow and become stronger. This concept was captured by our Year 12 2017 theme of ‘Strength through diversity’. New and returning students and staff, as well as quite a few university students on professional experience placement have joined us at Waverley this week. Please join us in making them welcome in our community.

I would particularly like to welcome back Year 6 student, Will Pearce, who underwent heart transplant surgery over 12 weeks ago. What an amazing journey he has had and I thank you for keeping him and his family in your prayers and thoughts.

I would ask the community to continue to keep in your prayers Mr Greg Harris who is recovering from battling a rare blood cancer and Year 6 student Hugo Kulscar who is battling Leukemia as well as any other community members struggling with illness at this time.


Staffing Update

Welcome to the following new arrivals:

Ms Gabrielle Smith, Director of Junior School

Ms Emma Halpin, English Faculty


Welcome back to the following staff who are returning from leave:

Mr Chris Balkizas, Head of Music

Mr Gary Kennedy, Head of Science

Ms Martina Cooper, Head of Religious Education

Ms Katrina King, Waterford

Ms Adele Cutbush, College Nurse

Ms Nikki Pearce, Book Hire


A warm thank you goes to the following staff who did a wonderful job of standing in whilst their colleagues were on leave during Term 3:

Ms Anne Fahy, Acting Head of Music

Ms Gemma Brown, Acting Head of Science

Ms Cath Stewart, Acting Head of Religious Education.


Staff on leave this Term:

Mr Martin Barrett

Mr John Boyd


Thank you and congratulations to Ms Lynsey Porter who is Acting Director of Learning & Teaching for the first three weeks of Term 4 whilst Mrs Elizabeth Watson is away on leave.


Congratulations to…

  • Stuart Swinburn who came 17th in the 100m backstroke and 11th in the 200m backstroke 11th at the Youth Olympics in Rio.
  • Will Cooley – 7th in the Sailing NACRA Final at the Youth Olympics in Rio. 
  • Keyan and Darcy Abrahams who participated in the NSW Rugby 7’s Championship for Randwick up in Foster where they won the grand final.
  • Sean Govender who represented the NSW state team at nationals in Mooloolaba recently in Karate. Sean has been chosen to represent Australia at the world championships held in the Czech Republic in July 2019.
  • Dane Towns (U14’s) – 3rd in Triple Jump; 4th in High Jump; 5th in Long Jump and 6th in Hurdles at the NSW All Schools Athletics.
  • Luca Wilson (U14’s) – 800m Preliminaries at the NSW All Schools Athletics.
  • Kurt Kress (U14’s) – 800m 5th; 1500m 7th at the NSW All Schools Athletics.
  • Banjo Studholme (U14) 800m – 10th at the NSW All Schools Athletics.